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9 Best Tortoise Water Bowls

by Lucy

There are about 49 species of tortoise across the globe. But, the ones that you see most often as pets are the red-footed, yellow-footed, sulcata, leopard, Greek, and Russian tortoises.

Sulcata, leopard, Greek, and Russian tortoises need warm and dry habitats. On the flip side, red-footed and yellow-footed tortoises need to have ample moisture in their living quarters. But, the one thing you’ll need to do for all tortoises is provide them with a water dishe, not just for drinking but also for soaking. 

So, what are the best tortoise water bowls? The best tortoise water bowls will be the right size for your tortoise’s age and enclosure, hard to tip over, shallow so that your tortoise can’t get stuck, and made out of durable materials. You may also want to consider a bowl with a ramp or a water dispenser.

So, let’s take a look at some of the things that you need to keep in mind when you go out to buy water bowls for your tortoise. We’ll also provide a guide for nine water bowls you can buy online that will be perfect for your shelled friend.

What Your Tortoise Needs

There’s a general misconception that since tortoises are used to living in harsh or dry conditions, they don’t need much water. Then some pet parents believe that it’s enough to provide a safe habitat with the appropriate lighting, substrate, and proper temperatures.

But, you must realize that even creatures that have evolved over centuries to survive in desert regions can’t go on forever without water.

You see, depriving your pet tortoise of drinking water or water for soaking can mean health concerns such as articular gout, solidified uric acid, and kidney failure. These conditions are quite harrowing for tortoises, but they are all preventable with the right water set up.

The easiest way to prevent dehydration and save your tortoise from unnecessary pain and trauma is to provide them with easy access to clean drinking water daily. Your pet should have access to water at all times, with or without your presence.

So, pet parents have learned that putting water bowls in their pet’s terrarium are a must. Below, we’ll talk about everything you need to consider before you buy.

Buying Water Bowls For Your Tortoise’s Terrarium

Knowing a few things in detail about your pet will help you out when you want to provide a water bowl for drinking and another for soaking.

Now, some tortoises can grow up to 4ft long, which means if you’re looking for a soaking bowl, you might as well fill a plastic children’s pool. These kinds of tortoises make wonderful outdoor pets.

But some smaller species, or younger tortoises that won’t reach maturity for a while, can live inside a terrarium and make do with smaller bowls for drinking and soaking. So, first off, you’ll want to consider the size of your tortoise.

Beyond the size, there are several other aspects to consider when buying a water bowl for your tortoise:

  • Never Too Steep – Make sure you choose a shallow bowl. The bowls can be wide for outdoor tortoises or narrow for tiny tortoises in a tank. But, for your not-so-proficient swimmer, you need to ensure that the bowl is shallow enough to prevent a drowning incident. Yes, tortoises can drown.
  • Anti-Tip Base – Too much moisture in your pet’s terrarium can mean fungal growth, and that will surely harm your pet. Not to mention, every time your tortoise gets too close to the base of the water bowl, it can flip over, creating a mess in the terrarium. You don’t want a mess in your pet’s tank if you want a healthy pet. So, you will have to clean up the watery mess immediately. To avoid spending unnecessary time cleaning your pet’s cage, it’s wise to get an anti-tip base water bowl. Problem solved.
  • Durable Materials – So, you might not have seen it happen with your tortoise. But, most tortoises love to nibble and chew on things. You want to be sure that any water bowl you place inside your pet’s tank does not chip or break easily. The water bowl needs to be sturdy enough to last through biting or chewing.
  • Non-Toxic Material – You don’t want to buy a plastic water bowl for your pet if it isn’t food-grade plastic. You see, regular plastic tends to release toxins in food and water when used for an extended period. But, food-grade plastic is designed to keep foods and liquids safe for human and animal consumption. Moreover, for an outdoor tortoise, you need to ensure that the material is UV safe. Even when the water bowl is in direct sunlight for long hours, no toxins are released into the water or food from the bowl’s material.
  • The Height Of The Bowl – The height of the bowl depends on the age of the tortoise. You see, you want a water bowl for your tortoise that gives your pet easy access to the water. At the same time, it should not prevent your pet from exiting the bowl. If the bowl’s height is too much and it’s steeper on the inside, there’s a strong probability that your tortoise will get trapped with no way of getting out.
  • Ramp Bowls – Such bowls are suitable for adult tortoises that can use their weight to angle and maneuver better. Baby tortoises can easily fall into such water bowls and find it difficult to get out, so such dishes can be dangerous for tiny pets.
  • Reptile Waterers – These bowls are specifically designed to prevent your pet from making a mess inside their terrariums. But, the narrow openings often prevent adult tortoises from soaking in their water bowls. So, once again, the advantage of using a reptile waterer depends on the size of your pet.

