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Where Should A Kitten Sleep At Night?

by Lucy

Kittens are such cute little bundles of joy to have around and bring such fun to the home environment. Felines in general are pretty low maintenance to keep compared to some other pets however it is true to say that kittens can take a bit of extra work until they are fully grown.

They require extra care as they are not quite as independent and worldly as adult cats and therefore this poses many questions regarding their care.

One of the questions we were asked more recently was where their kittens should sleep at night and we thought we’d delve into this subject further to give you a better understanding of kittens sleeping habits at night.

So, where should kittens sleep at night? Kittens should sleep in their own cat bed at night. Kitten’s needs are very simple. They require somewhere warm and cozy where they feel safe. A comfy cat bed in a secluded, quiet spot in the house is always best.

Keep reading to learn more about where kittens can sleep and places you might not want to let your kitty sleep for safety reasons.

Should my kitten sleep in a crate?

Some owners choose to put their kittens in a crate at night. This is usually for a very good reason. Kittens can be very highly strung and boisterous particularly at night time. They often have little respect for your belongings and furniture which can be the result in a whole bunch of mayhem!

Kittens have been known to cause havoc at night. Scratching furniture, climbing up display units, tearing up all their toys, and generally being right little menaces. They can’t help it, it’s just their thing!

For this reason, some owners choose to put their kitties into crates overnight to eliminate this type of unwanted behavior.

There is no right or wrong answer to this. Some owners believe that putting kittens in crates overnight is technically wrong and therefore choose to accept the madness that occurs.

Other owners have a really hard time dealing with their kitten’s antics overnight which can often result in lack of sleep (for said human).

It is fair to note that although putting your kitten in a crate to sleep at night is not everyone’s cup of tea, it is a particularly helpful tool for when you leave the house and kitty is home alone. If a kitten knows that they are on their own in the house and free to do as they choose, they will do exactly that! Expect to come home to carnage. And they said kitten ownership would be fun?

Will I squish my kitten in bed?

There is always a possibility that you will squish your kitten in bed. If you choose to go down this route you will need to be very careful throughout the night which can be particularly difficult if you are fast asleep!

Kittens are so tiny and their delicate bones can break very easily. It only takes a small amount of human body weight to cause fractures and breaks.

Aside from the fact that you may cause harm to your kitty, having your kitten sleep in your bed can often be very disruptive for you and your sleep. Kittens, although very small, do not have an awful lot of special awareness. They are known to be bed hoggers and you are likely not to be able to find a decent spot to sleep in.

It’s also worth noting that once you allow your kitten the luxury of being able to snooze in your bed it is very unlikely you will be able to remove them if you change your mind.

From a kitten’s point of view, they have fully noted that this is acceptable behavior by you and since they are so comfy they have no intention of giving up that luxury without a fight.

If you don’t want your kitten sleeping in your bed every night then you will need to set the ground rules from the get-go. Once kittens have found their comfy spot they tend to claim it and it can be difficult to get them out of the routine they know and love.

Should I shut my kitten in a room at night?

Yes, it is ok to put a kitten in a room at night on their own as long as they are ok with it. You can be certain you will know if they are not happy about this arrangement as they will be sure to let you know (very loudly and very consistently).

A kitten that is not happy about being locked in a room overnight will therefore become very vocal which will result in a serious lack of sleep for you.

So long as your kitten has a comfy kitten bed to sleep in and they are nice and warm most kitten owners will not have any issues from their kitty. Some kittens, however, just don’t like to be left alone or confined to one room. It’s a very thin line as far as cats are concerned.

Providing your kitten is happy with sleeping in a room on their own overnight this is a very good happy medium between locking them in the confines of a crate and allowing them freedom over your much-beloved bed.

By shutting your kitten in a room overnight you are able to restrict their movement which should help minimalize the destructive behavior, but still, give them enough freedom to move around without being trapped in a small crate.

This is ultimately the owner’s choice and you have to do what works best for your kitten and for you too. Don’t put your kitten in a crate the whole night just because someone has told you it’s the best thing to do. This may just leave you potentially in a situation where you and your kitten are up all night which doesn’t benefit anyone.

Is it okay to put kitten in the bathroom at night?

Bizarrely lots of kittens and adult cats for some reason like sleeping in the bathroom. It may seem strange to hear this at first and you may have even had a shock one day yourself walking into your bathroom and finding your kitten fast asleep in the bath, but it does happen! (More often than you would think).

Kittens tend to like very clean and odor-free spaces and bathrooms usually fit the bill very well. Cats in general can be very fussy about smells and the bathroom (if kept clean and tidy) is usually a rather neutral place for them to go.

It may seem like a very odd place for your kitty to get comfy and fall asleep in the bathroom, but when you look at this logically it really is the ideal place.

Let’s take a quick look here at some of the pros to your kitty sleeping in your bathroom at night:

  • There is very little damage your kitty can do in the bathroom. Everything is nailed down reasonably well and there usually aren’t many items in your bathroom that get destroyed easily.
  • Most bathrooms do not contain upholstery made of fabric meaning your kitty will not get the chance to scratch and pull at these types of objects whilst in the bathroom.
  • Bathroom floors are usually tiled. This is a massive benefit as they are much easier to clean and should an accident occur such as peeing on the floor, tiles are very easy to remove odors from.
  • Your bath, toilet, and sink are always available as a second option to the litter tray. Not ideal we know, but better than utilizing the nice new carpet in your living room.

A bathroom is an ideal place for your kitten to sleep at night if they so wish. There is however one thing to remember about the bathroom, they tend to echo! This is fine if your kitty curls up and sleeps, but if they are on a mad boisterous rant that includes meowing the noise will most definitely be amplified. You have been warned!

Should I leave food out for my kitten at night?

It is important that you keep your cat in a routine when it comes to feeding. It is much easier for you to monitor and given half a chance a kitten will happily graze on food all day.

Felines are not grazers and should therefore have proper meal times scheduled for them. The middle of the night is not one of those times. Feeding wet food morning and evening at the same time each day is usually recommended.

Some kittens find it very difficult to go the whole night without food. They are what we would call the midnight snackers and this can be very disruptive for human sleep because you can be sure kitty will let you know when they are hungry.

If this is the case, leave out a handful of dry food to keep your kitten occupied throughout the night. Only provide dry food overnight since wet food can become spoilt in a matter of hours. This is not healthy for your kitty. Wet food that has gone off smells pretty bad and can encourage flies and/or maggots.

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