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5 Best Brushes For Cats That Hate To Be Brushed

by Lucy

Brushing and grooming your cat can be a lovely experience. It can be almost therapeutic for some owners and lots of cats absolutely love having a thorough brush and pamper. It can be a great bonding experience between the two of you and really helps to build up trust.

This may sound lovely and rosy, but for as many cats that love to be groomed there are just as many that absolutely detest being brushed. This can often be very stressful for owners particularly for owners who have cats with particularly long hair that gets matted easily or those with older felines that are not taking care of their coat as they should.

Taking your cat to a professional grooming parlor is always an option however this can often be costly and the thought of someone else having a bond with your cat is not always an owner’s first choice.

However, it isn’t all doom and gloom and there are some great alternative brushes on the market that could make all the difference. Sometimes a small change in the type of grooming tools you are using can sometimes encourage your kitty to actually enjoy the process.

So what are the best brushes for cats that hate to be brushed? The best brushes range from soft rubber brushes that gently massages your cat while you brush to very fine bristles with curved ends that don’t tug on your cat’s delicate fur. Grooming mitts are also recommended in place of traditional brushes when a cat just can’t stand any type of bristles.

Here we have taken a look at some of the best alternative brushes for cats that may be the answer to your prayers. We can’t promise a miracle here, but it could be a good start to help your cat get in the swing of things.

5 Brushes For A Cat That Hates To Be Brushed

Below you’ll find our top 5 picks for the best brushes for cats. These work amazingly for cats who are picky about how they are brushed, but they also work great for cats who love being pampered!

RankBrush Best Feature
1.Kong Zoom GroomBest for cats that enjoy massages
2.Hertzko Self-Cleaning Slicker BrushBest for cats with tangled or matted fur
3.Delomo Grooming GloveBest for brushing hard to reach places
4.Ruff 'n Ruffus Self-Cleaning Slicker BrushBest for cats who prefer combs
5.EquigroomerBest for cats with sensitive skin

1. Kong Zoom Groom

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The Kong Zoom Groom brush is quite possibly one of the best grooming brushes on the market at the moment for cats.

It’s slightly different from the regular cat brushes we see time and time again and provides your kitty with a slightly different feel when they are being brushed. 

Soft Rubber

The Kong Zoom Groom is made from soft rubber that gently massages your cat’s fur.

It is a very different feel for your kitty than regular cat brushes and we think this might make the world of difference to cats who are not keen on being brushed or fussed around with. They may not even associate using this as a brush.

Furball Prevention

It’s true to say that most cats are at risk of having fur balls and brushing is an important part of helping to eliminate this build-up of hair. The Kong Zoom Groom has soft rubber teeth that can dig deep into your kitty’s fur without the risk of hurting them. It can be used in a circular motion to really detangle and massage the fur.


  • Made with soft rubber bristle that provides a slightly different feel to regular cat brushes
  • Helps to prevent fur balls by digging deep into the fur
  • Massaging effect which might fool your cat into believing you aren’t brushing
  • Easy-grip which is helpful when your cat won’t stay still

Value for money

The Kong Zoom Groom is great value for money and it is clear to see that many customers swear by this product. It does have a very different feel to regular grooming brushes and provides a soothing massaging effect for your cat which could be encouraging. Grooming brushes can often be quite expensive, but we think this an economic price that will suit most budgets.

2. Hertzko Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush

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The Hertzko Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush is a very popular brush for cat grooming and it is clear to see that a vast majority of customers are very happy with this product.

It is strong, durable, and easy to use with a comfort grip and anti-slip handle.

This brush falls more in line with regular cat brushes, however, is designed in such a way that may encourage your cat to accept grooming thanks to its fine bristles and massaging effects.

Fine Bristles

The fine, curved bristles of this brush are an absolute game-changer. The bristles themselves work similarly to other cat brushes however have been designed in a way to provide a very different feel to cats when being groomed.

The bristles are much finer than most brushes and curve at the ends, providing a soft feel against your cat’s skin.

Easy to Clean

Grooming can be a great bonding experience and fun for both you and your kitty. Cleaning the brush after use is sometimes not quite as much fun.

Some types of cat brushes can be particularly difficult to clean, but you will never have this problem with The Hertzko Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush. By pushing the button, the teeth cleverly retract into this brush, making cleaning up a breeze!


