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Flame Point Siamese Cat – Everything You Need To Know

by Lucy

Many animal lovers find themselves in a dilemma when it comes to adopting pets. Mostly it’s between cats and dogs. It appears people find it challenging to identify whether they are a cat person or a dog person. The solution usually presents itself when faced with the pet you truly want to have, as you will not resist the urge to adopt them when you have the chance.

Now, if you have discovered that you are a cat person and find yourself drawn to a rather distinct-looking creature with red markings across its face, blue eyes, and light pink paws, what you are looking at is one of the rarest breeds of the Siamese cat. 

What is a flame-point Siamese cat? The flame point Siamese is a mix between a Siamese cat and a red American shorthair. They have distinctive red markings on their face, ears, tail, and paws, as well as blue eyes. They can either be bred from traditional or modern Siamese cats.

Siamese cats make terrific pets and are very popular among cat lovers, not only for their pretty coats and bright blue eyes, but also for their friendly and outgoing personalities.

There are many variations to be found even within the Siamese breed. A flame point Siamese cat, also known as a red point Siamese, exhibits a red colorpoint pattern, but not all cats that have this trait are purebred.

A purebred flame point is pretty rare and also quite an expensive cat to adopt, unless you’re lucky enough to come across one at the shelter.

How Are Flame Point Siamese Cats Bred?

Traditional Flame Point Siamese

Producing a flame point Siamese involved many attempts to breed an American shorthair with red tones and a Siamese cat. It is rare to get the exact tones on the right points such as the ears, face, tail, and feet.

Often, these cats end up with white or slightly tan paws. Most flame points have blue eyes from their Himalayan genes. It is also the prevalence of this gene that makes flame points partially albino.

The breeding of the flame point did not start until the 1930s. In England and America, breeders crossed the Siamese, Abyssinians, and the red domestic shorthair.

It’s important to mention here that there are two very distinct versions of the Siamese cat: the traditional Siamese and the modern (wedge-head) Siamese. While these are certainly not the only types of Siamese cats, they are the two most well-known and distinct versions.

Traditional Siamese cats are smaller and have more round features, while the modern Siamese was bred for their large size, long limbs, and wedge-shaped head. You can find both of these versions with a flame point pattern.

Modern (Wedge Head) Flame Point Siamese

The colorpoint breeders had their task cut out for them with the flame point. You see, the red coloration is often associated with the sex link as well. Hence, the majority of flame points are male.

It was only after many failures and setbacks that the breeders came close to their target. After several attempts, they got the beautiful red point Siamese that you see today.

The general height of flame points tends to be around 16-21 inches, with males being taller than females. Amazingly, 75% of flame point Siamese cats are males. They usually weigh around 9-14 pounds. And their lifespan ranges from 15-20 years. 

Another interesting fact about flame points is that many cat registries do not register these cats as purebreds because they are a very new breed and the parameters for what makes them “purebred” are still up in the air. These registries choose to label these cats as red colorpoint shorthairs or mix breeds instead.

Temperament Of The Red Point Siamese

It is a well-known fact that red point Siamese cats are rare. But, the one thing that adds to their popularity is that these cats are often likened to dogs.

Flame points tend to be friendly, make excellent companions, are energetic, and love to play. It’s rarer to find a recluse amongst flame points, or Siamese cats in general. 

Now, when you show interest in adopting a purebred flame point, the considerate breeder will inquire about your reasons for adoption. You see, if you lead a busy life and don’t appreciate pets that are in need of your attention, then it’s best to drop the idea of choosing a red point Siamese.

These cats are very intelligent and active. They need stimulation and enrichment through play, exploration, and cuddle time.

Don’t leave a flame point bored and alone for too long, or you may have some damaged furniture on your hands when you come home. Wouldn’t you do anything to relieve your boredom if you were left in a room with nothing to do for 8 hours a day?

We also have to mention that Siamese cats love to meow. They adore making long conversations not just with themselves but with their guardians. They demand your time and attention. And, they’ll tag along with you as you roam about the house.