9 Best Tortoise Water Bowls

So, setting up a comfortable home for your pet does require a bit of attention to detail. You may think that water bowls aren’t so essential for tortoises, but you’d be wrong.

Tortoises need water, not just for drinking but also for soaking. You see, these animals are cold-blooded reptiles. They cannot control their body temperatures.

So, if they’re cold, they need to bask in the sun. If they’re hot, they need water to cool off. So, if you continue to read on, you will find a list of nine water bowls that would make an excellent addition to your pet’s tank. 

The best part of the water bowls that you will find on this list is that these bowls can be easily ordered online from Amazon. You can shop for all of the highest quality products from Amazon without having to take a step outdoors!

RankProductKey Features
1.OMEM Reptile Bowl 2 colors, 4 sizes, lightweight
2.Boao Leaf Reptile Food And Water Bowl2 sizes, leaf shaped, chip-resistant
3.Fuongee Reptile Food And Water BowlNon-toxic, odorless, easy to clean
4.Exo Terra Feeding DishFood-grade resin, natural look
5.Zoo Med Rock Food DishNon-porous, natural appearance
6.Fluker's Repta-Waterer For ReptilesAnti-tipping, continuous watering
7.Fluker's Corner BowlHeavy, anti-tipping, natural appearance
8.Zoo Med Reptile Ramp Water BowlRamp, non-toxic, durable
9.OMEM Reptile Food And Water BowlNon-toxic, 2 sizes, 2 colors

1. OMEM Reptile Bowl 

Check Current Price on Amazon

OMEM comes to the rescue of tortoise guardians who have been constantly searching the market for water bowls with low walls. The bowl comes in two different colors and four different sizes.

Moreover, wooden grain material is lightweight compared to other ceramic water bowls available in the market for tortoises, and it is easy to clean.

OMEM reptile bowls give your pet the luxury to easily climb in and dabble without fear of getting trapped or drowning. When you look at the price, you’ll want OMEM reptile bowls for serving food to your reptilian friends too.

Lastly, the wooden material ensures no toxins are released into your pet’s water or food. The material also prevents the water or food from getting too hot or cold.

Not to mention, OMEM reptile bowls are Amazon’s Choice, so you have terrific reviews from countless satisfied customers and need not worry about the quality.

2. Boao Leaf Reptile Food And Water Bowl

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Both adorable and functional, you’ll be pretty happy once you go through the high ratings this product has received.

The Boao Reptile Food and Water bowl is a rather cute addition to your pet’s terrarium. There are two different sizes available so you can size up when your tortoise grows. 

Available at affordable prices, these bowls are made of high-quality plastic with no room for chipping. These bowls are shallow, easy to clean, don’t easily tip over, and look great in any terrarium setting. 

3. Fuongee Reptile Food And Water Bowl

Check Current Price on Amazon

Approximately 6.7 inches by 0.55 inches, this lightweight yet durable water bowl is ideal for tortoises.

You see, the low walls of the dish prevent your pet from any harm, and it’s made from A-grade PP plastic that is non-toxic and long-lasting. The water dish is easy to clean, odorless, and suitable for other reptiles such as bullfrogs, snakes, and lizards.

If the fact that your tortoise will love their new water bowl might not impress you, the prices will undoubtedly amaze you. 

