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7 Best Heating Pads For Rabbits

by Lucy

Even though rabbits have thick and fluffy coats, winter can still be a bit too cold for them, and they do need some extra help keeping warm, whether they stay indoors or outdoors.

As a responsible rabbit owner, it is up to you to ensure that the winter chills do not bother your rabbit too much, and they don’t become sick due to extreme weather. So if you’ve got some chilly bunnies on your hands, chances are you’re looking for a heating pad!

Which are the best heating pads to use for rabbits? The best heating pads for rabbits would be ones that provide enough heat to prevent them from feeling cold, but do not cause your rabbit to overheat. The pad should be the right fit for their hutch, and your rabbit should not be able to chew through the outer layer.

There are some great heating pads you are able to use to keep your rabbit warm through the winter, so we have compiled this guide on how to choose the best heating pad for your rabbit, and some of the best options on the market!

Buyer’s Guide – Heating Pads For Rabbits

You want your rabbit to be as safe as possible when using a heating pad, so there are some considerations that you need to keep in mind when choosing the right one for them.

Here are the things you should consider when choosing a heating pad to keep your rabbit warm.

1. Material

Make sure that the material from which the heating pad is made from is safe for your rabbit to use. The material should be able to heat up to keep your rabbit warm, but it should not become too hot or run the risk of melting.

The material should also be sturdy enough that your rabbit cannot chew through it. Rabbits love to chew, and it could get quite dangerous if they chew through the heating bag. The material should also be soft enough that your rabbit feels comfortable sitting atop it, unless you plan on wrapping it in a blanket or covering it with bedding.

2. Type Of Heat Pad

There are some different types of heat pads that you can choose from to use for your rabbit. The most popular is the microwave type of heat pad, which is usually a disc shape that is placed into the microwave to warm up before being placed into the rabbit hutch.

These heating pads can stay warm for up to 10 hours, and can sometimes see your rabbit through a whole winter night. Being non-electric, you don’t have to worry about your rabbit chewing through wires led into the cage. You can also wrap the heating pads up in blankets to make it a real comfy spot for your rabbit.

Electric heat pads can be slightly dangerous, as your rabbit might try to chew through the cord. There are ways to hide the cord so that your rabbit can’t access or see it, but there is always the risk that they could really hurt themselves. The one benefit of electric heating pads is that they stay warm for as long as they are plugged in and there are some great options with chew-resistant wires.

3. Ease Of Use

It is important to choose a heating pad that is easy to use. In winter, especially if you live in a cold area, you might end up using the heating pad every day or night. It really pays to have one that is quick and simple to use, and which does not take ages to warm up.

This is especially helpful if you have more than one rabbit that needs some warming up!

4. Heat Level

You do not want to burn your rabbit with the heating pad. It should just get warm enough to get them through the night or day and to keep off any extreme chills. They are quite good at regulating their own temperature, so the heating pad should just be there as an extra boost.

If the heating pad gets too hot, it could burn or injure your rabbit. It should be a moderately warm temperature so that they can either sit on it directly or it can be wrapped in a towel or blanket for some comfort.

5. Weatherproof

If your rabbit stays outside, then you will need to ensure that the heating pad is weatherproof, and it will not be too affected by harsh weather conditions.

6. Heat Pads For Rabbit Hutches

Heat pads for rabbit hutches are really important in the cold winter months and help to keep your rabbits warm even in the coldest weather.

There are a few different ways that you can help protect your rabbit from winter chills, but providing them with a heating pad offers them a cozy and warm place to snuggle up together and can be used in conjunction with other hutch heating methods.

It is so important to choose a heating pad for your rabbit’s hutch which is safe to use but which will also provide them enough warmth!

7 Best Heating Pads For Rabbits

Here are our top picks for the best heating pads for rabbits. These will all work wonderfully to keep your rabbit warm when the weather is cold, and are all safe for rabbits to use.

RankProductKey Features
1.Marunda Pet Heating PadTemp control, chew-resistant, waterproof PVC
2.K&H Pet Products Small Animal Heated PadChew-resistant, low power, steel plated cord
3.Microwave Pet Heat PadProtective shell, non-toxic filling, microwavable
4.Berocia Pet Heating PadLarge, chew/fire/waterproof PVC, 7 settings
5.Eachon Heating PadQuick-heating, waterproof PVC, chew resistant
6.Yuyuso Rabbit Heating PadAutomatic heat adjustment, chew-proof
7.Pet Fit For Life Snuggle Heating Gel PadHeating or cooling, microwavable

1. Marunda Pet Heating Pad

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The Marunda Pet Heating Pad comes highly regarded by pet owners as a great way to keep rabbits warm in the cold months.

The heating pad features a built-in dual control, which provides the optimal comfort and temperature for rabbits and other pets. The temperature range is from 95-108°F.

To make your life a little easier, the heating pad is waterproof and easy to clean, made from waterproof PVC material, and with a removable cover that can be washed in the machine.

Ensuring that your rabbit is kept safe, the wires are encased in a bite-resistant cord that is next to impossible to chew through.

With low power and intelligent temperature control, this heating pad will keep your rabbit warm throughout the cold weather, and will never get to a temperature that could be dangerous to them. It is also super comfortable too, with space for more than one rabbit to snuggle on.

2. K&H Pet Products Small Animal Heated Pad

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This small heating pad from K&H Pet Products is great for rabbits and other small animals who need a heated place in their hutch to see them through cold weather.

