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The 5 Best Horse Boots For Jumping In 2022

by Lucy

For anyone who jumps their horses regularly or at competition it’s always a wise idea to fully protect your horse’s legs from injury. Jumping is a risky sport to both horse and rider and therefore taking the necessary precautions is important. You will not often see a professional show jumper jumping their horses without boots on.

So what are the best horse boots for jumping? The best and most common type of horse boots for jumping are tendon boots. These are similar to brushing boots but have open fronts and are constructed from much harder materials. The hard-wearing shell provides protection and aims to absorb most of the landing impact. They can be used in all types of disciplines such as cross country and eventing, but they are more frequently used in show jumping.

Often you will find that as well as tendon boots, show jumpers will use Fetlock Boots on the horse’s hind legs. These boots are much smaller in size and shape, but provide added protection should the front legs clash into the hind legs either in the air or on landing. These are not compulsory for use with Tendon boots but are a popular combination amongst equestrians.

Top Picks For The Best Horse Boots For Show Jumping

For the benefit of this review, we will look at some of the best Tendon boots on the market right now and why these could be a great purchase for you and your horse.

RankRecommended ProductBest Feature
1.Horze Tendon BootsBest boots for maximum protection
2.Weatherbeeta Pro Air Open Front BootsMost breathable, lightweight design
3.Saxon Open Front BootsBest boots for riding in the rain
4.Shires ARMA Open-Front Tendon BootsBest ergonomic design
5.Horze Advanced ProTec Boot Set4 boots for front- and back-leg protection

1. Horze Tendon Boots

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Horze is one of the best brands around right now for horse riding gear and the Horze Tendon Boots are a very worthy number 1 spot on our top 5 list.

These open-toe boots are ideal for jumping and provide your horse with the maximum support thanks to the hard outer shell whilst still providing a comfortable and secure fit.

Variety of Colors and Sizes

Apart from these boots being sold by one of our favorite brands we love the choices this product offers in regards to colors and sizing options.

Not all horses suit certain colors and we are often in a predicament of trying to find boots that match the rest of our horse’s tack. The Horze Tendon boots come in a whopping 11 different colors to suit most tastes and 6 different sizing options to ensure you get that perfect, snug fit.

Soft Lining

It is true to say this tendon boot has an extremely durable hard outer shell which provides your horse with the maximum amount of protection whilst jumping.

This does not, however, mean it will be uncomfortable for your horse to wear thanks to the soft neoprene lining that has been designed with your horse’s comfort in mind. We couldn’t quite believe how soft the lining was in these boots!


  • Soft Neoprene lining for ultimate comfort
  • A huge choice of colors to suit any horse and existing tack
  • 6 different sizing options which cover almost any sized horse
  • Strong loop and hook closures for a secure, snug fit

Value for money

We think the Horze Tendon Boots are fantastic value for money. They are made from a quality, durable materials that are built to last and come at a price that certainly won’t break the bank! Horse boots on a whole can be pretty expensive, but we think these are just the right price.

2. Weatherbeeta Pro Air Open Front Boots

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Weatherbeeta is a very well-known brand throughout the equestrian community. A brand that people love, trust, and stay loyal to.

The Weatherbeeta Pro Air Open Front Tendon Boots are what we would call a premium brand that provides all the style and design you would expect from a brand of this nature. These boots really are the cream of the crop!


We love that these boots are a lightweight option that still comprises of a hardwearing, durable shell for ultimate protection.

When we think about it, our horses already carry quite a bit of weight when we are riding with heavy tack and also us on board. Why weigh them down more with heavy boots that can undoubtedly affect performance.


Horses tend to get rather hot and sweaty pretty quickly and wearing boots often accentuate that. These boots are made with breathable vents that run from the inner layer right through to the outer layer. This allows your horse to let off some steam and helps to keep them much cooler and more comfortable.


  • Lightweight design whilst still fully protecting your horse’s tendons
  • Breathable for extra comfort
  • Neoprene lining that contours to your horse’s leg
  • Easy to clean for ultimate convenience

Value for money

As mentioned previously, these are a premium brand made from a very well-known company. Where sometimes we are surprised by the price of some premium products, this one did not surprise us at all. The Weatherbeeta Pro Air Open Front Tendon Boots come at what we would call a nice price. These are definitely not the cheapest on the market, but a good quality buy all the same.

