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5 Best Brushes For Kittens In 2022

by Lucy

Cats are one of the cleanest animals to live on the earth. You will not often find a cat that doesn’t regularly groom and preen themselves until they are absolutely spotless. All in all our feline friends are pretty self-sufficient.

However, it is still important that as owners we have a regular grooming regime in place to help out our kitties with their weekly grooming routine.

It is not uncommon for cats to experience a build-up of fur that can often become matted and unruly. They can find grooming knotted fur very difficult to manage which can get worse over time if it is left.

Tangled fur can also become particularly hazardous if your cat were to swallow the hairball. They can cause your cat to be sick if it temporarily gets stuck in their throat as well as intestinal blockages which are particularly unpleasant.

So what about kittens? Do they need grooming? Yes, yes, and yes! Kittens often get forgotten about when it comes to grooming. Your kitty needs just as much grooming and pampering as an adult cat.

So what’s the best brush for a kitten? There are many types of cat brushes on the market. Since your kitty is so much smaller than an adult cat, it is wise to opt for a brush that has been designed specifically for use on kittens.

Let’s take a look at 5 of the best brushes for kittens on the market right now which may help you make that all-important decision for the number one feline in your life.

The 5 Best Brushes For Kittens

RankRecommended BrushBest Use
1.Delomo Pet Grooming GloveFor wriggly kittens
2.Blackhole Real Cat Tongue Textured Grooming Brush For bonding with your kitten
3. Li'l Pals Kitten Slicker BrushFor everyday brushing
4.IMISNO Cat Self Groomer with Catnip For hands-off grooming
5.Li'l Pals Kitten Bristle BrushFor oil distribution

1. Delomo Pet Grooming Glove 

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There’s no doubt about it, kittens are evaders and love to wriggle their way out of just about anything!

Trying to get your kitty to sit still for long enough to brush them can be a tough job and so we introduce to you the Delomo Pet Grooming Glove!

Easy groom

This handy 5 fingered glove makes grooming your kitty an absolute breeze. Perfect for those kittens that like to maneuver their way out of anything.

This glove gives you the perfect grip whilst still being able to remain soft and gentle. This unconventional style grooming brush will fool your kitty into thinking they are not actually being groomed at all.


Kittens have such tiny bodies and delicate skin, it is important that at such a young age we do not use brushes that are too harsh for them.

The Delomo Grooming Glove is ideal since it is made with silicone tips that are soft on your kitty’s skin. It is also free from harsh chemicals which is great for those unfortunate kittens that suffer from sensitive skin and allergies.


  • Easy groom glove (not a brush)
  • Skin-friendly (no harsh chemicals)
  • Firm, but gentle grip (great for wriggly kittens that hate to be groomed)
  • Can be used as a massage pad for the bath

Value for money

We would consider this grooming glove fantastic value for money. It is highly durable and has been made for long-lasting wear in mind. This is the perfect product for owners that struggle to groom with regular grooming brushes and we can’t praise this product highly enough in terms of quality and price. The astonishing amount of positive reviews tells us all we need to know!

2. Blackhole Real Cat Tongue Textured Grooming Brush 

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The Blackhole Real Cat Tongue Textured Grooming brush is voted as one of the best kitten nurturing brushes on the market right now.

This unique brush has a unique texture that cats seem to love and is sold in a variety of colors to suit any kitty grooming parlor.

Textured tongue

We all know that cats use their tongues primarily to clean themselves and this product has been designed specifically to mimic that action whilst you are grooming your kitty.

The tips of the brush are short and give your kitten the feeling of being licked. Kittens seem to love the feel of this brush on their skin and fur and this could be ideal for those that struggle to use conventional cat brushes.

Great for bonding

Bonding with your kitten is a wonderful experience. That is until your kitty decides that they don’t like being brushed anymore. The Blackhole Real Cat Tongue Textured Grooming brush has been designed with bonding in mind.

The tips of the brush create a feeling to your kitten of being licked and to them, this is a sign of affection. Your kitten might quite possibly think that you are licking them just like their mother would.


  • Textured tongue for a more real-life experience
  • A great bonding tool for you and your kitty
  • Made with ABC plastic that is highly durable
  • Recyclable – kind to the environment

Value for money

This is a great value for money product and one that cats seem to absolutely love. Most owners who have tried this kitten grooming brush report great results and we can’t help, but think this is a real win-win and money well spent. It is a strong, durable product that should last you a reasonable amount of time.

