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11 Best Tofu Cat Litters

by Lucy

Tofu cat litter is becoming a popular choice among cat owners for a few reasons. It is easy to clean up, it is sustainable, and it is made from natural ingredients.

You will also notice less dust and additives when using tofu cat litter, which can help with both you and your cat’s allergies. If you are looking at trying a new type of cat litter, tofu cat litter might be a good option.

So, what is the best tofu cat litter? The best tofu cat litter should be made from safe, natural ingredients, and it should last for some time in the litter box. The tofu litter should also have good absorption, to contain more moisture than normal cat litter.

There are many great benefits that tofu cat litter has to offer, but you do need to know a little more before making the switch, and deciding which would be the best product. Keep reading to find out more.

What Is Tofu Cat Litter?

Tofu cat litter is made from processed soybeans. The actual soybean that is used to make the cat litter is a byproduct of tofu, which is a huge bonus as it means it cuts down food waste too.

Other than cutting back on food waste, tofu cat litter also does not contain any additives, which means that it is both sustainable and completely natural for your cat to use.

As tofu cat litter is all-natural, it is able to break down naturally, either by being composted or by being flushed down the toilet. This minimizes waste that you would accumulate from your cat litter and means it is so easy to get rid of.

Tofu cat litter also features other great benefits, such as being powerful at controlling odors, being very absorbent, and being lightweight too. It keeps your cat litter tray free from odor and lasts longer too.

Buyer’s Guide – Tofu Cat Litter

Tofu cat litter is becoming more popular, thanks to its great benefits, but you do still need to put some thought into choosing the best one for your cat.

Here are all the considerations to keep in mind when picking out your cat litter, to ensure the one you choose will be perfect for your home.


One of the benefits of tofu cat litter is that it is long-lasting, so you would want to purchase a brand of tofu cat litter that lives up to this promise.

Make sure that it is made from soybean byproducts and that it does not contain any other additives. This should mean that it keeps its good absorption, allowing it to last for up to 3 weeks before it needs to be replaced.

Make sure that the tofu cat litter states that it can be used for this long before it should be thrown away and then replaced.

Safe For Cats

One of the most important factors to consider is that the tofu cat litter will be safe for your cat to use. As it is made from soybean byproducts, the litter should actually be safe for your cat to eat. This doesn’t mean that your cat should start a regular diet of tofu cat litter, but a few accidental mouthfuls should not be harmful.

Another factor that makes tofu cat litter healthier for cats is that it does not produce dust like regular cat litter, and there are no harmful additives. Dust and additives could cause allergies for both you and your cat, and cutting both of these out makes a huge difference.


You want to choose a tofu cat litter with good absorption, and if it is a proper tofu cat litter, then this shouldn’t be a problem. The absorption rate for tofu cat litter is up to 4 times that of regular cat litter, which means that it will hold much more moisture before you have to put new litter down.


Tofu cat litter, when made with soybean byproducts and when it does not contain any other additives, is 100% eco-friendly and sustainable. This means that it will be bio-degradable too, so you can either use old tofu cat litter to add to your compost bin, or you can flush it down the toilet.

Important Note: This does not mean flushing cat poop down the toilet, as it can cause health issues with things like toxoplasmosis gondii.

By using tofu cat litter, you are helping to minimize food waste, without having to compromise on the effectiveness of the cat litter, and in most cases, enjoy more benefits.


Cat owners who use regular litter know the irritation of having the cat litter stick to your cat’s paws, and then them walking the litter all over the house.

Tofu cat litter is not as sticky as regular cat litter, which means that you won’t find as much cat litter tracked through your house as before. To ensure that this is the case, the cat litter must be 100% tofu litter, as other additives might make it sticky.


To make the tofu cat litter easier to clean up, it should be clumping litter. Once your cat has done their business, the cat litter should form small clumps that are easy to remove from the tray. While the tofu cat litter has great absorption and can last longer than normal litter, you still do need to clean the litter daily.


Some tofu cat litters contain other natural ingredients, such as green tea, which means that the litter has an extra deodorizer, keeping down scents, and covering up foul smells. Whether you prefer a deodorized litter or not is a personal choice, but in smaller rooms and apartments, it might help to have the added fragrance to keep the litter odor minimized.

The 11 Best Tofu Cat Litters

Knowing everything you need to consider before choosing the best tofu cat litter to use, take a look at the below 11 options that we recommend! All of these have the great benefits that tofu cat litter has to offer.