3. Saxon Open Front Boots

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Saxon is a popular brand of equestrian products that have been around for years. They have a stable following of customers and are known for their quality products are reasonable prices.

The Saxon Open Front Boots are a sleek, two-tone design that is ideal for those that are looking for something a bit more stylish that stands out from the norm.


As a horse rider, we all know that weather is not usually a factor and we go out riding regardless. It’s what we do best! When riding in the raining it is often the case that our tack (including us) gets soaked, leaving both horse and rider feeling wet and uncomfortable.

The Saxon Open Front boots contain absorbent neoprene lining meaning your horse is likely to keep at least their legs a bit dry and not feel uncomfortable in that area.

Easy Clean

On the theme of going out riding in the rain, there’s nothing worse than coming home after a ride in the rain and having to frantically try and dry off and clean all our kit ready for the next day. You will be pleased to hear that the Saxon open front boots are an easy clean wipe down option. This means mud and debris can be cleaned off quickly and with little fuss.


  • Absorbent lining to assist in keeping your equine friend as dry as possible
  • Easy to clean for ultimate convenience
  • Velcro enclosure to ensure a secure fit
  • Shaped outer to provide a comfortable fit

Value for money

The Saxon Open Front Boots are a great value for money option. They are designed with comfort in mind and we love the two-tone colors available which is helpful in trying to get a good match with the rest of your tack. We would however have loved to have seen some more color choices and sizes available in this range.

4. Shires ARMA Open-Front Tendon Boots

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If you are looking for a bit of pizzaz for your horse’s legwear then The Shires ARMA Open-Front Tendon Boots could be the one for these. These are a fancy modern design that will have you really standing out from the crowd.

These boots are made by Shires who have over 50 years’ experience with equestrian apparel for both horse and rider. They even hold a royal warrant to supply Her Majesty the Queen of England with all her equine needs. How fancy is that!

Ergonomic Design

The ergonomic design of this boot is a great feature. This is a highly durable boot with smooth rounded edges to provide your horse with the maximum amount of comfort possible. The lining provides breathable protection helping to keep your horse nice and cool at all times. This design even provides recessed stitching for ultimate security.

Shock absorbing

There’s no doubt about it when a horse lands from a jump it puts an enormous amount of pressure on their joints which can be troublesome.

The Shires ARMA Open-Front Tendon Boots has been designed to protect the joints and create the least amount of impact possible. The shock-absorbing, dense lining gives you complete peace of mind that your horse’s joints will be protected as much as physically possible.


  • Ergonomic design for the ultimate fit
  • Secure with a strong, double fastening
  • Quick-dry with a breathable cooling system
  • Impact-resistant shell, but with the flexibility to accommodate movement well

Value for money

Shire’s never seems to disappoint us on price and these boots are no exception. This is a well-made boot with good functionality and quality, but a price that is still affordable. They are slightly more expensive than the Saxon or Horze boots we have reviewed but include some extra features that the others do not. We still think these boots are worth every penny.

5. Horze Advanced ProTec Boot Set

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As you are aware often you will see horses jumping with both front and back boots. Tendon boots sit on the front two legs whilst fetlock boots sit on the hind two legs.

This provides the most amount of protection as possible in the case the front and back legs collide. We couldn’t help but add this cute little set from ‘Horze’ to our number 5 spot!

Front and back protection

This is a convenient set of boots that provides both front and back leg protection for your horse. It can be expensive and time-consuming to be searching around for two different types of boots and if you’re looking for a perfectly matching set then this little gem of a buy is the way to go. This comes in various sizes and a couple of color choices.

Low Cut

These boots have been specially designed with low cut fronts to allow your horse all the freedom to move as they wish without compromising safety. It is important your horse can move as freely as possible whilst jumping. There is often a fine line between safety and comfort, but it seems these boots have it all!


  • A convenient set for both front and back leg protection
  • Low cut design for freedom of movement
  • Soft, padded Neoprene lining for comfy wear
  • High quality PVC outer shell for complete protection against knocks and strikes

Value for money

This set is absolutely amazing value for money. It is around the same price tag as most of the other boots in our top 5 but provides you with 4 boots instead of two. We had to take a second glance at this as we couldn’t believe the value for money this set provides. This is genuinely a great all-round set of horse boots and we couldn’t find fault with this product. This one definitely gets the thumbs up from us!

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