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Why Does My Cat Look At Me And Meow?

by Lucy

If you’ve had dogs all your life or no pets at all, suddenly having a cat can be a strange experience. Reading their body language takes some time, but once you’ve learned to communicate with your kitty, you’ll be best friends in no time.

Many new cat parents find themselves in a dilemma when they are unable to comprehend why their kitty looks at them and meows. But, you have to understand that felines use body language as well as vocalizations to talk to their humans. 

Why does your cat look at you and meow? There are many possible reasons for this behavior. Most of the time, your cat is greeting you. However, they could also be asking for attention or food. It all depends on the context and how your cat behaves normally.

There isn’t any need to worry if your cat looks at you and meows because most of the time, it’s just a way to say hello if they’ve seen you after you’ve been out working. However, cats do meow at their humans for multiple reasons. And, it’s best that you learn to understand kitty behavior to better fulfill the needs and wants of your beloved companion.

So, without further ado, let’s delve into feline vocalizations and their meaning.

Why Do Cats Meow?

Yes, cats indeed meow to say hi at times to their owners. But, if you believe that that’s the only reason for their vocalizations, then you’ve got a bit of a learning curve up ahead.

1. Illness

If you find that your cat is persistently meowing in a low pitch and doesn’t appear to be its usual chirpy self, then it’s time to head to a vet. The meowing is the only way your kitty can tell you it isn’t feeling fine and needs medical attention.

If your cat is suddenly more aggressive than usual when you try to pet them in a certain spot, seems more lethargic than usual, or is hiding more often, these are all signs that your kitty needs help. Here’s to hoping that your furry friend is in perfect health. 

2. Asking For Food

Cats are notorious for being demanding. They like things done their way and do not appreciate delays in mealtimes. So, if you’re running late feeding your pet, then it’s going to throw a fit.

A cat usually meows in a mid-pitch to show irritation. They will lock eyes with you to make sure you know how hungry and upset they are. If you stand to go toward them and they make a b-line for the food bowl excitedly, you’ll know this is exactly why they’re meowing at you.

3. Cuddles Or Playtime

If your cat is bored and feeling ignored, you can reasonably expect them to walk straight up to you and meow. They’re directly asking you for attention.

It may be that your fluffball has plenty of toys to entertain them, but they will ask for your time and affection as well. You’re a part of their clan, and they’re craving some family time.

Sometimes pet parents vouch that their cat even prefers to watch the television with them rather than alone and meows to have a particular channel or movie on.

4. Stress

It’s rare for a pet to feel stressed in a household full of care and love. But, when new pets or family members are introduced into her environment, they may feel unhappy with the change in circumstances. In such a scenario, it’s best to give extra attention to your pet so that they feel at ease again. 

Also, children aren’t very careful with handling pets. And, it could be that your kitty doesn’t appreciate the way they’re being cuddled or petted from all sides. It’s best to allow your pet the space that it requires as well as the time to get used to the new members in the family before they attempt to hold or pet it. 

5. In Heat

Cats reach maturity at around six months of age. Some cat breeds, such as the Siamese, go into heat as early as four months.

Most animal experts recommend that you spay or neuter your domestic pets to save them from many illnesses such as ovarian cysts or uterine infections. And, if you haven’t spayed or neutered your pets, you can expect them to meow quite a bit at the time when they are in heat. 

For male cats that are in heat, the dangers can be far more prominent. You see, cats work on instinct. If your cat is in heat, it will look for ways to get out of the house to mate.

Many pet parents have lost their cats to accidents, injuries, or even death as their cats escaped the safety of their homes when in heat. Furthermore, male cats can get urinary diseases, kidney problems, and heart-related issues when not neutered.

Others’ cats have finally returned only to be discovered pregnant. If you don’t spay your cats, you could not only end up with the responsibility of caring for a whole clan of kittens, but you’ll be contributing to the overabundance of homeless cats in the world.


Adopting a pet does many things apart from bringing joy into your life. But, you cannot deny the fact that it is a huge responsibility.

So, when you do adopt a cat, make sure to give it the love and attention it deserves. And, if your cat comes and meows at you, know that it is also a sign that your cat trusts you and knows you will do everything within your means to provide it with whatever it needs.

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