RankProductKey Features
1.ZenKitty Clumping Tofu Cat Litter, LavenderLavender fragrance, low dust, clumping
2.I Am Tofu Natural Tofu Cat LitterLow dust, clumping, 400% absorption
3.Furberry Clumping Cat Litter Lasts 4 weeks, low dust, low odor
4.Chow Sing Tofu LitterLow dust, high absorption, clumping
5.Freshclaw Tofu Cat LitterFlushable, moisture control, low odor
6.Pidan Original Tofu Cat LitterBlood test particles for urinary health
7.Furrytail Premium Tofu Cat LitterClumping, instant absorption
8.PETNF Tofu Cat LitterQuick clumping, high odor control
9.Jo’s Petcare Tofu Clumping Cat LitterDust-free, low tracking, eco-friendly
10.KittyWoo Tofu Cat LitterHypoallergenic, odor control
11.Natural Paw Tofu Cat LitterDust free, 3 scents, no harmful chemicals

1. ZenKitty Clumping Tofu Cat Litter, Lavender

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The ZenKitty Clumping Tofu Cat Litter comes with a lavender fragrance, which works well to not only mask smells but to add a fresh fragrance to the room as well.

The tofu cat litter is vacuum packed to ensure that there is little dust, which helps with allergies. It is made with natural ingredients only, so it does not produce any extra allergens or dust when laid into the litter tray.

When used, the litter forms easy-to-scoop clumps, making cleaning a breeze. Daily maintenance of the litter box is made super easy because of this. With enhanced odor control, you will not notice the cat litter sitting in the corner of the room, and it is able to be used for longer than other litter options.

A low tracking shape means there will be less litter spread across your floor, keeping the whole area clean. The litter can also be flushed into the septic tank or composted when it has been well-used.

The lavender tofu cat litter from ZenKitty helps to neutralize the ammonia odors found in cat litter, and the super absorbent natural fibers are long-lasting and clump up for easy removal – it has all the benefits that tofu litter has to offer!

2. I Am Tofu Natural Tofu Cat Litter

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I Am Tofu is a great tofu cat litter brand, made from 100% biodegradable soybean byproducts, which are healthy and safe for your cat to use.

Other than containing soybean, the litter contains corn starch too. It does not contain any other synthetic additives, chemicals, or clay.

The litter is flushable and dissolves quickly in water, making it safe to flush down the toilet in small portions. It is also 99% dust-free, so it will not cause an extra mess in your home, and will not contribute to allergies.

With an anti-tracking shape and formula, the litter will not be walked all over your home either, further reducing mess.

The litter has a natural clumping formula, which makes the litter clump up into small balls soon after it is exposed to moisture. This makes it easy to scoop up and clean and means that you will not have to scrape down the side of the litter tray.

A 400% absorption ability means it absorbs up to 4 times its weight in water, so one bag of 6lb tofu cat litter can last up to 4 weeks!

3. Furberry Clumping Cat Litter 

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The Furberry Clumping Cat Litter is biodegradable, flushable, and fully environmentally friendly. Made from natural byproducts, it is as safe for your cat to use as it is non-harmful to the environment.

As the cat litter clumps up quickly when exposed to moisture, it is easy to scoop up and clean. By maintaining the cat litter daily, the tofu litter will last for up to 4 weeks before it needs to be replaced.

It has effective odor control, containing the odor of cat urine while providing a fresh aroma to the room. It also causes little mess, as it is non-tracking and is 99% dust-free. The cat litter area will be kept wonderfully clean!

4. Chow Sing Tofu Litter

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Made from the byproducts of tofu, this clumping cat litter has unbeatable odor control, and it quickly absorbs moisture to form a clump that is easy to remove from the litter tray.

As the litter is made from natural ingredients, it is fully soluble and degradable in water, which means it can be flushed down the toilet. It can also be used as a garden fertilizer! This reduces the hassle of dealing with soiled cat litter.

The no-dust, no-tracking granules ensure that the cat litter area (and the rest of your house) is kept clean from mess, and you and your cat will not suffer from aggravated allergies from the extra dust that cat litter usually has. 

This 6lb vacuum-packed bag of tofu cat litter can last for up to a month for one cat, as the high absorption and moisture control mean the litter lasts for quite a bit longer than regular cat litter, saving you money and time cleaning up!

5. Freshclaw Tofu Cat Litter

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The Freshclaw Tofu Cat Litter is flushable and environmentally friendly, ticking quite a few boxes in what you would be looking for in a sustainable cat litter product.

Made from soybean byproducts, pea fiber, corn starch, and activated charcoal, the tofu cat litter is toilet-friendly and safe for your cat to use. It is much more environmentally friendly than most other cat litter options on the market.

With a double-shot deodorization, the litter contains both charcoal and natural pea, which reduces the ammonia smell and neutralizes the scent in the litter tray.

The super-clumping ability of the tofu cat litter means that it is easy to clean up, and it reduces the chance of the litter sticking to your cat’s feet and to the litter box, which cuts down on the cleaning that you need to do. 

The litter is also much drier than other types, meaning that there is a lower chance of bacteria growth, making it a safer and cleaner environment for you and your cat. As it is made from natural ingredients, the litter is harmless if ingested by your cat.

6. Pidan Original Tofu Cat Litter

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The Pidan Original Tofu Cat Litter takes cat litter to the next level, with the Blood Test Particles, which turn the litter blue if there is trace blood found in your cat’s urine. This helps to pick up on any infections or health issues early on.

