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The 5 Best Water Troughs For Horses

by Lucy

Providing your horse with plenty of fresh water is vital for proper care. Horses are renowned for not drinking anywhere near enough water as they should and it’s important their intake is monitored carefully. Dehydration is common for our equine friends and they will often need encouragement from us to drink more.

Providing your horse with the right type of water trough is important for encouraging our horse to drink more. If they don’t like the look for the trough then it is likely they will avoid going near it as much as they can.

There are many different types of troughs available on the market and therefore we like to think there is something suitable for every equine.

So what is the best water trough for horses? The best water troughs and waterers for horses are hardy and durable, easy to maintain, and ideally come with additional features such as rust, frost, and UV protection so that your horse can enjoy water year-round.

It can be difficult, however, to know which ones will be best for your horse so we have tested out 5 of the very best horse water troughs available to provide you with the best start for decision-making purposes.

The 5 Best Horse Waterers and Water Troughs

Check out some of these great horse troughs and automatic waterers below!

RankProduct RecommendationType of Trough
1.Tubtrugs Large TubBucket
2.MUDUOBAN Stainless Steel Automatic WatererAutomatic Waterer
3.Little Giant Automatic Animal WatererAutomatic Waterer
4.API Heated BucketBucket
5.Brower Heated Double Drink Horse WatererAutomatic Waterer

1. Tubtrugs Large Tub

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It doesn’t get any more traditional than the Tubtrugs Large Tub. These types of horse troughs are about as straight forward as it gets and can be used both inside the stable and in the field.

They’re sturdy and durable whilst still remaining soft enough to prevent injury to your horse.

They also hold 10 gallons of water which will be plenty to ensure your horse does not run out of water too quickly.

Frost and UV Proof

There’s no doubt about it, horse troughs can suffer from the elements particularly if they are being used in your horse’s field. Over time troughs can start to degrade through constant exposure to sunlight and the other elements such as frost.

Tubtrugs Large Tub is both frost and UV proof providing you with a long-lasting option that won’t deteriorate over time.

Strong Handles

Strong handles are important for these types of horse troughs. We all know how difficult it can be to carry these types of buckets when they are full to the brim and having sufficient handles are a must since flimsy handles can break easily with the weight of the water.

You will find that holding onto these handles are a breeze and you will never have the worry of them breaking whilst in transit.


  • Anti degrading from frost and sunlight
  • Strong and sturdy whilst still remaining flexible
  • Holds 10 gallons of water to ensure your horse doesn’t run out easily

Value for money

We really like the functionality and practicality of this traditional style horse waterer, however, we can’t help, but think it is a little bit on the expensive side in comparison to some of the automatic waterers which are much more comprehensive.

We will say that if you like using traditional style buckets to water your horse and are looking for a long-lasting option, this is a great choice all in all!

2. MUDUOBAN Stainless Steel Automatic Waterer

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The MUDUOBAN Stainless Steel Automatic Waterer is a stylish trough for horses that will ensure they never run out of clean fresh water.

This trough has a large water capacity to provide your horse with a deep intake of water and is designed specifically to reduce the sewage discharge pressure.

Hardy and Durable

This stylish trough is made from stainless steel for long-lasting wear. It is a hardy and durable option and you will not have any issues with it deteriorating in quality thanks to the antirust technology.

It even comes with a smooth, polished edge that helps to prevent scratches and general wear and tear. If you are looking for a trough that will stand the test of time then this may be the one for you.

Easy Fix

There’s nothing worse than buying a brand spanking new product and spending hours trying to assemble it for use. Many items these days can indeed be difficult and fiddly to put together which can be frustrating, to say the least.

The MUDUOBAN Stainless Steel Automatic Waterer has been designed with the customer in mind and the easy fix, 2 screw fixing will ensure you can attach this automatic waterer to your horse’s stable with ease.


  • Made from stainless steel for durability
  • Easy assembly – 2 screw fixing
  • No rust or deformation

Value for money

We couldn’t quite believe how inexpensive this waterer was. With its modern design, easy fix, and long-lasting wear we would expect to be paying much more than this. This is a fantastic value for money product and one of the very best on the market right now. We can see why customers speak so highly of this product.

