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Why Is My Dog Peeing On Me All Of A Sudden?

by Lucy

Canines really do make the best pets. In recent times, though, the status of your faithful companion has progressed from being man’s best friend to therapy, police, military, service, and search and rescue dogs. There isn’t a single facet of life where you won’t find a furry friend standing proudly by their owner’s side.

Yet, as much as man knows about their loyal companions, there are times when pet parents are left clueless about the strange ways their pets behave. Many pet guardians often wonder why their dog is suddenly peeing on them. Well, wonder no more

Why is my dog peeing on me all of a sudden? Dogs tend to pee on people or things to mark their territory. However, there are many possible explanations, including submissive urination, excitement, nervousness, not being spayed or neutered, and various medical concerns.

Your pup isn’t peeing on you to cause mischief or for some nefarious ulterior motive. Read on to find out more about your dog and the purpose behind their unwanted habits.

Why Does My Dog Pee On Me?

Dogs show their emotions in many ways. The easiest way to tell whether your fur baby is excited is by watching its tail. The more your dog wags its tail; the more excited your dog may be. However, dogs sometimes leave behind a small puddle of pee on your clothes, too, when they get hyper. 

Although, most times, dogs pee for ‘scent marking,’ you’ll also witness that dogs pee on their family members when they are anxious, shy, or scared. Additionally, some dogs can’t help peeing on you as they suffer from some underlying ailment. Now, let’s take an in-depth look at the motives behind your dog’s sudden urge to pee on you.

1. Scent Marking

Any pet parent of one or more canines will be reasonably well-acquainted with the subject of territorial marking. Male dogs tend to lift their back legs and leave a small amount of pee on things to let other dogs or even other pets know about their dominance. It’s a way of saying, “I own this place.”

And, you are most valuable to your dog, so be prepared to be peed upon at least once or twice in the life of being a canine guardian. Even female dogs practice scent-marking. 

2. Submissive Urination

Conversely, your furry friend might pee on you also when it wants to show you that it accepts your dominance. You see, dogs sometimes show pack behavior, as you have to understand they are descendants of wolves. And, pack behavior requires the acknowledgment of the alpha or the leader of the pack.

If your fur baby loves you and has bonded with you, it’ll probably pee on you to show that it accepts your authority. It is an instinctual behavior and is often more common in puppies. Most dogs grow out of submissive urination. The clear sign of submissive urination is when your dog pees when someone approaches and says hello, when it hears loud noises and is scared and crouching low, or even when it is being scolded.

3. Excitement

It is common for puppies to pee on everything and everyone out of excitement. If you adopted a small pup and it is now adjusted to its new environment, it’ll want to discover its territory. And, it’ll be tough to curb your puppy’s enthusiasm for a while.

However, it isn’t just puppies that tend to pee out of excitement. You see, if your canine is particularly in love with something such as taking walks, playing fetch, or you, it’ll show its high energy levels with a bit of whiz on the side, or even on you. IF this is the reason, urination will be accompanied by increased levels of tail chasing, tail wagging, and panting.

4. Nervousness

If your dog is stressed in any way, it’ll pee on you while taking cover. Even some humans find it difficult to control their bladders when they are under too much stress. So, any unknown person such as a distant relative visiting or a new girl/boyfriend will cause your fur baby to be anxious. 

Many times pet parents find that their pets are under stress, but they cannot place the trigger of stress elevation. You see, sometimes something as simple as a change in the meal times, placement of the food tray, or an alteration in the meal can make your furry companion stressed.

However, nervousness in canines is often associated with other strange behaviors too. You may find your dog with its tail between its legs, drawn back ears, and a low hanging head. They may be whimpering or shaking as well. All of these signs are a sure-fire signal of your dog’s discomfort and unhappiness. You must take steps to ease your dog’s fears.

5. Not Being Spayed Or Neutered

It is vital for your canine’s well-being to neuter or spay your dog before it reaches full maturity. Animals that are neutered or spayed do not go into heat. Therefore, they do not feel the need to go out of the house to mate and are less territorial as well. And, male and female dogs both tend to indulge in scent-marking more when they aren’t neutered or spayed.

Animals that are neutered or spayed tend to contract fewer diseases too. Vets recommend getting your canines neutered or spayed, as you lower the chances of infections and increase their lifespan. And, if your dog gets out for a bit, they won’t be adding to the already massive population of homeless dogs.

6. Medical Causes

Many pet parents think that if their fur baby has suddenly peed on them, it is nothing more than an accident. But, sometimes, your dog cannot control its bladder because it is suffering from a severe medical condition.

Of course, you should aways talk to your veterinarian before diagnosing your pet. But here are just a few of the common medical conditions that may be cause for concern.

  • Change In Diet – It may be that you have recently introduced a new food item into your pet’s diet that does not agree with it and is causing your dog to pee more frequently. Even if your furry friend is eating or drinking more than usual may cause a change in their bathroom habits.
  • Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) – In most canine cases of UTI, the cause is often a bacterial infection. Sometimes your fur baby may pee on you without even being aware of it. In other scenarios of UTI, canines may have difficulty peeing at all or may experience intense pain while peeing.
  • Urinary Incontinence – Now, urinary incontinence isn’t common in most breeds, but neither is it very rare. Some dogs simply have a weak bladder and will not be able to hold Nature’s call for long. Therefore, your fur baby may experience more pee-related accidents. In such cases, most vets advise to take your doggy out on walks more frequently rather than make it wait. The more your furry friend holds it, the weaker the bladder becomes, and the more you will face peeing problems from your pooch. 

How Do I Stop My Dog From Peeing On Me?

In most cases, behavioral problems in canines are easily remedied by training or visiting a vet. And, it is ideal for your pet to start its training early. At least as soon as an issue is identified. But, it’s not wise to solve the problems on your own.

Training doesn’t just help your dog with obeying your commands. It is also meant to benefit the canine. Getting in touch with an animal behavior expert or dog trainer will be far more advisable than dealing with your doggy’s peeing problems all by your lonesome.

You see, dog training in recent years means that you are helping your dog learn social skills that will help it live a longer and healthier life. Training will invariably help your dog communicate with you when it is nervous or anxious. Furthermore, you can even use training to help relieve your dog of stress and nervousness.

If you feel that your dog is not doing well of late and have no idea how to help out your four-legged buddy, you should head straight for the vet. It is especially necessary to go to the vet if your dog is showing other signs of sickness.

Finally, it is equally vital to ensure that you are not the reason for the distress in your dog’s life. If you are constantly changing your canine’s lifestyle, diet, and routine, then there is a strong possibility that your fur baby will be more distressed. So, it is always a smart move to introduce any kind of change into your canine’s life with great caution.

There’s no denying that keeping pets is going to make your life happier and more fulfilling. Yet, your pet is like a member of the family that needs your time, attention, and love. If your dog is peeing on you suddenly, has lost its appetite, and seems lethargic, you should head straight to the vet. 

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