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11 Best Automatic Cat Feeders For Wet Food

by Lucy

Not all of us can stay home with our cats all day, and this means that we need a little help when it comes to feeding time!

You don’t want to leave your cat to get hungry while you are out, but you also do not want to leave their wet food sitting out in the open and risk your cat overeating or their food drying out.

The best way to solve this problem is to have an automatic cat feeder for wet food. The cat feeder will prevent the wet food from drying out and will ensure that your cat has the right portion of food at the right time.

Which is the best automatic cat feeder for wet food? The best automatic cat feeder for wet food will be reliable and sturdy and will allow your cat to have the right amount of food at a time that you have set. Being used for wet food, the feeder should be able to keep the food moist and fresh as well.

It can be quite tricky choosing the best automatic cat feeder for wet food, so to help you out, we have covered everything you need to know, from how to choose one to the best ones on the market!

Buyer’s Guide – Automatic Cat Feeder For Wet Food

There is not a huge abundance of automatic cat feeders for wet food on the market, as most are still only designed for dry food, but there are definitely some that are much better than others.

Each pet owner will have different needs, and in order to ensure that the cat feeder you choose matches your and your pet’s needs, you need to consider a few factors.

The below factors will also help you pick out the best cat feeder on the market for your needs.

1. Timing And Schedules

With an automatic cat feeder, you would want one that offers you control of when the food is made available for your cat. The timing and scheduling do differ across the different automatic cat feeders, so it is something that you should pay close attention to.

Some feeders can be set for 24 hours, and others can be scheduled for up to 30 days in advance. There are also some basic options that only allow for a single timer to be set for one feed.

Consider how often you will be away from home, and how much routine you need with the cat feeder. If you are away at work each day, a feeder that can be scheduled for a long time just makes life easier, but if you are only away now and then, a single timer is fine.

2. Portion Capacity

Portion capacity is another big factor to consider. If you are away for a few feeds, the automatic cat feeder will have to hold a good few portions so that your cat does not go hungry.

For when you are only away for a short time, a single-portion feeder is okay. Automatic cat feeders can work in two ways – they can either have individual feeding bowls that open up when it is feeding time, or a large container of wet food that dispenses a certain portion size into a bowl at each feed.

You can find feeders that can hold between 1-6 portions of food, and the capacity of the portions can range from 175ml to 500ml. Feeders which have a larger container to dispense different portions can hold multiple liters of food.

Consider how much food you will need to be dispensed over a period for your cat, and which would be the easiest for you!

3. Noise Level

Many cats are very sensitive to sounds and might be put off eating from the cat feeder if the machine makes too much noise. Because of this, it is a good idea to pick a cat feeder that has minimal noise, so your pet won’t become wary of it.

There are also some cat feeders that play a nice sound or which allow you to record your voice which will be played at feeding time. All of this helps to get your cat more comfortable with eating their food from a machine, and ensures they do not go hungry!

4. Power Source

You do need to consider what type of power source would be easiest for you as well. Some automatic feeders need to be plugged into an outlet, and others can be both electricity and battery-powered.

It is a good idea to go for a feeder that can be plugged in and which can run off batteries as well, in case there is a power outage when you are not home, and your cat can still be fed.

5. Quality Of The Feeder

Obviously, you would want to buy a cat feeder that is of good quality. This is especially important if your cat is going to be using the automatic cat feeder each day, and if they are quite active! You don’t want the feeder to break the first time your cat decides to play with it.

Make sure there is also a lock feature on the feeder, which is secure and strong enough to prevent your cat from getting into where the food is kept.

6. Wet Food Kept Fresh

There is no point in buying a wet food feeder if the wet food is not kept fresh and moist. The bowl or bin that the food is kept in should be airtight so that the food does not dry out or it does not start to spoil.

Some automatic cat feeders for wet food even come with the option of placing ice coolers with the food, to ensure that it is kept fresher for longer!

The 11 Best Automatic Cat Feeders For Wet Food

With all that you need to consider in mind, take a look at the best automatic cat feeders for wet food on the market.

These are all high-quality and great options, but all suit different needs, so make sure to have a careful read-through to determine which might be the best option for you and your cat!