4. Exo Terra Feeding Dish

Check Current Price on Amazon

We know the title says feeding dish, but if you look at the low walls, you’ll understand why it’s recommended as a water bowl for your pet as well.

You see, the Exo Terra feeding dish is made from food-grade resin with a non-porous and smooth surface. So, you need not worry about toxins or the growth of bacteria. 

It’s Exo Terra, so you know you won’t have to fret about sound quality. It looks pretty cool in your tortoise’s terrarium. If you happen to be concerned about the price tag, don’t be as it will give value for your money.

5. Zoo Med Rock Food Dish

Check Current Price on Amazon

So, if you’re a first-time pet parent of a tortoise, there’s a chance you haven’t heard of Zoo Med. But, for the experts, they’ll tell you that Zoo Med provides quality that you can trust.

It’s a very suitable choice for a tortoise. Given the dimensions, it won’t take up too much space in your pet’s tank.

Moreover, the water bowl has a low profile with a non-porous finish, so that’ll ensure your pet’s safety not just from drowning hazards but bacterial growth too. And, yes, it’ll look pretty amazing in your tortoise’s tank or your outdoor garden.

6. Fluker’s Repta-Waterer For Reptiles

Check Current Price on Amazon

As you can see, you’ve even got the option of getting a waterer for your pet that will save you from the trouble of manually filling up your pet’s water bowls every day. Its anti-tip and wide base keep your tortoise’s tank clean.

The size, seven inches high and four inches wide, makes it the perfect watering hole for your pet to get a cool and refreshing drink from, and as there is a filter at the base of the water bottle, dirt or grime doesn’t get to the water in the bottle.

7. Fluker’s Corner Bowl

Check Current Price on Amazon

Looking at this unique design, you will likely appreciate that your tortoise would have to really flex their muscles to tip this baby over.

Fluker’s corner bowl fits snugly into your pet’s tank and looks good doing it. 

These water bowls are easy to clean and disinfect; the non-porous surfaces keep your pet’s food or water safe from bacteria.

It’s barely an inch deep, which makes it perfect for small to medium-sized tortoises.

8. Zoo Med Reptile Ramp Water Bowl

Check Current Price on Amazon

You have to understand that a ramp water bowl isn’t suitable for a small-sized tortoise. So, here’s an option for the small to medium-sized tortoises that love to soak in and bask in the sun when they get out.

You see, the ramp helps the tortoise get a better grip getting inside the bowl and serves as a basking spot to soak up some sun as well.

And, you can order it in the different sizes that you want. You can be sure of Zoo Med’s durability and the non-toxic, pet-safe, high-quality materials used in the product’s manufacturing.

9. OMEM Reptile Food And Water Bowl

Check Current Price on Amazon

This circular, low-walled large bowl is perfect not just for your tortoise’s tank but for many small-sized reptiles such as lizards or snakes and pretty well-fitted for your pet frog’s tank too.

The imitation wood design looks great in most reptilian habitats. And, the materials used for manufacturing this bowl are non-toxic and pet-safe.

It is a high-end quality product from OMEM for your pet with a high rating. And it’s available in two different sizes as well as two colors.


Adopting a pet as enjoyable and cute as a tortoise can be tons of fun. There’s no denying that these creatures are pretty fascinating to watch and observe. But, becoming a pet parent means that you become responsible for a life. So, you need to know as much as you possibly can about the needs and wants of your pet to keep them happy and healthy.

Now, hydration is a requirement for all living things. Some claim that as tortoises don’t come from wet, humid places, they can do well without water for a long time – that is far from the truth. Your pet tortoise needs water just as much as the next animal, and baby tortoises need it even more.

However, there are a few things that you need to remember when you buy water bowls for your pet tortoise. You see, tortoises don’t swim too well, so always get shallow bowls for hydration or soaking purposes for your pet’s tank.

And it is vital to keep your pet’s bowl clean to minimize the chance of fungal or bacterial infections. And, if you feel that you still need to get some tips on how to take better care of your pet, head to the vet – nothing’s better than the advice of a pro.

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