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9 Best Leashes For Leopard Geckos

by Lucy

Taking your leopard gecko for a walk can be such a fun experience for the both of you, but in order to safely take your leopard gecko out and about, you will need a safe and reliable leash.

Having a leash when taking your leopard gecko out stops them from running off or becoming lost, and just gives you some peace of mind. As your leopard gecko is fairly small, you would want to choose a leash that is super safe for them to use.

What is the best leash for a leopard gecko? The best leash for a leopard gecko would be made a safe material that will not hurt or irritate them. The harness should also be adjustable to perfectly fit your leopard gecko and the leash should be comfortable for you to hold as well.

You would want the best for your leopard gecko, so to help you choose the best leash for them, have a look below at our suggestions on how to pick out a leopard gecko leash, and some of the best options for you to choose from.

Leashes For Leopard Geckos – Buyer’s Guide

A leopard gecko leash is not an item you come by every day, so you do have to take some care when picking one out.

There are some qualities that a good leopard gecko leash needs to have, and looking for these qualities will help you choose the best leopard gecko leash that is not only comfortable for your leopard gecko but which also gives you peace of mind and security when taking your leopard gecko out for a walk!

1. Harness Material

Possibly the most important feature of a leopard gecko leash is the material that it is made from. The material needs to be safe for your leopard gecko’s skin, and should not harm them or make them uncomfortable at all.

Good options are a soft leather or nylon. These will not irritate your leopard gecko and will give them a comfortable fit to wear for a period of time.

Make sure that the leash you choose is safe to use for your leopard gecko and that there are no harsh materials that could scratch or harm them. This is especially important for the harness material that will be against your leopard gecko’s skin.

2. Harness And Leash Size

Another important factor to consider is the size of the harness and the length of the leash. The harness should be the right size suited for your leopard gecko, and it should fit their body comfortably without being too tight, which could hurt them.

The harness should also not be too loose, as they could escape from this, which defeats the whole purpose of the leash!

Make sure to measure your gecko’s body and then check this against the measurements of the harness to ensure it fits.

Check to see that the length of the leash is long enough for you as well. If it is too short, you might not be able to comfortably take your leopard gecko out on a walk.

3. Harness And Leash Attachment

If the harness and the leash can be detached from each other, it is important to look at how the two attach together.

Most attach with a metal ring that is set on the harness, and with a clip on the leash. This is fine, but you do need to make sure that the metal ring is on the top of the harness, and that it does not sit on your leopard gecko’s skin, which could be uncomfortable and irritating for them.

4. Adjustable Size

If your leopard gecko is still growing, it is a good idea to purchase a leash that has an adjustable fit. The harness should be able to be made bigger or smaller when needed, to properly fit your leopard gecko at all of its stages.

This is a great way to only use the one harness and not have to buy a new one each time your leopard gecko goes through a growth spurt!

5. Design

There are a few different design options when it comes to leash and harness combinations, so take your time to find one that you think would suit you and your leopard gecko best.

Each owner and their pet will have specific needs, so keep yours in mind, such as where you will be using the leash most often and what you would be using it for, before picking out the design that works best for the both of you!

The 9 Best Leashes For Leopard Geckos

Below are the 9 best leashes for leopard geckos. Whether you need a leash to take your leopard gecko outdoors for a walk, or to keep them safe and close by when you clean their enclosure, choosing the right one which is comfortable and safe is really important.

RankProductKey Features
1.Fluker’s Repta LeashDouble-braided, several sizes, comfortable
2.Polkastore Soft Leather Reptile LeashSeveral sizes, non-toxic, adjustable, carabiner
3.MBVBN Adjustable Lizard LeashDragon wing design, 3 sizes, adjustable
4.Lewondr 3-Pack Lizard LeashComes with hat and bowtie, 3 harnesses
5.Pranovo Adjustable Reptile Training LeadNon-toxic, soft, durable, simple design
6.T-Rex Lizard Accessory – Comfort LeashSoft leather, pivoting clasp
7.Haichen Tec Adjustable Lizard LeashNon-toxic, adjustable, durable, bright
8.JoyMerit Leopard Gecko Harness LeashAdjustable, durable, lightweight, soft
9.Wontee Reptile Harness And LeashSuede, adjustable buckle

1. Fluker’s Repta Leash

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The Fluker’s Repta Leash is the ultimate choice for security, safety, and comfort for your leopard gecko!

It features a 6-foot adjustable lead that allows for walking at a distance, so your leopard gecko has their own space when out and about.

This high-quality leash allows you to walk your leopard gecko in style, and with safety and security as well. As it is available in different sizes, you’ll need to measure your leopard gecko to find the best fit for them!

The double-braided lead prevents fraying, and the soft harness keeps your leopard gecko comfortable and safe when out walking.

2. Polkastore Soft Leather Reptile Leash

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The lizard leash from Polkastore is made from soft, handmade leather and nylon rope, which are non-toxic and tasteless, making them ideal and safe for your leopard gecko.

They will be carefully protected and kept comfortable during their walk.

The adjustable leash allows you to fit the harness better to your leopard gecko, which ensures they are kept secure in the harness and that they are not uncomfortable.

The set also comes with three different size body harnesses too, so the range of size is very varied!

At the end of the leash is a carabiner clip that you can clip to your clothing or which you can hold onto securely. Small, medium, and larger leopard geckos can all benefit from this great leash!

