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Can Dogs Eat Egg Rolls?

by Lucy

Any dog parent will tell you how much their beloved pet loves to chow down on table scraps. If there is any Chinese food on the menu at home, then egg rolls are a particular family favorite. Understandably, you may be wondering whether your dog can join in on the deliciousness.

So, can dogs eat egg rolls? Generally, dogs can a small amount of egg roll scraps without any ill effects. However, you should never feed your dog egg rolls in large quantities or often, as this can cause intestinal distress, obesity, heart problems, and more.

So, let’s take an in-depth look at whether or not your furry friend should eat egg rolls, the possible hazards of consuming too much human food, and if any healthy alternatives could be served to them instead.

Should Dogs Eat Egg Rolls?

According to many renowned vets, you should avoid feeding your dog any human food, let alone egg rolls. Your canine’s diet should consist of wet dog food and dry dog food or kibble. There are several healthy snacks such as boiled carrots or green beans that you can include in your dog’s meal plan as well, but an egg roll is a definite no-no.

You might wonder what could possibly be so wrong about an egg roll? Well, the only possible way for you to understand why egg rolls aren’t healthy for your pet is if you take a closer look at the ingredients.

Egg rolls are a 20th-century culinary invention that replicates the authentic yet healthier spring roll. Eggs rolls are a deep-fried American version of the Chinese summer roll. When a person hears the term,’ egg roll,’ they naturally assume that the main ingredient must consist of eggs, but that is very far from reality.

Egg rolls in recent times have no egg in them, not in the wrapper or the filling. The egg roll wrapper is typically made of wheat flour, salt, and water. The stuffing may vary, but most egg rolls generally have a filling of chicken or pork, shredded cabbage, diced garlic, carrots, tofu, and bean sprouts. The only egg is in the batter used to fry it.

Why Are Egg Rolls Bad For Dogs?

As a dog owner, you should be aware of the foods that are either toxic or extremely unhealthy for dogs. If you go through the internet or visit a vet and ask about foods to avoid feeding a canine, you will learn quite a few helpful facts. 

Canines don’t do too well with oily, processed foods. You can’t feed dogs garlic, onions, or chives. You can’t even offer your buddies caffeine, chocolate, or even avocado.

Here are some of the significant reasons that egg rolls, in particular, shouldn’t make it to your dog’s list of treats.

1. Egg Rolls Have Ingredients That Are Harmful To Dogs

Most egg roll recipes include garlic powder, onion powder, monosodium glutamate, and no egg roll is ever complete without soy sauce. Garlic and chives are toxic for your four-legged friend. And MSG and soy sauce can be unsafe for canine consumption too.

According to the Merck Veterinary Manual, garlic, onions, chives, and other allium family members contain thiosulfate, which is toxic for dogs. Thiosulfate causes oxidative damage to red blood cells, leading to hemolytic anemia.

Another ingredient that is usually present in egg rolls is cabbage. The vegetable doesn’t particularly affect every canine in the wrong way. But, many dogs don’t do well with cabbage. Some dogs tend to experience abdominal bloating, stomach discomfort, and gas after a meal loaded with cabbage.

2. Egg Rolls Are Fried Food

Oily or processed human foods may not be toxic for your faithful companion, but it is undoubtedly very unhealthy for them. Oily human food plays an enormous role in causing health issues in humans, let alone animals that aren’t used to all that fat and oil.

Over a while, your dog can get an upset stomach, suffer from diarrhea, become obese, develop cardiovascular diseases, contract liver disease, or even get inflammation in their pancreas.

3. Egg Rolls Are High In Sodium

These are only the side-effects of feeding oily foods to your dog. However, most egg roll recipes consist of a generous portion of salt in the recipe too. Both the wrapper and filling contain salt. 

In meager quantities, salt is essential for your dog’s body. But, humans consume far more salt than is safe for your dog. The excessive consumption of salt over time can lead to salt toxicity. Too much salt in your dog’s body can cause dehydration, vomiting, diarrhea, tremors, high temperature, and even seizures.

4. Eggs Rolls Are Higher In Carbs

A reasonable portion of carbohydrates isn’t bad for your pooch. Carbohydrates serve as a source of energy for canines. But, an excess of carbs can severely damage your pet’s health. 

Processed foods laden with carbs put undue pressure on the digestive system. Too many carbs can cause obesity, diabetes, and even cancer. 

Can Puppies Eat Egg Rolls?

Well, puppies love to munch on human food just like their older counterparts. But, egg rolls pose an even greater threat to your pup’s health. Apart from the fact that egg rolls have ingredients that are toxic to dogs, egg rolls also present choking hazards for puppies.

Egg rolls are generally fried, and the crispy outer wrapper can easily get lodged into their esophagus. There seems to be little point in trying to feed your tiny canine a food item that offers very little or no health benefit and may even pose choking hazards.

Can Dogs Have Spring Rolls?

When it comes to spring rolls, the narrative does change quite a bit. Spring rolls are made with rice wrappers instead of wheat ones. You will also come across much healthier options where the wrappers are made entirely from egg, egg whites, or rice paper. These wrappers contain no more than 30-40 calories. 

Several spring roll varieties aren’t fried at all. Some spring rolls are steamed, boiled, or broiled. It would not be wise to make spring rolls a daily part of your dog’s meal plan, but spring rolls filled with non-toxic ingredients can certainly serve as a tasty snack for your pooch on special occasions.

Just make sure never to add avocado if you plan on feeding one to you dog, as avocado is toxic for dogs.

A spring roll will undoubtedly be a more wholesome snack for your pup than an egg roll. There’s no denying that spring rolls aren’t a highly recommended treat for puppies, but there is little to fear from a spring roll full of tasty veggies.

Are There Healthier Alternatives To Egg Rolls For Dogs?

As mentioned above, a spring roll can come in a variety of wrappers that are nutritious, and the fried wheat wrapper is replaced with rice paper or wrappers made from egg whites.

You will also find vegan options, not just for a choice in wrappers but in egg rolls and spring rolls, that is 100% safe and suitable for canine consumption. Furthermore, when you eliminate the process of frying and steam spring rolls instead, you may also serve a spring roll to your dog. 

However, spring rolls may rolls have other toxic ingredients such as garlic powder, onion powder, MSG, or soy sauce. The surest way to make spring rolls or egg rolls a healthy choice for your furry friend is to try your hand at making these food items at home.

Omitting elements such as cabbage, avocado, MSG, and soy sauce from egg rolls and adding vegetables that are safe for your canine to eat will turn the not-so-healthy egg rolls into a delectable yet wholesome snack.

Final Thoughts

Feeding your dog table scraps is an extremely unhealthy habit that can not only can lead to many health concerns such as lack of proper nutrition, vitamin or mineral deficiencies, or obesity, but also prompt quite a few behavioral issues, such as begging.

It is common knowledge that egg rolls are delicious human food, but no one could label egg rolls as a nutritious snack, even for humans. It would make little sense for you to want to feed your dog these fried human treats.

You don’t have to feel bad about not sharing your meals with your furry friend, as human food, even egg rolls, aren’t meant for dogs. However, if you do feel a great sense of guilt, then perhaps you can work out ingenious ways to make your dog a healthy snack that resembles an egg roll to make it happy.

Such a scheme will satisfy your guilty conscience, your pet’s taste buds, and nutritional needs.

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