RankProductKey Features
1.ORSDA Pet Auto Feeder For Wet FoodVoice recording, dishwasher safe bowl
2.Cat Mate C500 Automatic Pet FeederDishwasher safe bowl and cover, ice packs
3.Casfuy 5-Meals Automatic Cat FeederDishwasher safe, voice recorder, dual power
4.AIPET Automatic Pet FeederAnti-slip feet, dual power, BPA-free
5.iPettie Donuts 6-Automatic Wet And Dry Pet FeederDual power, 6 meals, 24-hr timer, paw safe
6.QPets 6 Meals Automatic Cat FeederVoice recorder, non-slip feet, paw-safe
7.Thanksky Automatic Cat Food Dispenser24 hr timer, BPA-free, dishwasher safe
8.iPettie UFO Automatic Cat FeederLifted for pet comfort, BPA-free, dual power
9.Redder Automatic Cat FeederMusical sound, dishwasher safe
10.Faroro Automatic Cat FeederVoice recorder, dual power
11.Kacoomi Automatic Cat FeederDishwasher safe, voice recorder

1. ORSDA Pet Auto Feeder For Wet Food

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The ORSDA Pet Auto Feeder is one of the best options around for when you need to feed your cat wet food when you’re out. It is perfect for a day away or for overnight feeding, and with this feeder, you can rest assured that your cat isn’t going hungry!

The feeder has five compartments that can be used for wet, moist, and dry food, and you could even use a compartment for treats or medicine. You are able to pre-portion meals for your pet and program a time to feed which is best for them.

What makes this machine so handy is that you are able to record your voice through the feeder, which will then be played when it is feeding time, so you can call your cat to eat without even being there.

To make cleanup a breeze, the cat feeder bowl and the cover are dishwasher safe, so you can quickly clean up and have it filled again the next day.

A smart panel on the front of the feeder allows you to set the timer and portions for when you are out, and you can adjust it to suit your schedule.

To protect your cat, the cover will not close if your cat’s paws are in the feeder bowl, but once closed, it is secure enough to not allow your cat to get to any food!

2. Cat Mate C500 Automatic Pet Feeder

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The Cat Mate C500 Automatic Pet Feeder has five food compartments, to ensure that your cat does not miss a meal! You can set the one initial feed, and the four to follow after certain periods of time, so your cat can eat regularly while you are out.

Each portion bowl of the feeder holds 11.5-ounces of wet food, but you can add in less depending on how much your cat eats in one serving.

The cover and the bowl are both removable, and both can be placed in the dishwasher so that both feeding and cleaning are made super easy for you. The tamper-resistant lid keeps any paws out before feeding time!

There are ice packs included with the feeder, which help to keep wet food fresh and moist, and your cat should be able to enjoy perfectly delicious cat food throughout the day. This is made possible by using two ice packs packed in with a close-fitting cover.

The automatic feeder is battery operated and requires 3x AA batteries, but there is a battery status indicator that will let you know when it is time to change the batteries.

This is a great automatic feeder for short stays away from home, especially if you want your cat to enjoy fresh, moist wet cat food!

3. Casfuy 5-Meals Automatic Cat Feeder

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The Casfuy pre-programmable pet feeder has a built-in timer and multiple portion sections that allow your pet to enjoy five meals when you are out. You are able to schedule their meals and set their portions, so they can stick to a routine even when you are not there.

There are five isolated wet and dry food sections. These are made from BPA-free ABS materials, which are safe for your cat. The compartments are also dishwasher safe and super easy to clean.

Each food compartment can hold 240ml of wet or dry food, or even treats and medication. The food dispenser also has a built-in voice recorder, so that you can record yourself calling your cat for food, and then set this to play at each feeding time.

A user-friendly LCD display on the front of the feeder helps you create feeding plans, and doing so is really simple. The cat feeder runs on a 24-hour schedule, which is ideal for days spent away. 

Dual power supply, with a power adapter and C batteries, means that your cat will be fed even if there is a power outage. This feeder is reliable and easy-to-use, and will be your go-to plan for when you spend a day away from home!

4. AIPET Automatic Pet Feeder

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With the AIPET Automatic Pet Feeder, you can leave up to 6 meals for your cat to enjoy while you are away. The feeder keeps wet and dry food fresh, as there is space for ice packs to be put into the machine. 

