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The 5 Best Bird Feeders For Mealworms In 2022

by Lucy

Selecting the right bird feeder for your back yard can be a confusing process. There are so many on the market to choose from and it is important if you are planning on filling your feeder with mealworm to select one that specifically caters to this type of feed.

Not only do you want one that will handle the right type of feed you are planning to use it for, but also one that is strong durable, and long-wearing. You may also want to consider the design and the overall look this will bring to your back yard.

So what are the best bird feeders for mealworms? The best bird feeder for mealworms is a platform feeder that features drainage holes to keep the feed fresh. We recommend the Droll Yankees Platform Bird Feeder because it was manufactured with mealworms in mind. It’s perfect for holding up to 1 pound of mealworms.

With that in mind, we have investigated some of the best bird feeders being sold on the market right now and bring to you the very best of the best available to buy.

The Best 5 Bird Feeders For Mealworms

Here are our recommendations for the Best 5 Bird Feeders For Mealworms.

RankBird FeederFeed Capacity
1.Droll Yankees Platform Bird Feeder16 ounces
2.Stokes Select Snacks 'N' Treats Bird Feeder0.75 ounces
3.Mosaic Birds M045-200 Bird Feeder3.4 ounces
4.Aspects 278 Vista Dome Feeder40 ounces
5.Nature Anywhere Large Hanging Bird Feeder16 ounces

1. Droll Yankees Platform Bird Feeder

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The Droll Yankees Seed Saver Platform Feeder is quite possibly one of the best bird feeders on the market right now. It has a sleek modern design that has been manufactured for use with mealworms in mind.

Made with a fully adjustable height function and holding up to 1 pound of mealworms at a time this Droll Yankees Seed Saver Platform Feeder is not only visually appealing but also highly practical.

Height Adjustable

This bird feeder has been made with a fully adjustable height function for ultimate convenience. The 10” diameter dome can be easily moved up and down the 12” brass rod which allows you complete control over the size of the birds using the feeder at any given time.

UV Stabilised

The Droll Yankees Seed Saver Platform Feeder is cleverly made with UV stabilized, clear polycarbonate providing an ultra-clear view and full protection over discoloration. This bird feeder is suitable for all-weather and can be left outside all year long without the risk of deterioration.


  • Fully adjustable height function for the ultimate choice
  • Ideal for use outside all year round
  • Holds up to 1 pound of mealworm with drainage holes to keep feed fresh
  • Made in the USA and includes a lifetime warranty for complete peace of mind

Value for money

The Droll Yankees Seed Saver Platform Feeder is not only the most practical and stylish bird feeder on the market for use with mealworm but is also the best value for money by far! When looking at quality, function, design, and value it is not likely you will find a better deal than this!

2. Stokes Select Snacks ‘N’ Treats Bird Feeder

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The Stokes Select More Birds Snacks ’N’ Treats bird feeder is made by the popular Classic Brands Family that pride themselves on producing innovative, high-quality products that are best for birds and better for you. This is an unusual design that is sure to look great in any garden or back yard.

Multiple Food Options

There’s nothing like having a few options available to you and this bird feeder gives you the ultimate choice of feeds you can include in the handy feeder tray. If you fancy a mix of bird treats this bird feeder can include several types of feeds whether you fancy providing birdseed, suet chunks, or jelly alongside your mealworms.

Easy to Clean

There’s nothing worse than buying a great new product and then realizing it is difficult and time-consuming to clean. The Stokes Select More Birds Snacks ’N’ Treats bird feeder has been designed specifically to make cleaning easy which means you can always have your bird feeder look sparkling and as good as new. This is also dishwasher safe!


  • Can accommodate a variety of bird feeds at one time
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe for complete convenience
  • A great size bird feeder tray that can hold up to .75 ounces of feed at a time
  • Built-in drainage to keep food as fresh as possible

Value for money

Who doesn’t love a bargain? This bird feeder certainly does not disappoint in the value for money department. It is by far the cheapest on our list and is made with high-quality materials and a simple design that will blend into most backyards and gardens well.

