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7 Best Incubators For Parrot Eggs

by Lucy

Did you know adult female parrots have one working ovary? Despite that, parrots are great layers and can even lay eggs without a Mr. parrot being involved. 

While mommy parrots in the wild will incubate their eggs themselves, their behavior may undergo some changes in captivity. Some birds end up eating the eggs they lay, and others abandon them altogether. 

However, if you have a mind to extend your feathery family, you can rely on egg incubators for parrot eggs to get the job done for you. These products can simulate avian incubation with the proper humidity and temperature to ensure you hear the pitter-patter of tiny parrot hatchlings in no time. 

So what are the best incubators for parrot eggs? The best incubators for parrot eggs will offer steady and consistent heat (98.7-99.1°F) and humidity (46-48% RH) and include a fan to distribute heat evenly. You can even find incubators that turn the eggs for you.

That’s where our guide to choosing incubators for parrot eggs comes in. Not only have we compiled seven of the best incubators on the market, but we’ve also put together a handy buyer’s guide so you know what to look for. Let’s crack into it!

Incubators For Parrot Eggs – Buyer’s Guide

We know the term “incubating” may sound a little intimidating, but it can be a pretty simple process once you know what you’re doing. Likewise, buying an egg incubator doesn’t require complicated math or rocket science, so you can rest easy.

You need to keep in mind just a few aspects when you go browsing for an incubator to ensure you get the best price-to-quality ratio and don’t have to deal with pesky after-sales problems, like returns. Here are the top factors you need to consider concerning egg incubators. 

1. Price

When it comes to pet products, pet parents generally want to overlook costs because their pet undoubtedly deserves the best life has to offer. However, cost and expense remain a painful reality where consumerism is concerned. And, perhaps that’s not such a bad thing in today’s world. 

Buyers are often struck dumb at the sheer amount of options available to them when they go shopping. That’s where knowing your price range can help you narrow down your choices to save time.

Egg incubators will typically range anywhere between $24-150, depending on the brand, quality, and extra features. While it’s not recommended to go for the cheapest option, you don’t have to pick the priciest incubator around either. 

Instead, try and match your needs to the features offered by the product, and you’ll be able to choose the incubator to suit your needs and wallet in no time. 

2. Functionality

Any incubator you buy for parrot eggs will need to have an average temperature of at least 98.7-99.1°F because that’s the optimal temp for incubating eggs. 

It’s also important that the incubator includes a fan (or some other measure) to distribute heat evenly throughout. Additionally, having a temperature display is a must if you want to monitor and control the temperature during incubation. 

Humidity is another important factor when selecting incubators because it helps with the natural evaporation of fluid from within the egg to make room for the embryo to grow. There aren’t any clear-cut rules about how much humidity is perfect; however, 46-48% RH comes pretty close to ideal. Also, keep in mind that small parrot eggs need more humidity as opposed to larger ones. 

Getting an incubator that can turn or rotate the eggs for you will definitely be a life-saver because you won’t have to trudge to the machine every two hours to give the eggs a spin.

Finally, getting an incubator that can accommodate various-sized eggs is a good idea. That way, you don’t have to worry about your eggs not fitting or rolling around inside the incubator.

3. Size

Incubators come in several sizes and holding capacities. For example, some can hold nine eggs, while others can accommodate up to 48 eggs. If you’re a newbie when it comes to hatching eggs and don’t have any plans of trying it again – getting a huge incubator isn’t a very good idea. 

On the other hand, if you’re an old hand at incubating eggs and like hatching everything from chicken to duck and parrot eggs, you may want to think about getting your hands on the bigger ones to suit your requirements. 

It’s always a good idea to do some market research before investing in an incubator for parrot eggs. And if you continue to read on, you’ll find a list that will undoubtedly help you on your quest for the best incubator for you.

The 7 Best Incubators For Parrot Eggs

The list of incubators that is before you has products available at Amazon, making the selection and purchasing process easier for you. Not to mention, getting an incubator from Amazon will ensure that the product is delivered right to your doorstep.

