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7 Best Breakaway Cat Collars Of 2022

by Lucy

There are so many great accessories to buy on the market for your kitty, but one of the most important ones to consider is a good cat collar. It is a very necessary accessory that will allow your cat to be brought home quickly to you should they get lost.

Like with anything in life, there are pros and cons to cat collars.

Unfortunately many cat collars on the market do not have any safety features which can be dangerous. If you have an adventurous kitty that likes to climb trees and gets themselves into awkward situations it is very easy for collars to become a choking hazard should they get caught on objects.

Luckily there are many great options available on the market that provide safety and security for your cat should their collar get stuck.

Breakaway collars are without a doubt the best types to buy when deciding on a new one for your feline friend. These allow you complete peace of mind knowing that when your cat is out and about they are safe and secure.

But what are the best breakaway cat collars? The best breakaway cat collars have a buckle which ‘breaks’ apart with enough force exerted, so your cat can easily get away if stuck. Collars should be the right size and be designed for the right weight of the cat.

Smaller cats and kittens weigh less, so they will naturally need their collars to break away more easily, with less force exerted than would a larger and older cat (who weighs enough to exert more force).

You don’t want your collar to come apart too easily and be lost, but you also want to be sure your cat will be able to break it if they’re ever in a bad spot.

So in this article, we’ll look at seven breakaway collars for cats in detail so you can keep your feline safe. So read on!

Best Breakaway Cat Collars

As we said, the right breakaway collar for your cat depends on your kitty’s size and weight, as well as on the quality of the collar itself. Safety is not something we want to play around with. Just as we watch our cat toys, we certainly like to make sure our own cats are safe outdoors and indoors.

That’s why we’ve reviewed some of our best finds for breakaway collars out there:

RankProductKey Features
1.Waaag Pet CollarReflective pieces,
2.Joytale Breakaway Cat CollarPlaid, with bow tie
3.GoTags Personalized Cat CollarsIncl. name/phone
4.PACCOMFET Reflective Cat CollarNylon, set of 6
5.CollarDirect Aztec Cat CollarSet of 2, buckle + bell
6.BINGPET Cat CollarGood for kittens, set of 2
7.CollarDirect Leather Cat CollarStretches, soft leather

Let’s take a closer look at some of the very best breakaway cat collars available to buy and how they can be a great choice for your best friend.

1. Waaag Pet Collar

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There is no question that the Waaag Pet Collar is one of the very best on the market right now.

Customers love this collar for their kitties and the thousands of reviews certainly attest to this.

This collar features a unique design that will really stand out in the crowd and is made with a plastic attachment that allows your cat to easily break free should they find themselves in any bother. Visually appealing as well as safe. What more could you ask for?

Unique Design

We absolutely adore the cute design on this cat collar. It really is unique and ideal for all those style-conscious kitties out there.

The soft material aims to provide the ultimate comfort while still looking sleek and stylish. The gold half-moon pattern is a real eye-catcher and also comes with a very cute half-moon charm and bell.

Breakaway Buckle

The Waaag pet collar is a super safe option for your kitty. It attaches to your cat’s neck via a plastic clip which is easy to attach, but equally, as easy to open should your cat find they have got themselves into a predicament.

If the collars attaches itself to an outside element and your cat tries to pull away the clip will open, allowing your cat to break away from it easily and safely.

It is a super-safe option that will have your cat looking the coolest about town with its cute design and added extras such as a moon charm and bell. Definitely, a must-have for your cat’s wardrobe.


  • Super cute design that is somewhat unique compared to many other cat collars
  • Simple breakaway plastic buckle for ultimate safety
  • Multiple sizes available for a snug fit
  • Handmade in the USA for peace of mind


Kitten owners may want to wait until their feline is a bit older or should test this product before use, as some smaller kitties may have trouble. You may also want to remove the charm as it could get stuck and put kitty in a tough bind.

2. Joytale Breakaway Cat Collar

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The Joytale Breakaway Cat Collar with Bow Tie is enough to melt any cat lover’s heart. It doesn’t get much cuter than this.

With its quick-release safety buckle, soft cotton fabric, and adorable buckle we can see why this is a customer favorite. There are so many variations of this plaid collar available we couldn’t help but want to buy them all!