3. Li’l Pals Kitten Slicker Brush

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The LI’L PALS Kitten Slicker Brush is one of the very best traditional types of kitten brushes on the market right now.

It has been specifically designed to suit the needs of our tiny feline friends and we can’t help, but think that this one product you will not want to miss off your shopping list!

Shedding and grooming

There’s no doubt about it at some point your kitten will start to shed and it is always helpful to have a good de- shedding brush on hand for when that time comes.

This very handy brush is ideal for everyday grooming, but is also capable of removing loose and matted hair with ease, essentially feeding two birds with one scone.

Comfortable design

The LI’L PALS Kitten Slicker Brush is a comfortable design for both you and your kitty to use. The coated flexible tips prevent damage to your kitten’s sensitive skin whilst brushing and the ergonomic design ensures every brush contours to your kitty’s body to provide an efficient groom.


  • Great for shedding and everyday grooming
  • A comfortable design with rounded tips and flexible pins
  • Smaller than regular brushes (an ideal size for kittens)
  • Anti irritation (great for those with sensitive skin)

Value for money

This is one of the cheapest grooming brushes on our list and it is fair to say that the cheap price does not by any means deter from the quality of this kitten brush. This is an ideal buy for anyone looking for a traditional cat grooming brush that is the ideal size for use on kittens. We can’t seem to find fault with this product at all.

4. IMISNO Cat Self Groomer with Catnip 

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Kitten can be renowned for being very hard to brush. They are cute little bundles of fur that never like to stay still for a minute let alone long enough to have a good old brush down.

If this sounds like your cat then this may be the grooming brush for you. No more stress, let your kitty do the hard work themselves!

Hands off grooming tool

This is a wonderful product for cats that hate to be brushed by you. Cats in general love to be groomed, but unfortunately many do not like you carrying out the procedure.

These handy grooming brushes can be fixed to many household items such as door and walls which allows your cat to have a brush past them whenever they feel like it without the restrictions.

Catnip infused

The catnip included in this product is such a great feature. It is true to say that once they have been installed in your home for a while your kitty may forget that they are there. Cats absolutely adore catnip and this additional feature ensures your kitten never forgets to go for a brush. They can associate brushing as a positive experience on their own terms.


  • A hands-off grooming solution (ideal for kitty’s that don’t like you grooming them)
  • Catnip infused to encourage good use
  • A handy pack of 4 brushes (can be installed in multiple rooms)
  • Eco friendly, safe, and easy to clean

Value for money

This product is a little bit more expensive than others on our list, but since this comes in a handy pack of 4 brushes it is fair to say it is well worth the money. You can use the brushes in multiple rooms which gives you plenty of options. This is a great option for cats that will not sit still long enough to be groomed and many customers rave about how wonderful these cat brushes are.

5. Li’l Pals Kitten Bristle Brush

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LI’L PALS make some wonderful grooming brushes for kittens and we couldn’t help but sneak another one of their products into our top 5 list.

This bristle brush is slightly different to normal style cat brushes and has been designed with soft bristles rather than harder plastics usually found.

Soft bristles

The bristles on this brush are significantly softer on your kitten’s fur and skin whilst still being a highly effective grooming tool.

The bristles pick up loose debris and hair with ease whilst still remaining delicate enough for use on your kitty. This is a great solution for kittens that suffer from sensitive skin and allergies.

Oil distribution

The LI’L PALS Kitten Bristle Brush has been designed with a unique feature that promotes the distribution of oil across your kitten’s skin. The movement of the natural oils helps to promote a much softer and shinier coat to ensure your kitty is looking happy, healthy, and gleaming at all times.


  • Soft bristles that are gentle on your kitten’s skin
  • Distributes oils for a softer, shinier coat
  • The perfect size for use on kittens
  • Removes loose hair and debris with ease

Value for money

This brush is well worthy of our number 5 spot and we can’t seem to find any fault with this product whatsoever. It is a good value for money product that has received a high amount of praise throughout customer reviews. Most cats seem to welcome the soft bristles when being brushed and we can’t see you going wrong with this little gem.

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