With anti-skid feet, the feeder cannot be knocked over by your cat, so the food is kept protected and in place no matter how hard your cat tries!

The feeder works off a dual-power supply, working with both a USB port and C batteries. There is a one-key control switch, making it all so easy to use.

Made from BPA-free materials, the feeder is safe for your pet to use, and the bowl is dishwasher safe for added convenience. The materials do not hold onto odors either, making it a more enjoyable experience for your cat.

To make the pet feeder safe for your pet, it will not rotate if their paw is in the feeder. This along with the non-slip design makes it a safe option all-round.

There are only three buttons to use to set all of the functions on the feeder, so it is easy to use and still fully programmable to you and your pet’s needs. Once set and all of the feeds are scheduled, your pet will be able to enjoy 6 full meals (or meals and treats) while you are away.

5. iPettie Donuts 6-Automatic Wet And Dry Pet Feeder

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The iPettie Donuts Wet And Dry Pet Feeder features everything your cat needs to stay fed and happy when you are not at home, or when you prefer to sleep in and not get up early to feed them!

There are six compartments in the feeder, which means six meals during the day, or a mix of treats and meals for them to enjoy. Both wet and dry food can be placed in the machine, depending on what your cat enjoys eating.

You are able to place ice packs into the feeder to keep wet food fresh and moist for when it is time to eat. You can also rest assured that your cat will never be left hungry, as there is a dual power supply, with both a USB port and C batteries.

An easy-to-follow programming pane uses a 24hr clock system and allows you to adjust the feeding schedules to suit you and your cat. There is also a low battery indicator on the screen, so you know when to plug the feeder in.

Your cat’s paws will also be protected – as the feeder will not rotate if their paws are in the bowl. The feeder keeps them safe and fed!

6. QPets 6 Meals Automatic Cat Feeder

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Your cat can enjoy a healthy and regular diet routine even if you are not at home when you use the QPets Automatic Cat Feeder. Your cat will love it even more once you record your voice calling them to eat, making them feel more comfortable taking food from the feeder.

The feeder can hold wet food, dry food, whole food, snacks, and biscuits – depending on what you are feeding them that day. You can set the feeder to give them their lunch, and then some snacks a few hours later – keeping them happy when you aren’t at home.

A non-slip bottom ensures that the feeder stays in one place and that it will not move around and mess in your home. An ABS glossy shell protects the ABS food tray and keeps the food safe and protected from your cat when it isn’t feeding time.

To add to safety, the donut-shaped cat feeder will not close or rotate when your cat’s paw is in the tray, keeping them injury-free.

An LED panel gives you control over the routine and schedule, and you can leave it to feed your cat at set times throughout the day without worry!

7. Thanksky Automatic Cat Food Dispenser

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The Thanksky Automatic Cat Food Dispenser is suitable for wet and dry food and features six different compartments that can hold up to 128ml of food. You can feed your pet a variety of food with the dispenser, set for different times of the day.

There is a flexible time setting option on the machine which works on a 24hour schedule, and you can change the meals by minutes and hours to stick to what your cat is already used to. Powered by batteries alone, there is no chance that your cat might chew through any wires.

Made from BPA-free ABS material, the food tray is safe for your cat and is easy to wash as well, as it is dishwasher safe.

A screen on the front of the machine (which is protected by a cover when not in use) allows you to switch the feeder on or off, and set the timer for the six different trays.

8. iPettie UFO Automatic Cat Feeder

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The iPettie UFO Automatic Cat Feeder helps you to personalize your cat’s feeding schedule, and you can schedule up to 6 meals at once. This could be 6 meals in a day or it can be 2 meals a day for 3 days, or 1 meal a day for 6 days – there is great flexibility. 

Each portion bowl can hold up to 250ml of food, which is a decent amount for your cat. The bowls are BPA-free ABS and can be placed in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

Using a two-way power supply, battery and USB, the feeder will not run out of power when you are out, so your cat will never go hungry.

You are able to set up the feeding schedule in a few seconds, with the creative automatic setting mode. To help when you are away, there is an automatic on/off night light, with light-sensing technology that turns the night light on when it gets dark, and off when it is dawn.

The elevated feeder, in the shape of a standing UFO, works to reduce neck burden, giving your cat a comfortable feeding experience, which is especially helpful for older cats or those who are prone to vomiting.