This litter can also be flushed down the toilet for easy and eco-friendly disposal, or it can be used as a garden fertilizer in the compost bin.

With a sponge-like water absorbance, there is faster clumping and a lower chance of the litter sticking to your cat’s feet or becoming stuck to the side of the litter tray. This in turn means that cleaning the litter is made much easier.

The litter has been designed to wrap better, with a mix of pellets with a diameter of 1.5mm and 2mm, so that there is less scattering and less mess in the room.

Easy cleaning, fast absorption, and the ability to pick up trace blood in urine make this a great option if you want a cat litter that is low-maintenance, low-odor, and which helps you keep a close check on your cat’s health at all times.

7. Furrytail Premium Tofu Cat Litter

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Advanced technology and premium ingredients make this a quality cat litter, with one bag being enough to last your cat for a whole month.

Fast-clumping litter means that you can quickly and easily scoop up waste without wasting any of the good litter left in the tray. The litter instantly absorbs liquid when exposed to it, forming tight bunches which will not break up or fall apart when being cleaned.

The superior and instant absorption action helps to quickly eliminate odors, keeping the room that the cat litter is kept in fresh and clean. Each pellet is also durable and tight, to prevent breakdown, reducing dust and litter particles left in your cat’s paws, which reduces tracking.

Being 100% natural and biodegradable, the litter will break down quickly after use, and is environmentally friendly while doing so!

8. PETNF Tofu Cat Litter

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This tofu cat litter is made from pea fiber, corn starch, and soybean, ensuring product safety, and making the cat litter safe for your cat to use.

Quick clumping allows for easy scooping, and better wrapping effects mean that your cat will not have any litter stuck to them as they leave the litter box. It is non-sticky and makes it a breeze to clean down the litter tray when it is time.

With unbeatable odor control, the litter quickly absorbs odor in 1.5 seconds, and this leaves no time for an odor to be generated. The deodorizing effect is much better than many other cat litter options.

Each particle diameter is 2.0mm, and each can absorb a large amount of water per weight, meaning that small clumps are formed, and there is little leakage, keeping the fresh litter fresh, and only a small amount needs to be removed when cleaned.

9. Jo’s Petcare Tofu Clumping Cat Litter

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Jo’s Petcare Tofu Clumping Cat Litter is natural and flushable, with food-grade bean dregs and other natural ingredients that are biodegradable, flushable, and environmentally friendly!

The lightweight pellets have an upgraded formula to promote more volume and less weight, with more pellets in the same size bag.

With ultimate clumping and super odor control, the pellets are 99% dust-free and low-tracking. The litter has all the benefits you could hope for when using tofu cat litter, rounded off by being environmentally friendly too!

You can choose between two types with this cat litter – either active carbon or milk!

10. KittyWoo Tofu Cat Litter

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This natural, eco-friendly tofu cat litter quickly dissolves in water, so you can flush it down the toilet without worrying about it clogging the toilet up – easy and fuss-free litter disposal!

This litter has been designed to stay off your cat’s paws, which helps to keep your floors clean. The litter is also dust-free, which means that the litter box will not be difficult to clean.

The cat litter clumps do not crumble or break so that they are easy to scoop out of the tray and do not cause any more mess than needed.

Made from natural plant ingredients, you do not have to worry about the litter having any negative health effects on your cat, and if they have a bite of the litter, no harm will come to them.

With low dust, the litter is hypoallergenic, so it will not irritate you or your cat’s allergies, creating a healthier, cleaner environment for the both of you.

Odor control further helps to freshen up the cat litter area, and you won’t even notice the cat litter in the room!

11. Natural Paw Tofu Cat Litter

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The 99% natural dust-free cat litter keeps surfaces clean and is perfect for families and cats who suffer from allergies. You will no longer have a dust cloud form every time you pour some litter into the tray!

With 5x more absorption and clumping, the litter is easy to clean and there is little wastage. As the litter clumps in small balls, there is good odor control and less of an ammonia smell present.

You can choose between unscented, lavender, or green tea scented litter, depending on the scent you prefer and the odor control you are looking for.

The natural litter is flushable, so you can quickly and easily dispose of the litter and waste in a safe and non-messy way. With no harmful chemicals and artificial ingredients used, you can be sure that this is a safe option for the whole family.

Is tofu cat litter a good option?

Tofu cat litter is chemical-free and safe for cats to use, and it has amazing odor control. It quickly absorbs and dries urine and solid waste, allowing for up to 5x better odor control than other clumping cat litters.

It is also environmentally friendly and easy to dispose of, with many types of tofu cat litter being dissolvable and flushable.

How long does a bag of tofu cat litter last?

Tofu cat litter is great at absorbing urine, and one 6l bag of tofu cat litter can last for up to a month if kept clean on a daily basis.

How do you safely dispose of tofu cat litter?

Many types of tofu cat litters are dissolvable and can be flushed down the toilet in small quantities. Another way to dispose of tofu cat litter is to add it to your garden as fertilizer or to mix it into your compost bin.

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