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The 5 Best Salt Blocks For Horses

by Lucy

Salt blocks (otherwise known as salt licks) are a wonderful item to add to your horse’s stall or stable. Salt is a mineral that is vital for your horse’s health and it is quite often the case that horses do not receive the required amounts for optimal health via their regular feed source.

Roughage alone does not usually provide the right amount of salt needed by your horse and concentrate feeds can vary in salt content vastly.

So what is the best salt block for horses? Salt blocks or licks made of Himalayan salt are usually the best for horses. Himalayan salt is considered to be one of the purest salts and provides horses with essential minerals and electrolytes that are vital to equine health.

Keep reading to learn the importance of offering a salt lick to your horse and choose one of the best salt blocks available on the market.

Why Do Horses Need Salt?

Salt blocks are a great way for your horse to receive the right amounts of this mineral and they can also be a great boredom buster for the stable too. Salt is effectively a combination of sodium and chloride which are both essential for equine health.

Sodium helps to retain water, particularly in the large intestines. Water retention is vital for ensuring the digestive tract is functioning properly.

Chloride also plays an important part in keeping fluids in the body, but also essential for producing hydrochloric acid in your horse’s stomach which controls the nervous tissues and muscles.

It is often the case that horses do not drink anywhere near enough water which is required for proper gut function and digestive health. Salt licks can bridge that gap and encourage your horse to drink much more which is another great benefit of these products.

The Best Salt Blocks To Buy For Your Horse

Let’s take a look at some of the best salt blocks on the market for horses and all the great features these products have to offer your horse.

RankSalt BlockWeight
1.Horsemen's Pride Salt Block4.4 pounds
2.Horsemen's Himalayan Salt Collection2.2 pounds
3.Signature Likit Starter Kit1.4 pounds each (3 flavors)
4.IndusClassic Himalayan10 pounds
5.Hilton Herbs Himalayan Salt Lick6.6 pounds

1. Horsemen’s Pride Salt Block

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The Horseman’s Pride Salt Block is one of the bestselling salt licks for horses on the market at the moment. This is a well-known brand that customers love and seem to come back to time and time again.

It is packed with essential minerals such as iron, potassium, and magnesium for all-round horse health.

High Density

This is a high-density salt block meaning it stands up to much wear and tear. We all know how much horses like to break things on a regular basis and the nice new salt block you have just purchased for them is no different. The Horseman’s Pride Salt Block holds out against biting and breakages as well as harsh weather environments for a long-lasting product.

Electrolyte Replenishment 

Water is vital for your horse’s health and this salt block ensures that your horse receives lots of water in their diet and encourages them to drink much more than they usually would. This is the ultimate electrolyte replenishment hat gives you complete peace of mind over your horse’s fluid levels.


  • Resistant from breakages and bites
  • Helps to replenish much-needed water
  • On an adjustable rope for convenience
  • Medium weight ideal for most horses (4.4 pounds)

Value For Money

This is a great value for money salt block that we would consider to fall into the lower budget range. It does what it says on the tin at a very reasonable price. Many customers are over the moon with this product we believe the lower price is just the tip of the iceberg.

2. Horsemen’s Himalayan Salt Collection

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Horseman’s is such a great brand it has also hit our number 2 spot and we feel it is a very worthy second place indeed. This is a lightweight horse block and is half the weight of its sister product which is ideal for use with ponies or horses of a delicate nature.

You can sure this product will provide your horse with all the nutrients and minerals they need for a healthy and happy life.

100% Natural

We love nothing more than a 100% natural product and this salt block does not disappoint.

It can be difficult to find products these days that use all-natural ingredients, but the Horsemen’s Himalayan Salt Collection has been made with your horse’s best interest at heart. This is made categorically with the purest form of salt available for complete peace of mind.


The Horsemen’s Himalayan Salt Collection is a lightweight salt block option that is easy to tie up in your stable and is ideal for ponies or lightweight horse’s that may not like a heavy block hanging in their stable which could result in a risk of injury.

We think this is important to note as some much weightier salt blocks are far too heavy for certain types of horses where there is always a possibility they could come into contact with it by accident.


  • 100% natural and mined in the Himalayan mountains
  • A lightweight alternative ideal for ponies (2.2 pounds)
  • Helps to reduce boredom in the stable
  • Long-lasting in all weathers

Value For Money

Once again, the Horsemen’s products shine through when it comes to price and value for money. The Horsemen’s Himalayan Salt Collection 2.2 pound block is really what you would expect or want to pay for a product of this nature.