9. Redder Automatic Cat Feeder

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Your cat will absolutely love the Redder Automatic Cat Feeder, especially the musical reminder it sounds out when it is time to eat. The musical sound will allow your cat to know exactly where the feeder is, and exactly when it is time to eat.

Both the cover and the food trays are easy to clean and remove, and they can be placed in the dishwasher for effortless cleaning. There are six cups in the tray, and each can hold up to 70g of food, either dry or wet food.

You can arrange for a unique schedule for your cat using the front screen and buttons, which are easy to understand.

Made from high-quality material, you can trust the feeder to be safe for your cat, and you can use it to create a balanced and routine feeding plan for your cat using the smart timer control.

The auto cat feeder will be an absolute necessity when helping keep your cat on a scheduled eating plan if you have other things keeping you away from home and need a helping hand.

10. Faroro Automatic Cat Feeder

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Create a customized feeding plan with this easy-to-set cat feeder from Faroro. It runs on a 24-hour schedule, with five different feeding trays, to keep your cat fed throughout the day.

Each compartment holds up to 1 cup of food, which can all be programmed to encourage a balanced diet for your cat. You can alternate both dry and wet food in the slots too. Wet food can be kept fresh for up to 12 hours in the feeder, which is perfect for a day out.

With a dual power supply, the feeder will never run out of power, so your cat will never be left without food. It runs off either batteries or a power supply.

The feeder also has a built-in recorder, so you can record a 10-second voice note that will play each feeding time. This message can be played up to 3 times during the feeding session – keeping your cat happy!

11. Kacoomi Automatic Cat Feeder

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This automatic pet feeder has five different trays, which gives enough meals for a day away from your cat, and possibly overnight too. It can hold up to 2 pounds of wet food, or 1.6 pounds of dry food.

Being a programmable feeder, you can set the time to suit the routine your cat follows, to allow for a healthy and balanced diet. The whole feeder is made from safe materials which are dishwasher safe as well.

When it is feeding time, the food tray rotates to the right tray for your cat to eat the right food. It also has a voice reminder function to make your cat feel more comfortable when eating.

Simple to set up, the feeder has a clear LCD and easy-to-follow programming to make it truly fit into your and your pet’s lifestyle! 

Final Thoughts

There are some wonderful options of automatic cat feeders for wet food that you can use to feed your cat while you are busy or out of the house.

The above 11 cat feeders are all reliable, good options, and you would be able to find one that suits your cat’s needs as closely as possible. Take into consideration how often your cat will need to eat while you are out, and the portion size they require before choosing the feeder that would be best!

Related Questions

How Difficult Is It To Clean Cat Feeders?

Cat feeders are generally not that difficult to clean, especially the cat feeders that come with dishwasher-safe trays and covers.

These can simply be emptied and put into the dishwasher when it is time to change the food, and the rest of the feeder can be wiped down with some soap and warm water.

It is a good idea to choose a cat feeder that has dishwasher-safe materials, especially if you have a dishwasher at home, as it just saves quite a bit of time and hassle, but otherwise it is easy enough to clean these feeders.

Just make sure that the feeder you choose does not contain small parts and bits that might be difficult to clean food out of, as the food might get stuck and spoil, which could contaminate other food you place in there. 

How Often Should I Clean A Cat Feeder?

Just like you would clean your own dishes after each meal, you should wash the cat feeder after each meal as well.

Once the food trays have been emptied, and before you refill the food trays, you must properly wash the feeder. This can be done in a dishwasher if suitable, or it can be done with a damp cloth and some soap. 

Make sure to clean all parts of the cat feeder as well, to ensure that there is no bacteria growth that could be harmful to both you and your pet.

What Is The Best Way To Clean A Cat Feeder?

The best way to clean a cat feeder is to follow the manufacturer’s advice. Some of the trays and covers found in cat feeders can be washed in the dishwasher, and others should be washed by hand.

Just make sure that whatever way you clean the cat feeder, you use antibacterial soap that will keep it clean and sterile, and which will prevent any bacterial growth.

It is a good idea to disassemble to cat feeder before cleaning as well so that you can clean every little bit of it to ensure it is safe for your cat to use next time. Leave it to dry before putting it back together again and filling it with your cat’s favorite food.

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