In short, these kitties aren’t loners. Yes, they appreciate your regularity when it comes to their basic upkeep. But they don’t do well in environments where they are often left alone. And, like dogs, these cats also suffer from separation anxiety.

If you’re not someone who’s home a lot of the time, you may want to consider adopting another breed or even adopting two flame points so they have some company and entertainment while you’re gone.

Are Flame Point Siamese Cats Good With Families?

Yes, flame points do exceptionally well with kids and older people. These cats love to be around people; they love to get cuddles and take great pleasure sitting in laps.

They are energetic but not aggressive. Hence they are often found around babies and kids of younger ages. Also, you may even witness your toddlers engaging in lengthy debates with these kitties, bringing you hours of endless humor.

And, when it comes to older folks, flame points make excellent companions as they are highly sociable. Yes, they do demand time and care. But it isn’t so much in the way of physical labor as with dogs.

You won’t have to take your kitty cat out for walks. A game of catch with a laser pointer for ten minutes will be enough to vent out excessive energy. Moreover, they love to be around people, so you’ll never get the feeling of being alone. 

Are Flame Points Good With Other Pets?

Many vets recommend getting a flame point Siamese if you have multiple pets in the household. They love a game of tug or catch. And, these cats do well with other pets because they are friendly but not usually pushy. 

They take their time to make friends and allow other pets their space and time to adjust. In many circumstances, flame point Siamese owners claim that their cat tends to be the ‘ringleader’ of the other pets in the household.

Flame Point Siamese Cat Upkeep

Traditional Flame Point Siamese

Many things come under the upkeep of a cat.

It isn’t just the diet of a cat that needs to be under careful observation; you have to ensure that your kitty has regular exercise, safe areas, enough playtime, a dental hygiene routine, and great snacks in tandem with a superb diet.

Not to mention, regular visits to the vet are a must too. So, read on to find out the areas where you need to pay particular attention when it comes to feline care. 

Dietary Requirements Of Flame Point Siamese

Cats are carnivores. Hence, a high-grade protein diet is essential. It is vital to ensure that whatever you feed your fur-baby is of top-notch quality.

It’s better to stick to more recognized brands and organic food options rather than go with the very generic items that are more chemicals, animal by-products, and preservatives than actual protein (this is our favorite cat food mix).

The best option is to go with organic chicken or turkey boiled for a few minutes at home. Your cat will love it, and you’ll learn that a few extra minutes in the kitchen for your kitty cat has saved you from multiple trips to the vet.

Flame point Siamese cats do relish human food. But, there aren’t many things that you should take chances with when it comes to what you feed your cat.

It’s always a good idea to keep your cat off sodium and sugar. Human foods such as unsalted grilled fish, plain cooked rice, and boiled eggs make excellent snacks in moderation. You can even add blueberries, blackberries, bananas, and cooked pumpkin to the list.

Yet do take care never to over-feed your fur baby and only feed them snacks every once in a while.

Medical Concerns

Sticking to a healthy diet will help you and your cat in the long run. You see, cats are prone to plenty of health issues such as arthritis, PICA, obesity, and even cancer. They do get vision problems such as retinal atrophy as well as coronary conditions.

Most of these problems, especially hip dysplasia, are genetic. But, you can keep health issues at bay with a nutritional diet and proper care.

Also, dry cat food is a helpful mechanism to maintain oral health. Yes, cats are susceptible to gum disease as well. So, cat kibble helps prevent tooth decay, stimulate plaque removal, and strengthen gums. Just make sure the formula is free of unnecessary fillers and completely balanced. Offering dry kibble and wet food (not mixed) is ideal.

You should always check with your local vet if you plan to make any changes to your cat’s diet.


Cats haven’t always had a problem with weight. Recently, however, there is a growing population of obese cats in the world. Most animal experts claim that the reason for such a tendency of weight gain in cats and dogs is due to the sedentary lifestyles they are living and with the artificial food they are consuming. 