Although salt blocks, in general, are reasonably long-lasting, it is true to say they do not last forever and therefore you do not want to be spending big bucks on this. This is a clear cut winner in our eyes for a salt block of this size and weight.

3. Signature Likit Starter Kit

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Likit is an amazing brand of horse products and we couldn’t help but include this handy starter kit into the mix. This is a very popular brand worldwide and horses are known to absolutely love these fruity salt licks.

If you haven’t purchased salt licks for your horse before, this is an amazing starter kit that will have your chomping at the bit.

Full Kit

The Signature Likit starter kit is so handy as it comes with everything you need to provide your horse with much-needed nutrients. The Likit holder is easy to hang up in any stable or barn and comes with 3 refills in a variety of flavors and colors. Some delicious treats are also included in this kit, after all, what horse doesn’t like a tasty snack right?

Enticing Flavors

This complete kit comes with 3 different refills and provides a variety of flavors for your horse to try. Many horses love the smell and taste of these salt licks. In fact, they look so good we almost want to try them ourselves! (We didn’t just for reference).


  • Full starter kit for convenience
  • Enticing flavors that horses love
  • Keeps horse’s busy for hours
  • Added extra – snacks included

Value For Money

The Signature Likit starter kit is a little more expensive overall than some of our other single product salt blocks on our list. However, when you add up the individual costs of 3 salt blocks, a salt block holder and some tasty treats added in for good measure you can clearly see this kit is great value for money. We highly recommend this product so it gets the thumbs up form us!

4. IndusClassic Himalayan

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The IndusClassic Himalayan is definitely the leader of the herd when it comes to weight and durability. This is ideal for horses that require extra minerals in their diet but are likely to demolish a regular salt block pretty quickly.

This is a great long-lasting solution provided by a brand that is well known and loved by many equestrians.

Heavy And Highly Durable

The IndusClassic Himalayan salt block may look and sound very similar to some of the other salt blocks on our list and it is true to say there is a likeness, but with one significant difference: the weight!

This is a heavy and highly durable salt block that will last your horse 5-6 times longer than most regular products of this nature. This is great for horses that like to bite and damage items in their stable. They will have met their match here!


We absolutely love free from products and this salt block doesn’t disappoint. It has been manufactured without all the nasty bits and contains no added iodine, preservatives, or additives. The best part of all is that it is chemical-free and is made with only the purest 100% natural Himalayan rock salt.


  • A heavy, durable block for long-lasting use (10 pounds)
  • No nasty unnecessary bits such as iodine and preservatives
  • 84 trace minerals for all-round health
  • 100% natural Himalayan rock salt

Value For Money

When comparing this to other products on our list we feel this is pretty good value for money overall. It would appear slightly more expensive however it is likely to last you between 5-6 times longer than other salt blocks available to buy. We can’t knock the price on this and it is convenient for those that are not looking to replenish too quickly.

5. Hilton Herbs Himalayan Salt Lick

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The Hilton Herbs Himalayan Salt Licks are a medium-sized salt lick that uses a 550 million-year-old source of minerals and trace elements which are an ideal addition to any horse or ponies diet.

This is a durable salt lick that is resistant to biting and the elements. Horses seem to love the taste of this salt block and who are we to question them?

Rose Pink Coloring

You will have noticed that this very distinctive salt block really stands out from the crowd thanks to its unique rose pink coloring. The coloring in this product is the result of the natural minerals included such as iron, potassium, and magnesium. These minerals are vital for your horse’s health and this salt block will provide your horse with plenty of vigor. 

Weather Resistant

Most salt blocks do not do well in the elements and are always best for indoor use. You will be please to know The Hilton Herbs Himalayan Salt Licks have been specially designed for use outdoors which is ideal for horses that live out all year long.

They can easily be attached to a tree or high gate to provide your horse with hours of fun as well as providing them with all the right nutrients. However, if you do wish to use these indoors they work just as well.


  • Packed full of trace minerals for optimum health
  • Weather-resistant so ideal for use in the field as well as indoors
  • Durable and bite resistant
  • Complies with UFAS feed safety standards for peace of mind

Value For Money

Hilton Herbs Himalayan Salt Lick is a medium-sized salt lick that we would consider falls into a mid-range price budget. We love that this can be used outdoors as well as indoors making this a very versatile product and ideal for horses that live out. For this reason, we would say this is good value for money and worth every penny.

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