Adjustability is an important feature for any good cat collar. Having the ability to adapt the size ensures your kitty gets a snug fit which is vital for safety and comfort.

There are still many collars on the market that are a one size fits all option and since cats come in many shapes and sizes this doesn’t work well for every kitty. You’ll never have this problem with the Joytale Breakaway collar which provides a fully customizable fit thanks to the handy adjustable straps.


One of the best features of this cat collar is the ability to be able to fully customize as you see fit. The bow tie attaches to the main part of the collar via an elastic loop that can be easily removed.

This allows you the ability to be able to replace the bow with other colors and styles. We can see from the reviews that many customers choose to purchase multiple collars for this reason allowing your kitty the ultimate customization for any day of the week.

This one definitely gets the thumbs up from us!


  • Adjustable straps for a super snug and comfortable fit
  • Fully customizable with removable bows (and bell)
  • A wide range of colors available
  • Breakaway plastic buckle for ultimate safety


This collar may break away a little too easily and you may have to replace it a bit more often if Kitty is active or likes to get caught in the bushes. Still, you may appreciate knowing your feline is extra safe.

3. GoTags Personalized Cat Collars

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If your kitty is the adventurous type and tends to go missing frequently then this is definitely the collar for you! It can be such a worry to think that your feline friend could go missing or get themselves lost.

It can also be highly frustrating for anyone that finds your cat and doesn’t know where they belong. With the GoTags Personalized Cat Collars, there is no confusion.

Long-lasting ID Feature

We love the fact that this cat collar can be customized with your pet’s details for all to see. The ID feature is a great way to ensure cat and owner get reunited again should your feline friend go missing.

Regular ID tags can often deteriorate over time, but this product provides a durable, long-lasting option with ID details stitched directly into the nylon webbing. Plus, there’s no tag to fall off or get caught on anything – now that’s extra-safe!

Comfortable Fit

Cat collars are not always the comfiest item for a cat to wear around their neck and you will often see many kitties trying desperately to rip them off out of frustration.

With this particular collar, you will have peace of mind knowing that it has been designed with comfort in mind. Made with nylon webbing and smooth tapered edges your kitty will barely notice it is there.


  • ID feature which is durable and long-lasting
  • Nylon webbing with tapered edges for an all-round comfortable fit
  • Adjustable from 8-12 inches for a snug fit
  • A wide selection of colors available to suit any kitty taste


This collar seems ideal for cats in the mid-range of sizes and weights; smaller cats and kittens may not be able to breakaway the collar, but some larger cats may break out easily. It’s always worth testing a new collar when you will be around to watch your feline.

Also, you may want to list your phone number before your cat’s name, as the buckle could obstruct part of what comes second.

4. PACCOMFET FUNPET Reflective Cat Collar (6 Pack)

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If your kitty is looking for a multipack option with a different color for every day of the week then the PACCOMFET FUNPET Reflective Cat Collar is a must-have.

We love the simple design and cat face plastic clip that helps your cat break away easily if the situation arises. The reflective strips are also a fantastic feature to help keep your kitty safe when they are out and about at night.


This multipack is sold in packs of six and comes in a selection of fantastic bright colors that allows your cat to be seen easily whilst still looking super stylish.

Cat collars can go through much wear a tear and having some spares available is always a wise idea. This convenient pack of six ensures you always have a spare to hand, but can also add some variety to your kitty’s wardrobe.


It can be worrying when your cat goes out and about at night. Visibility is usually not as good in the darker hours and this is generally the time when our feline friends (particularly our night-colored beauties) are at their most vulnerable.

The PACCOMFET FUNPET Reflective Cat Collar is specifically designed with a reflective strip to allow your kitty to become much more visible to others in the dark. Along with the breakaway plastic release clip, this is a great additional feature from this brand.


  • Multipack for ultimate convenience
  • Reflective strip for complete visibility at night
  • Adjustable for the perfect fit
  • Cat face plastic breakaway clip for complete safety


As always, cats of various sizes may have varying luck with this collar, though overall these collars are more likely to break than not – so you may need to make use of all 6 over the course of time.

Dangling tag can get caught on things and kitty can get stuck. This collar can’t be used with a leash, which is fine for most cats, but if you like to take your feline friend out with you, you may need another collar.

5. CollarDirect Aztec Cat Collar

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We couldn’t help but include CollarDirect Aztec Cat Collar to our list as it is absolutely gorgeous as well as safe.