3. MBVBN Adjustable Lizard Leash

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This adjustable lizard leash is comfortable, safe, and easy to secure, but it is also made super cute thanks to the included attachable wings that will make your leopard gecko look like a little dragon!

Made from soft leather, the harness will protect your leopard gecko’s skin and will not cause any discomfort for them.

While secure and safe, the leash is durable and lightweight. It is made from nylon rope and a stainless steel swivel link, which are all non-toxic and animal-friendly.

Coming in 3 adjustable sizes, the harness can be used for juvenile or adult leopard geckos, so it will last for quite some time!

4. Lewondr 3-Pack Lizard Leash

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The Lewondr 3-Pack Lizard Leash is constructed with soft handmade leather on the harness, and nylon rope on the leash. Both of these are non-toxic and tasteless, which helps to keep your leopard gecko safe.

An adjustable clip on the rope helps to fit the leash better to the shape and size of your leopard gecko. The set comes with three different harness sizes, so you can definitely find the one that fits your gecko best.

As well as the leash and the 3-pack harnesses, the set comes with a little top hat (which, unfortunately, may not fit a leopard gecko) a bow tie, and little dragon wings – your leopard gecko will look dapper enough for any occasion!

5. Pranovo Adjustable Reptile Training Lead

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Pranovo has created this very simple, yet very effective adjustable training lead for reptiles.

The adjustable harness and leash are made from soft nylon rope, which is non-toxic and completely tasteless, making it safe for your little pet.

The nylon rope which forms the lead and harness is thick and strong, which makes it hard for your leopard gecko to shake off. It is also thick enough so that it does not cut into their skin or cause any discomfort.

In total, the length of the lead measures 5.5 feet, giving them freedom and you some security. All you have to do is adjust the harness enough to make it snug and secure on your leopard gecko by adjusting the traction rope, and the two of you can get walking!

6. T-Rex Lizard Accessory – Comfort Leash

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This simple leash is so effective at protecting your leopard gecko out while on a walk, and giving you the sense of security you need to know that they are safe!

The harness is made from soft leather, which is kind and caring to their skin, but which also offers good support and safety. It features a pivoting safety clasp and adjustable clinch which lets you adjust the harness to your reptile’s size.

Simple yet effective, this is definitely an option worth considering if you don’t want anything too fancy or over-the-top!

7. Haichen Tec Adjustable Lizard Leash

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This luminous leash will ensure that your leopard gecko is kept safe no matter if it is day or night!

It is made from non-toxic nylon rope which is comfortable on your leopard gecko’s body.

The leash has some colorful beads which not only add to the look of the harness but which can be used to adjust the size of the harness to suit your reptile best.

Adjustable and strong, and being luminous in the dark, this leash and harness will see too many of your exploring needs! 

8. JoyMerit Leopard Gecko Harness Leash

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The joyMerit Leopard Gecko Harness Leash is made from nylon and an iron chain, offering as much security and strength as you could need. 

The leash is approximately 0.3-inches wide and 47-inches long and adjustable, which is a great size for a leopard gecko.

It includes a combination leash and harness that can be adjusted to suit your gecko for extra security. It is lightweight and soft and will not cause any irritation to your pet!

9. Wontee Reptile Harness And Leash

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This 2-Pack Adjustable Reptile Harness and Leash from Wontee is made from safe suede, which will not hurt or irritate your leopard gecko, it is a safe and comfortable material for them to wear.

An adjustable buckle helps to get the harness to fit your leopard gecko better, giving them a safe fit so that they are not too tight or left too loose in the harness.

The lower part of the leash is cleverly made with metal chain, which prevents your leopard gecko from biting or destroying the leash, which could be a choking hazard and see to them escaping.

With a 3.28 foot rope, your leopard gecko will feel like they have enough freedom to roam and explore, and you will still feel secure with taking them out into the open for a walk and breath of fresh air.

Related Questions

Can You Walk A Leopard Gecko On A Leash?

Leopard geckos can become comfortable with walking on a leash, but it does take some time to get them used to the idea.

It is important to understand that you cannot take your leopard gecko out for a walk on a leash the first day you bring them home. They will need to get used to you and used to being handled by you first.

You do need to spend time building a bond with your leopard gecko, to get them to trust you, before attempting to put them on a leash. Take things slow and don’t rush into anything, as it could scare them off from harnesses and leashes going forward.

It can be really healthy to take your leopard gecko out for a walk in fresh air and in sunlight now and then, so it is worth taking the time to build up that trust and that bond with your leopard gecko to get them used to going out for walks.

Being one of the friendlier reptiles around, leopard geckos can be trained to walk on a leash fairly well, and with some advice from professionals, you should be able to leash train your leopard gecko!

Make sure that you only take your leopard gecko out for a walk in an area that is safe for them to explore, and which is free from droppings, pesticides, and other possibly harmful substances.

What Do Leopard Geckos Like To Explore?

When your leopard gecko is on a leash, they would most likely prefer to explore on rocks, logs, and different branches. They love being able to climb and bask, so it is important to keep them on their leash so that they do not climb too high out of your reach!

Can Leopard Geckos Swim?

Leopard geckos cannot and should not swim. They mostly do not enjoy being submerged in water and will avoid it. However, there are some times where they might need a little bath or soak, but this should be done on advice from a professional.

Can I Let My Leopard Gecko Roam Around The House?

No matter how bonded you and your leopard gecko are, it isn’t necessarily a good idea to let them roam the house freely, as they are small and can easily become lost.

It is best to either have them on a harness or leash or keep them in a safe and secure reptile room.

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