  • Fine bristles for a soft massaging effect
  • Easy to clean with handy retractable bristles
  • Detangles knots and loose hair with ease
  • Comfortable, Strong and Durable

Value for money

We were pleasantly surprised to see the cost of this brush. We thought for such a well-known brand the price would be much higher, but we were wrong. This is a quality brush that is sold at a very reasonable price. This brush fits into most budgets and we think this could work very well for a cat that doesn’t like to be brushed.

3. Delomo Grooming Glove

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If all else fails, grab a grooming mitt! When regular brushes are not working for you then one of the most go-to products is the grooming mitt.

This handy little design by Delomo could be the answer to your grooming nightmare. Cats can be very fussy with grooming brushes in general and grooming mitts are often the way to go.

Stroking Action

The Delomo Grooming Mitts are a great option for cats that hate to be brushed. They mimic the touch of your hand so your cat feels like you are stroking them rather than brushing them.

The mitt will still successfully groom your cat and pick up all the loose fur, but your cat will feel like they are getting a stroke from their trusty human and will not realize they are being groomed.

Hard to Reach Places

The Delomo Grooming Mitts are considered to be much more useful at reaching hard to get parts of your cat than a brush. Trying to groom around your cat’s ears and their legs can be much more difficult when using a conventional brush.

These mitts effortlessly glide around your cat’s whole body reaching all the key places thanks to the 5 finger design.


  • Mitts provide a stroking rather than brushing action making cats feel more comfortable
  • The 5 finger design allows you to get to all the hard to reach places
  • Skin Friendly – free from materials that could cause skin damage
  • Easy to peel the hair away from the mitt and throw away

Value for money

These grooming mitts are an absolute bargain! Quite often you will find alternative designs to be a tad more on the expensive side, but the Delomo Grooming Mitts are great value for money. They are strong, durable, and made from high-quality materials. We couldn’t find fault with this product or the price!

4. Ruff ‘n Ruffus Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush

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We couldn’t help, but include this cute grooming set for your consideration.

It is true to say that the main brush is pretty standard and you can buy these types of brushes widely, however, we love the addition of the grooming comb which could be really helpful for cats who hate to be groomed.

We can’t also forget the added bonus of a pair of nail clippers in this set which is very handy if you feel up to the job!


The addition of a comb is a great added extra in this set. For cats that do not like being brushed the regular brush in this set may not be suitable, but it is always worth a try as a starting point.

If this fails you still have a comb you can try which lots of cats prefer. Many owners are far more successful with combs and therefore this is a great back up plan.


It can be risky buying products that you are not sure will work. Spending out valuable money on a useless item. That being said the Ruff ‘n Ruffus Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee which means if you are not happy with this product the company will do all they can do to make it right. Risk free purchasing at it’s best!


  • Handy comb included which some cats prefer
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – risk free purchase
  • Full set including clippers for ultimate convenience
  • Self-cleaning 

Value for money

Considering this is a 3 piece set we were absolutely blown away with the price! The cost of this set is pretty similar to some of the other brushes on the list, but in addition, you have a grooming comb that could be a god back up plan for cats that don’t like to be brushed, as well as a pair of nail clippers. This one definitely gets the thumbs up from us.

5. Equigroomer

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We say when all else fails, think outside the box and the Equigroomer is way out there!

This fabulous brush was originally designed for use on horses (hence the name) however it appears to be a very successful solution for those feline’s who cannot stand to be brushed.

We can’t actually figure out why they tolerate this type of brush better than most that are designed specifically for cats, but you know, if it works it works right?

Different Effect

The EquiGroomer provides a different feel on your cat’s skin than brushes specifically designed for felines and we do believe this is why this brush is pretty successful with cats that just don’t like to be groomed.

Since this brush has been designed for horses and horses generally loved to be groomed we think this could be a winner for owners who struggle with the grooming process.

Great for Sensitive Skin

Cats with sensitive skin are notoriously known for disliking being groomed. The teeth of most brushes aggravate their delicate skin and you can clearly see why they detest this activity so much. The Equigroomer provides a soft and gentle grooming experience that they should find relaxing and comfortable.


  • A different feel to the vast proportion of regular cat brushes on the market
  • Soft bristles that are ideal for sensitive skin
  • Removes loose hair and dirt from all parts of the body with ease
  • Easy to clean

Value for money

The Equigroom is a bit more expensive than the other brushes on our list and considering this brush was originally designed for horses, this does not surprise us one bit (sorry equestrian world, but your stuff is expensive!).

Despite the slightly higher cost, we think this could be a great solution for a cat that dislikes being brushed. If it does work for you the cost will be a so distant memory.

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