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Do Turkish Angora Cats Shed?

by Lucy

There’s no doubt about it, Turkish Angora cats are one of the most eye-catching you will come across. Many owners love this breed thanks to their fine-boned physique, elegant features, and long silky coat. They possess a kind, caring nature and usually fit in well with family life.

However, as with most any cat breeds, people always want to know how much Turkish Angoras might shed. After all, long-haired cats have a reputation for shedding a lot and this does not suit everyone’s lifestyle – or allergies.

So, do Turkish Angora cats shed? Yes, Turkish Angora cats shed a moderate amount, but among long-haired cats, Turkish Angoras are often considered one of the easiest to manage in terms of shedding. Most of their shedding will occur during spring and fall when their coats change to fit the seasons.

If you’re looking to adopt one of these beauties, you may rest easy knowing they’re hardly the heaviest shedders, although any furry animal is going to shed sometimes. To learn more about Turkish Angoras’ shedding and best grooming habits, read on!

Do Turkish Angora Cats Shed a Lot?

Turkish Angoras shed a moderate amount; they aren’t world-class shedders but they still have plenty of fur that will sometimes shed (even people have that have problem!).

For a long-haired cat, Turkish Angoras are considered to be quite manageable in terms of shedding.

Excessive shedding can be troublesome for many households since the maintenance levels are too high for some owners. This is why many overlook Angoras in favor of a short-haired breed that will shed less.

However, the long and thick silky coats of a Turkish Angora will not give you much bother if managed correctly. The healthier the fur is, the less your Angora will shed. With correct nutrition and proper grooming, the hair will stay in much better health and therefore will not shed excessively.

How Often Do Turkish Angora Cats Shed?

Turkish Angora cats technically shed all year round (remember, any animal or human with fur or hair will lose a little all the time). However, you will notice shedding much more at certain times throughout the year when the coat is changing to adapt to the seasons.

Your cat needs a thick, warm coat to get them through the winter months. Therefore you will notice their thinner summer coat will shed in the fall and be replaced with a much thicker mane.

By summer time, your feline will not want need that thick winter coat to keep them hot when the sun shines strong all day. They will start to shed their winter coat around the spring to get ready for the hotter months ahead.

As with most long-haired cats, there will be some shedding throughout the year. This will not be anywhere near as noticeable as the spring and fall shed, but you should expect some hair loss nevertheless.

How Should You Groom a Turkish Angora?

Maintaining a Turkish Angoras coat is not as much of a hassle as you may be expecting. Providing the fur is kept in tip-top condition through healthy nutrition and regular brushing you will find grooming pretty straightforward.

Brushing twice a week is highly recommended to remove loose hair and mats. You shouldn’t find too many matted or knots pieces of hair since although the hair is long Angoras only have a single coat (no undercoat which is usually when matting occurs).

A fine-toothed comb or slicker brush is ideal for the weekly grooming of this breed. During the summer months, you may want to up the grooming levels to prevent hairballs.

Will Bathing a Turkish Angora Help With Shedding?

Bathing your Turkish Angora can certainly help with shedding.

Over-bathing, however, can cause skin irritation and hair loss (baldness). Therefore bathing your cat once every few months is more than plenty. Be sure to use a cat-safe shampoo.

Bathing helps to also contain the loose hair in the bath rather than it ending up all over your home. Traditional Turkish Angoras are known for their shimmery white coats (or mostly white appearance). Bathing can be a great way to polish up any dirty bits of fur and get them back to sparkling clean!

Are Turkish Angora Cats Hypoallergenic?

Turkish Angoras are not hypoallergenic. They shed all year round with spring and fall being the most prevalent times. If you are an allergy sufferer then this breed is probably not your best choice. This breed produces dander as do most other cats and this is the key cause of reactions for allergy sufferers.

Although cats, in general, are not hypoallergenic, some breeds of cats are a far better prospect than others. You may want to choose a breed that has far less fur and sheds less than a Turkish Angora to test the water.

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