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Why Do Cats Want You To Walk Them To Their Food?

by Lucy

If you’re a cat owner, there’s no doubt that you find your pet’s behavior a little bizarre sometimes. One of the strangest things that cats often demand of their humans is to walk them to their food. Some even insist you stand around watching while they eat their meals.

It’s only natural you’d take to the internet to find an answer for your cat’s peculiar habits.

So, why do cats want you to walk them to their food? In most cases, they are simply following a routine. If you’ve been putting cat food into your kitten’s bowl and then encouraged them to follow you to their meals, then your cat, once an adult, will expect you to do precisely the same thing at every mealtime. 

However, there are a few more plausible reasons why felines like their humans to walk them to their food, so read on to find out more. You will also discover through this article whether or not it is a good sign that your cat likes to have you around while they eat.

Should You Walk Your Cat To Their Food?

To answer this question, you first need to fully understand all of the reasons why your cat may require you to walk them to their food. 


In most cases, cats are creatures of habit. So, if they’re used to following a specific routine, they’ll want that same procedure repeated every time. You put the food into their food bowl, then you call out their name, then you walk up to their food bowl, and they leisurely follow behind you to their meals.

For some kitties, that’s the end of the routine. However, other kitties are high maintenance and require that you watch or pet them while they eat. Some expect you to even touch or stir their food.

But that’s not because your cat has somehow discovered that you’re running late for a presentation or you have a dozen house chores to complete. They simply like to do things a certain way, and life gets more manageable if you simply comply.

Sense Of Security

When you walk your kitty cat to their food and watch them eat, your actions provide a sense of security. You may find your cat’s behavior odd, but in truth, your cat loves you and is placing their implicit trust in you.

Cats don’t put their guard down when they eat; they lower their body and head and keep their eyes on the food put in front of them to see exactly what they are putting into their mouths, and this puts them in a vulnerable position. In the wild, they could easily be ambushed by another predator that wants to take their food, or worse.

In such a situation, if your cat chooses you to keep a lookout while they eat, then it shows a deep level of trust and the strength of the bond between you.

Something’s Up

No doubt, every cat owner across the globe knows how particular cats can be about their needs and wants. Most cats won’t eat food if you feed them in another pet’s bowl. Some cats refuse food if the food dish is unclean as well. And, by the way, you should be cleaning your cat’s bowl every day, even if it’s only used for dry food.

Your cat might want you to walk them to their food when they feel that something is wrong. It might be that the food in the food dish is old or another pet has put their foul-smelling muzzle into their food dish.

You should know that your kitty cat will quickly be put to ease if you dispose of the current meal, wash the food dish, and pour a fresh meal into their food bowl. Another method to encourage your fur baby to eat is to stir the food. 


If your fur baby is scared or afraid of something or someone, then they will insist that you walk them to their dining location and stand guard while they eat. If you bring in a new pet or a family member is staying over that your cat isn’t familiar with, you may need to pay extra attention to your cat’s needs.

You need to allow your kitty cat the time to get used to their presence. Until your pet gets accustomed to this new entity, you will need to be patient with your pet’s quirky manners.


Cats are highly intelligent and sensitive creatures. They love to do things their way. If they feel that their human is paying attention to other things like attending to another pet’s needs or listening to other family members they don’t particularly like, they will demand more of your time.

Walking with your kitty to their food, standing guard while they eat, and petting them while they digest will make your fur baby feel less ruffled and put their anxieties to rest. 

What If Your Cat Stops Eating?

There are a couple of things you can do to make your fur baby feel more at ease if they are anxious, like stirring their food or petting them while they eat. But, if your fur baby has stopped eating entirely, and refuses to eat even after 24 hours, then you need to pay a visit to the vet.

Loss of appetite is often a symptom of a health concern. No, you don’t need to break into a sweat thinking about the very worst possible conditions. Even if your pet is suffering from something as simple as flatulence, an upset stomach, or bloating, they may choose to stay off food. The vet can help you ease your fur baby’s pain. 

If you’ve got a general idea of how to deal with minor issues such as flatulence or bloating from a professional, the next time your fur baby has tummy troubles, you will be able to understand and deal with the situation.

Another aspect that you might not have taken into account when your fur baby went off their food is any change in their diet. If you’ve recently made a significant change in your cat’s meals, such as a change in the brand or flavor, then your kitty might not be eating because they don’t enjoy the taste or are thrown off by the sudden swap. 


Your cat might teach you a lesson or two in life – never take anything in life for granted. When your cat loves and cares for you, they will demand it be reciprocated in cuddles, attention, and proper care.

You might not understand why your cat needs you to walk them to their food, but you have to look at things from your kitty’s eyes. If your cat loves you, they will place their trust in you and need you to make them feel secure.

The walk to a food bowl can sometimes be full of perils from your cat’s perspective. You can make your fur cat feel a whole lot better and make your life a whole lot simpler if you don’t question your cat’s judgment and just follow their lead. As safe as your cat may be in reality, it is unfortunately impossible to reason with a feline.

However, if you feel that your cat has been off their food and seems to be more sluggish than before, then you shouldn’t waste time getting a consultation from a local vet.

Cats might appear to be sturdy creatures, but even a little bit of neglect can sometimes prove fatal for your beloved pet, so take extra care to be vigilant about your pet’s needs and wants. After all, being a pet parent can mean a lot of fun, but it also entails a lot of responsibility.

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