The pad is thermostatically controlled and automatically responds to temperature changes in order to keep it at the right heat to warm to your pet’s normal body temperature. 

With chew-resistant features, such as the steel-encased cord, the rounded edges, and the pre-drilled screw holes, it is safe to use in your rabbit’s hutch. The low wattage of the pad also adds to the overall safety.

Measuring 9 x 12-inches, the pad is a great size for a rabbit.  You are able to buy a soft fleece cover to use with the pad to make it as comfortable as can be for your rabbit!

3. Microwave Pet Heat Pad

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This microwave heating pad is wonderfully safe for your rabbit to use. It is made with a high-density PE protection shell, which is thick enough to prevent against chewing and a non-toxic thermal gel on the inside which heats up to keep warm for hours.

Being wireless, the heating pad is safe for rabbits to use, and the materials make it really durable as well. The non-toxic gel inside the pad heats up in the microwave in a few minutes and provides lasting warmth.

The fleece cover on the heating pad provides even more comfort and warmth for your rabbit as they snuggle down, but this does need to be removed before the pad is heated. The fleece cover also helps to protect your rabbit from direct heat from the pad.

This is a great option if you are wanting to avoid using a heating pad that has cords and instead give your rabbit as safe an option as possible.

4. Berocia Pet Heating Pad

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This large heating pad was originally made to keep bigger dogs warm, but it is ideal for a large rabbit hutch where you need to keep a few rabbits warm in winter.

The heating pad is low-voltage and slow-heating, so it is safe to use for your rabbits and does not overheat if left on for an extended period of time.

Made from durable PVC fireproof material, the heating pad is long-lasting and strong, but it is still flexible and comfortable. The cover is waterproof as well, which makes cleaning a breeze. The anti-electric shock features also ensure that your pet is kept safe.

All parts of the heating pad are chew-resistant, so your rabbit will not be able to destroy it or put itself in danger.

There are 7 heat levels with the mat, so you can perfectly suit it to the right environment for your rabbits. An LED indicator displays the temperature of the pad clearly and accurately, so you can also tell how warm it is. Perfect for large rabbit hutches, this heating pad is safe and wonderfully effective!

5. Eachon Heating Pad

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This medium-sized heating pad has two different temperature settings – either high or low, so you can adjust it to suit your rabbit’s needs. The temperature range is between 86-113°F, which is more than enough to see your rabbit through a cold winter.

The heating pad can heat up fully in between 3-5 minutes, and will stay warm for however long it is plugged in, so your rabbit won’t be left out in the cold!

With the exterior of the heating pad made from waterproof PVC material and flame-retardant cotton, it is safe and comfortable for your rabbit. For extra safety, the cord is chew-resistant too.

The cute paw design on the cover of the heating pad just looks really lovely as well and offers a comfortable and snuggly place for your rabbit to warm up when it’s cold out.

6. Yuyuso Rabbit Heating Pad

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This heating pad was specially designed for rabbits, with a fluffy cover that your rabbit will absolutely love to snuggle on. It is the right size for most rabbit hutches and cages and will ensure that your rabbit’s environment does not become too cold during winter.

The fleece cover on the heating pad not only provides a comfortable surface for your rabbit, but it also insulates the heat, so no heat is lost, while protecting your rabbit from the actual heated pad.

With a power regulation switch, the heating pad automatically adjusts the temperature to save electricity and to prevent overheating.

The zipper closure offers a secure fit and allows for the cover to be removed and washed when it gets dirty.

Importantly, the cord is chew-resistant, which means your rabbit can warm up safely in its cage without any potential shock danger!

7. Pet Fit For Life Snuggle Heating Gel Pad

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This heating pad from Pet Fit For Life is a dual-purpose product and can be used as a heating or cooling pad, so you can make sure your rabbit is always kept comfy, no matter the weather.

The soft fleece cover will be a favorite of your rabbit’s and will have them comfortable and cozy during even the coldest nights.

The inside of the heating pad is filled with a non-toxic gel that is not only soft but will not be harmful to your rabbit if it spills.

To heat up the pad, you simply need to warm it up in 30-second intervals in the microwave until it is at the right temperature. It will keep warm for a few hours after this.

Simple to clean, the removable cover can be washed in the washing machine, and the gel pad can be wiped down with some soap and a damp cloth.

Perfect for hot and cold weather, you will definitely get a good amount of use out of this pet pad!

Related Questions

How Else Can I Heat Up My Rabbit’s Hutch?

Other than using a heating pad, you could use a hutch heater to warm up your rabbit’s hutch. Some heaters can be used to increase the overall temperature in your rabbit’s hutch, which can help them feel more comfortable when it is cold.

It is always a good idea to speak to your vet before changing anything in your rabbit’s hutch, and they might have some great suggestions for you.

Will My Rabbit Like A Heating Pad?

Rabbits usually love heating pads and will spend most of their time snuggled up on their heating pad when the weather is particularly cold. They will love their heating pad even more if it has a soft fleece cover!

Do Rabbits Get Cold At Night?

Rabbits are built to survive in the cold and are very temperature resistant. They can handle temperatures down to 30°F out in the wild. However, this does not mean that you should not help them warm up when it is cold.

If you insulate their hutch well and give them heating pads or something similar, they will be able to happily make it through winter without the winter chill getting to them.

If you are unsure as to whether or not your rabbit is cold, you could check their temperature. A healthy, warm rabbit should have a temperature between 101-103 °F.

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