It has a very beautiful Aztec design that is sure to turn heads and we love that the material it is made from is both high quality and comfortable to wear.

High-Quality Nylon

When buying a cat collar it is important to consider the material it is made from as this will usually determine how comfortable it will be for your cat to wear on a day to day basis.

The CollarDirect Aztec Cat Collar is made from high-quality nylon that is soft on your kitty’s neck and will not cause any unnecessary rubbing. This will ensure your cat stays comfortable and happy while exploring the great outdoors.

Beautiful Design

We absolutely love the design of this cat collar. The Aztec pattern is colorful and unique which will ensure your kitty is the envy of their friends.

This is one of the most beautiful designs of cat collars we have seen and the bright colors may also work as a safety feature so your cat can be seen by others more easily. Definitely one for those kitties that like to make a statement.


  • Made with high-quality nylon that is soft and comfortable to wear
  • Beautiful, unique, and colorful design that really stands out
  • Comes in a pack of 2 for convenience
  • Safety clip for quick release


This is definitely an adult cat collar; kitten owners should look for another brand until their babies grow up. Adult cat owners, however, should have no trouble.

Also, the soft material of these collars can scratch and thread up easily. Your cat should be comfortable, but the look of the collar may diminish with time spent in the bushes.

6. BINGPET Cat Collar

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Last, but certainly not least we have the Bingpet cat collar that is a very worthy product of a spot on our list.

This is a beautiful cat collar that will transform your kitty into the princess they’ve always aspired to be! This lightweight collar is highly durable and made from soft materials such as velvet for the ultimate comfort factor.

Heart-shaped detail

If you are looking to add a bit of bling into your kitty’s life then this Bingpet cat collar definitely fits the bill.

The super cute heart-shaped detail is encrusted with color-coordinated gems and matching charm to add a bit of sparkle into everyday wear. We also love the velvety material used on the main part of the collar making this a very snazzy, but comfortable option.

Easy to put on and off

Some types of cat collars are notoriously difficult to get on and off your cat which can make life very challenging for you and not much fun for your feline friend.

The Bing pet cat collar has been designed with easy fitting in mind. The small plastic breakaway clip not only makes this collar super safe for your kitty but completely opens up allowing you to fit this on and off your cat’s neck with ease.

We love the soft velvety material and the heart-shaped detail which really finishes off this adorable design. If your cat fancies themselves as a posh puss then this collar is a must-have!


  • Heart-shaped detail with gems for a stylish look
  • Easy to put on and off
  • Velvet material for softness and comfort
  • Small breakaway clip for safety


This collar is best for older kittens and adult cats; it won’t fit most younger kittens. Cute details like the rhinestones on the heart may not last.

7. CollarDirect Leather Cat Collar

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You will usually find that most cat collars are made from synthetic fibers for their comfortable fit and soft to touch feel however the CollarDirect Leather Cat Collar is certainly up there with the best of them.

It is a strong and highly durable cat collar that is made from the very softest of leather for that all-important comfort factor.

It comes in a huge range of colors to suit any kitty’s taste and has multiple sizes available to ensure your cat gets the snuggest fit possible.

Strong and Durable

Cat collars tend to get some wear and tear pretty quickly. Cats love nothing more than to go about exploring which can often leave collars dirty and easily breakable with day to day wear.

The CollarDirect Cat Collar is made with highly durable leather which is strong enough to be a very long-lasting option. It is also super easy to clean. A quick wipe down is all you need to ensure your cat is looking fresh and on point at all times.

Multiple Sizes

It is very important to get the right fit when it comes to cat collars. Our feline friends are all made very differently with some having much more slender necks than others.

Kittens will also inevitably have much smaller necks when compared with adult cats. This wonderful cat collar provides a few sizes which we think will be ideal for most cat sizes and shapes.


  • Strong, durable, soft leather for long-lasting wear and comfort
  • Elastic strap for easy quick release
  • Multiple sizing to ensure you get the right fit for your cat
  • A vast range of colors to suit any kitty taste


This not technically a breakaway option, but this collar should stretch to allow cats to wriggle out. You must be very careful when adjusting the size – too roomy and your kitty may get it stuck around his little mouth, especially if your furry loved one likes to play the escape artist.

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