3. Mosaic Birds M045-200 Bird Feeder

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The Mosaic Birds M045-200 Hummble Basic is a bird feeder that immediately caught our attention. It is a much smaller design than some of the other feeders on our list, but with all the same functionality and design features to really make it stand out from the crowd.

This could look great for those with a smaller back yard that are looking for something just a bit more subtle.

Open Top Hook

This bird feeder provides a handy open-top hook which gives you the ultimate choice of where and how to hang this stand out garden feature. This unique feature also gives you the option to hang the feeder individually or vertically connect additional feeders for complete customization.

Eco Friendly

We love a product that is friendly to the environment and if you are looking for a fully sustainable option the Mosaic Birds M045-200 Hummble Basic is a bird feeder is probably the one for you! It has been manufactured with a coated metal construction and recycled glass which not only kind to our environment but provides a durable long-lasting feeder.


  • Open hook top for a customizable option
  • Made with environmentally friendly materials for long-lasting use
  • Extended bowl edge giving your garden visitors somewhere to perch whilst feeding
  • A no-leak design that has not been made with any harsh or toxic chemicals

Value for money

The Mosaic Birds M045-200 Hummble Basic is a bird feeder that is very reasonably priced for such quality and design. It isn’t quite as cheap the feeder in our number 2 review slot but is definitely on the cheaper side when looking through a range of these types of products. We give this the thumbs up on price!

4. Aspects 278 Vista Dome Feeder

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The Aspects 278 Vista Dome Feeder is a very similar design to the Droll Yankees Seed Saver Platform Feeder in our number 1 spot. It has a clever design that helps protect the feed from all weather conditions and is made from durable materials that fully height adjustable.

Easy to assemble

There’s nothing more frustrating than buying a new product and finding that it is difficult to set up. However, finding a product that is actually easy to set up in this day and age is few and far between.

With the Aspects 278 Vista Dome Feeder, you will never have to worry about a complicated DIY job. It is super easy to fix together which means you will have the pleasure of using this right away.

Large feed capacity

This wonderful bird feeder has a large capacity to hold up to 1.25 Quarts of feed at any given time making it much more convenient for you as you won’t need to constantly keep filling it up. The feed is also protected by a very generous sized 12” dome which completely covers the feed meaning feed will likely last a lot longer without going off.


  • Easy to assemble and clean
  • Large feed tray of 8.5”
  • Made from hard-wearing stainless steel and brass suitable for all weathers
  • UV stabilized polycarbonate that protects materials from sun damage

Value for money

We really like the quality and design of this product and probably would have ranked this a bit higher on our list if it hadn’t have been for the price factor. We feel like this feeder is a bit overpriced however not completely out of range. All the products on our list are great value for money however this feeder we would say ranks on the higher end of that scale.

5. Nature Anywhere Large Hanging Bird Feeder

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Last, but certainly not least we have the Nature Anywhere Large Hanging Bird Feeder. This is a simple hanging design that will fit in well in most outdoor areas. It looks particularly great when hung from tree branches. It has lots of fantastic features to offer and some great reviews from happy customers.

Air Circulation System

This feeder has been designed with the bird’s welfare in mind and includes a unique air circulation system that is not often found in other bird feeders.

The circulation of air drains out any rainwater with ease that helps to keep feed fresh and well ventilated. This is a particularly important feature if you plan to load the tray with mealworms which can go off easily.

Money-back guarantee

Sometimes we buy products that we are not 100% sure about and with bird feeders in particular, once they have been tried out in can be very difficult to return them for a refund.

Nature Anywhere has taken customer satisfaction to a new level by promising to provide a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not happy with your purchase. This is a great added extra that provides you with complete peace of mind over your purchase.


  • Air circulation system specifically designed to keep feed fresh and hydrated
  • Money-back guarantee which gets the thumbs up from us!
  • Slide-out container for easy refilling
  • Squirrel-proof – we love the squirrels, but these are for our feathery friends I’m afraid

Value for money

We would consider the Nature Anywhere Large Hanging Bird Feeder to be good value for money and would this at mid-range price point. It isn’t the cheapest on our list, but certainly not the most expensive. If you are looking for a great middle of the road product this may be the one for you.

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