3. Little Giant Automatic Animal Waterer

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The Little Giant Automatic Animal Waterer is a unique style horse trough that has the convenience of a wall or fence mount meaning it can be used both in the stable and field.

It holds a decent amount of water per fill (4 gallons) and will ensure your horse always has nice, fresh clean water available at all times.

Float Controlled

The handy float control monitors the level of the water consistently ensuring your horse never runs out. This can be particularly helpful in the summer months when your horse may be slightly dehydrated and need more water. This trough is also super easy to set and connects to a ¾ garden hose with ease.

Multiple Colors

Equestrians love nothing more than a bit of ‘matchy-matchy’ and it’s true to say every horse has their colors. You’ll be pleased to hear that The Little Giant Automatic Animal Waterer comes in a variety of colors such as red, blue, green, and black meaning you will find a color that matches all your other horse accessories well. We love a bit of color coordination!


  • Float controlled for a constant supply of water
  • Multiple colors to suit any equine taste
  • Easy fence or wall mount

Value for money

It is fair to say this automatic waterer is not the cheapest on the market however it has some great features such as multiple color choices and a mount that will fit on both a fence in the field as well as on your stable wall making it a very versatile option.

It is also made of plastic which will help prevent eroding and freezing in cold conditions. We still think for what you are getting this is good value for money.

4. API Heated Bucket

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In the winter months when the temperatures drop it can be difficult to ensure your horse’s water buckets do not freeze over. In the colder months, horses generally like to drink slightly warmer water and with the API Heated Bucket, your equine friend’s wishes will be granted.

This bucket heats up to a suitable temperature to prevent water from freezing and allowing your horse a much more comfortable drink.

Overheating Protection

Although this water bucket heats up well it is important that you do not overheat the water too much since your horse will not likely drink it and it could scold them. The API Heated Bucket is thermostatically controlled, meaning it will only ever reach the leave of heat that you set it at for complete safety.

Anti-chew cord

Horse owners are usually well aware that horses like to chew and nibble on anything. They are renowned for breaking things easily which can be highly frustrating and expensive. The API Heated Bucket has a built-in electrical cord that has been designed with this in mind.

The 6-inch power cord has been sheathed to fully ensure your equine friend is unable to chew through it for safety and complete peace of mind.


  • Thermostatically controlled to prevent overheating
  • Anti chew cord for safety
  • Large bucket, holding 20 quarts of water for convenience

Value for money

We absolutely love this heated bucket! Horses much prefer a slightly warmer temperature of drinking water during the winter months and you will not find many other buckets of this kind on the market for horses.

Since this is a reasonably unique product you can expect to pay more than the others on our list thanks to the electrical element, but for the unique feature it provides, we think this is well worth the money.

5. Brower Electric Heated Double Drink Horse Waterer

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The Brower Electric Heated Double Drink Horse Waterer is quite possibly the fanciest horse trough on our list and we would consider this to be a premium product for those looking for something that bit extra.

With a sleek design, heat capability, and some of the best insulation we have seen for these types of products, you can be sure this is the real deal!

Mount specifically for horses

This horse waterer has been designed for livestock in general however the brand has considered the needs for use with our equine friends and provided an easy to assemble mount specifically for horse use. This can be attached at the right height in your horse’s stable providing them with a steady stream water at all times.


The Brower Electric Heated Double Drink Horse Waterer has been fully insulated with extra thick foam which is both water-resistant and rodent-proof since it contains no chlorofluorocarbons or formaldehyde. The polyurethane foam clings tightly to the trough and jacket which will be sure to help you cut heating costs.


  • Stable mount provided
  • Fully insulated
  • Rodent proof

Value for money

This is a premium product at a very premium price and if you are looking for the best of the best for your horse then you have come to the right place! If however, you are looking for a cheap basic option this probably isn’t for you.

This is a pricey product, but we don’t feel it is overpriced based on the fantastic features and high-end quality. We would describe this as the Rolls Royce of electric waterers.

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