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Why Is My Cat So Affectionate In The Morning?

by Lucy

Cats, unlike dogs, may not greet their humans with super-charged enthusiasm, but nothing beats a warm hug from your kitty first thing in the morning. It isn’t an opportunity that many cat parents take for granted, considering that most cats keep themselves occupied with other interests throughout the day. 

So why is it that right before bed and right after you wake up your cat seems to become your best friend and showers you with cuddles and snuggles?

Why is your cat so affectionate in the morning? Cats are crepuscular, meaning that they are more active around evening and morning. They’ll seek your attention when they have the most energy. It could also be that your cat connects waking up and feeding time with you as a positive association.

But, there can be more than one reason why your pet behaves in a peculiar way. We’ll delve into the depths of feline behavior to understand better why your pet cares to cuddle you more during specific times of the day. So read on to find out more about your cat’s strange behavior. 

Reasons Why Cats Are So Affectionate In The Morning

It is a rather broad generalization to assume that all cats behave in a particular manner. You have to understand that cats, like humans, are unique.

However, you will notice specific behavior patterns that tend to be similar from cat to cat. So here are some common reasons why your cat may act like it hasn’t seen you in thousand years every morning.

1. Most Cats Are Morning People

Cats don’t sleep like humans. They need at least 12 -16 hours of sleep. Yet, they don’t have to sleep at a long stretch to complete their beauty sleep. Cats can sleep for two to three hours and wake up feeling refreshed. Later, you’ll see that they sleep again after an hour or two of playtime. 

The times that they are most revived and energized are during the twilight hours. Therefore, your kitty may not be all cuddly throughout the day, but during the wee hours of the night and day, they will be happy to snuggle into you. And they’ll want you to be up and about as well.

2. Your Cat Is Hungry

If your cat eats an early dinner and then it is bedtime, the gap from dinnertime to breakfast is the longest. It makes sense that your cat will give you extra love and attention to make you realize that it is time for you to feed them.

Considering that felines are intelligent creatures, they will make extra effort to get you to do exactly as they please, especially if it’s during the early hours of the morning. 

3. Your Cat Needs Your Companionship

Your cat doesn’t keep the same sleeping hours as you. Now, it may be that you come home after a long day’s work, feed your cat, and spend some quality time with it before you take time out for yourself. Yet, your fur baby won’t adjust its routine according to your work and sleep schedule. 

Because cats are used to sleeping for such small periods, it’s possible that when you sleep for up to 8 hours a day in one long stretch, they start to get a little lonely. Your cat may just decide they’ve had enough of being without your attention and come to cuddle you out of your slumber.

4. A Show Of Appreciation

Cats are very lovable and kind creatures with a strong sense of loyalty and enchanting personalities. They may not show you their love for you all the time, but when you wake up from your slumber to feed them, your cat will likely show you its appreciation and gratitude with snuggles.

Now that you know about the several reasons why your cats get affectionate in the morning, you may be able to regulate your kitty’s behavior. 

Why would anyone want to stop their cats from being affectionate? Well, everyone needs sleep.

While it is true that most pet parents love their pets, there are many times when you simply cannot give your pet as much time as you would like to. It helps to know how you can change your cat’s behavior by making the slightest changes in their routine.

How To Stop Your Cat From Waking You Up In The Morning

Now, we’re sure you love your pet very dearly. Still, you may find being awakened at the crack of dawn by your affectionate kitty to be quite annoying. There’s no possible way to completely ignore your pet and expect a connection of trust and love. Therefore, you must train yourself and your beloved pet to show patience.

It may be hard to believe, but it is very much possible to train your cat not to disturb you during your nightly snooze. The first thing that you have to bear in mind is that showing annoyance or irritation towards your pet will never result in a close bond with your furry friend.

1. Identify Why Your Cat Is Waking You Up

Cats don’t like to bother their humans. If your fur baby is waking you up, it must have a strong motive behind its actions. It could be that your cat is hungry, feeling ill, or feeling lonesome.

If you happen to notice that your cat seems lethargic, is not eating right, and is losing weight, then it’s always a good idea to head for the vet first thing. But if your cat is simply hungry or lonesome, there are many ways to avoid being awakened at the wrong time.

2. Conditioning And Training

Suppose your cat jumps into your bed in the morning, and you immediately reward its behavior with attention and petting.

In that case, it is going to associate that behavior with positive feedback. So, you can try to stay in bed without patting or stroking your pet instead. You can also try rolling over if your pet tries to get in your face.

Now, it is vital that you don’t ignore your pet for long durations, as that will also discourage their affection towards you, so make sure to give them a cuddle when you do wake up.

Conditioning is a tactic that advances gradual training of your pet. And, you do need to then give time and attention to your pet during specific time periods when you want your cat to get close to you. And, these times should not always be altered according to your convenience.

3. Adjust Your Cat’s Feeding Schedule

The easiest way to ensure that your cat does not awaken you during the night is to provide them with an automatic feeder.

If hunger is the only reason your pet disturbs you during the night, an automatic feeder will take care of the problem. Also, try feeding your cat during the afternoons and late evenings so that it does not feel hungry during the early hours of the morning and learns not to associate morning with food.

4. Provide Nighttime Activities

Many engaging toys such as catnip toys or cat tunnels that are available in the market can easily provide your pet with diversions during the night.

But, if your pet is left alone throughout the day, and you do not pay attention during the night, too, then there is no way you will manage a happy or healthy relationship with your fur baby. 

It is crucial to make time for your beloved pet and make its alone time is as engaging as possible. The interactive toys will keep it busy while you sleep. But, if you make it routine to play with your pet before you go to bed, your cat will certainly be appreciative of your behavior.


Cats make fantastic pets. These intelligent and sensitive creatures thrive in safe, loving, and happy environments.

Yes, it is a big responsibility to become a pet parent, as your pet will need your love, time, and care as much as any child. But, many cat guardians vow that the more time they spend with their pet, the stronger the bond between pet and pet parent becomes.

So, the next time you sit in front of the television trying to unwind before going to bed, consider switching off the TV and playing with your cat to show that you care. You and your cat will both be better for it.

Also, you have to remember that the more you are consistent with training your cat, the smoother the learning process will be for your kitty.

Your pet will likely learn much faster that cuddle time doesn’t have to be in the morning. Your clever kitty takes its cues from you, so be mindful never to prompt behavior in your feline that you may eventually grow to regret. 

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