You see, animal products don’t have any nutritional value, but they do have plenty of fat and carbohydrates. Moreover, many animal lovers were happy to let their cats roam free in the backyard.

Now, cats are mostly home-bound, as it is far safer for them, as well as the ecosystem. So if you aren’t happy with letting your cat out of the house, make sure you are providing your cat with opportunities to get some exercise via playtime, fenced-in cat runs, or leash training.

Also, many vets warn against free feeding. Feed your pets the appropriate amount in the morning and evening to avoid overfeeding. Just like humans, cats will eat when bored. Don’t leave food sitting out and provide them with other forms of stimulation, like chew toys.


Yes, cats need training just as much as your dog does. But cats don’t respond to training the same way dogs do. You will need to persevere and show patience. And, always make use of positive reinforcement to lure your feline towards good behavior.

As we mentioned before, flame points are very intelligent creatures. Besides litter training, it is possible to make flame points obey simple commands such as sit and stay. You can even teach your cat to use the toilet and flush if you make an effort.


Here is the easiest part of adopting a flame point. You see, Siamese cats don’t have long hair like Persian cats. They do have double coats. But as the hair is short, it makes shedding less evident and more manageable.

They shed in the spring and fall to make way for new coats but otherwise don’t shed as much as their long-haired cousins.

Brushing once a day should take care of your feline’s coat, giving it a glossy look. Flame points don’t need to go too often to the groomer either. They are vain creatures who are obsessive when it comes to self-grooming. 

Yet, it pays to make sure that you get your cat’s nails trimmed at frequent intervals. You see, nails that split or get stubbed often cause many foot injuries in animals. And, foot injuries when ignored do lead to more serious health concerns. So, it makes sense to be conscious about your cat’s grooming.

How Expensive Is It To Buy A Flame Point Siamese Cat?

Modern (Wedge-Head) Flame Point Siamese

On average, a pure flame point Siamese cat can cost anywhere from $ 400 – 1,500. But, sometimes the price can quickly go up to $2,000. You see, purebred flame point or red point cats are rare.

It is a good idea to go to reputable breeders even when it means a higher price tag. Furthermore, if the cat parents you adopt from are show cats or champions, you may have to take quite a hit to your wallet.

Furthermore, it would be best if you always made sure that the breeder is willing to talk about their care and upkeep and discuss how you plan to keep and afford the cat. Concerns from the breeder reflect care and consideration, which translates into a healthier and better cared-for kitten.

And, it is also necessary to keep in mind that you never adopt or buy a kitten younger than 12 weeks. If the kitten is younger, then it will need its mother’s milk. Weaning a kitten off too soon may result in multiple physical and emotional problems in the cat’s later years. 

Male Vs. Female

As mentioned earlier, the red coloration is often linked with the sex of the cat. More than 75% of all flame points are males. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t females out there. Many flame point owners vouch that their females are feistier than the males.

You see, the females tend to be more temperamental and hyper. They don’t appreciate when their territory is invaded much. But male flame points tend to be more laid back and don’t care much about guarding their territory.


Many times, animal lovers find themselves unable to decide whether they would like to adopt a cat or a dog. There are always those who love the friendliness and loyalty of canines but think it too much responsibility to care for one.

Well, here is a cat who is as friendly as any dog. It does require more attention from you, but it will not require daily walks or extensive training.

Moreover, flame points almost come across as intelligent family members rather than pets. They get involved in family conversations, play with you, and share in your joy. It’s not at all hard to love a flame point Siamese cat.

However, if you need to have a pet that doesn’t need to have you around much, then it’s best to stay away from adopting a flame point, or any type of Siamese.

It is an overstatement to claim that all cats are aloof, as that’s certainly not true. But, in general, cats do like to have their own way and space. But the flame point is for those who want to spend all the time they possibly can with their pets and are happy to shower their love and care upon them any time.

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