RankProductKey Features
1.Magicfly Fully-Automatic Egg IncubatorCompact, 9-12 eggs, LED displau
2.Brinsea Products Full Featured BrooderDoubles as emergency unit, air purifier
3.Jumbl Clear Egg IncubatorEgg candler, precise control, auto egg turner
4.Harris Farms Nurture Right IncubatorAuto egg turner, clear top, egg candler
5.VivoHome Egg IncubatorSmall, adjustable dividers, humidity control
6.Safego Egg IncubatorAir circulation, egg candler, LED display
7.Barcley Egg Incubator by Backyard FarmPortable, auto egg turner, year warranty

1. Magicfly Digital Mini Fully-Automatic Egg Incubator

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When it comes to pricing, the Magicfly Digital Mini Incubator beats the competition. For many new parrot parents, trying their hand out at incubating parrot eggs is a steep learning curve.

If you’re lacking experience and knowledge in the field of parrot egg incubation and don’t want to spend much on the learning process, then Magicfly is your best bet. 

The Magicfly Mini Incubator has an amazing look, comes in A-grade ABS and PP material, and has a space for 9-12 eggs for incubation. Moreover, the design of the Magicfly Mini incubators gives you visibility to monitor the hatching process.

And, it comes with a complete LED display that allows absolute clarity so that you can have peace of mind knowing that your precious parrot eggs are safe.

The Magicfly Mini incubator does come with an instruction manual. Yet, you can’t go so far as to say that it’s an easy read, especially for new parrot parents.

2. Brinsea Products Small Full Featured Brooder

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For the most careful and prepared parrot guardians, the Brinsea Full Featured brooder is the way to go. You see, the Brinsea can function as an incubator for newly hatched birds as well as a medical emergency unit.

This brooder has accurate digital temperature control. The easy-to-use menu consists of high and low-temperature alarms that are adjustable.

Hence, you need not worry about any temperature inconsistencies. Furthermore, it also has a digital display of humidity and fully automatic control with an optional TLC Advance Humidity Pump. 

Now, the Brinsea Brooder goes one step further to provide you with an air filtration unit to purify the air within the brooder, removing any airborne bacteria or fungi from the chamber. Plus, the filter replacements are conveniently available on Amazon too. 

The immersible lower half of the unit comes in a smooth, mirror finish interior that is super easy to clean. There is a removable clear door to allow visibility. Also, you get an adjustable door-mounted vent that allows for fresh air exchange, and there are switchable internal lights.

The only drawback that you may see is the price tag of the Brinsea Brooder. But, considering the well-being of your feathered friend and its eggs, the Brinsea Brooder is more of an investment.

3. Jumbl Clear Egg Incubator

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The Jumbl Clear Egg incubator comes with a fully automatic operation that will allow you to watch your parrot eggs hatch without any worries or stress. 

The Jumble Incubator has an LED display with built-in temperature stabilization, giving you the ability to program precise settings.

It has an auto egg turner, and the advanced tray system includes movable dividers to provide a safe distance between each egg. This means you can incubate up to 36 eggs in the Jumbl Incubator, depending upon the size of the eggs. 

A unique feature of this incubator is the LED Egg Candler. It allows you to test each embryo’s viability and gives you complete visibility to monitor the entire hatching process.

Simply hold the egg over the LED candling lamp to illuminate it and check on the progress of the embryo!

The incubator also includes built-in water channels for controlling humidity levels. Last but not least, there is a great feature for the optimization of airflow to maximize egg comfort and minimize human obstruction.

4. Harris Farms Nurture Right Incubator 

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The Harris Farms Egg Incubator comes at an affordable price and includes some of the best features that most note-worthy egg hatching incubators have.

The Harris Farms Egg Incubator comes with an auto egg turner, so you won’t have to turn the delicate eggs six times a day on average. 

There is 360 degrees of visibility, as the clear top provides you a view of each egg within its chamber.

The digital control setting panel gives you options for temperature stability, optimization of airflow, and an egg candling button to test the embryo viability of each egg.

Plus, you have an air vent that allows you to adjust the humidity within the chamber. And, it comes with an external water pot to allow you access to add water without opening the incubator lid. 

5. VivoHome Egg Incubator 

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Another excellent product for the incubation of parrot eggs. This highly lightweight and compact incubator is the best choice for beginners and bird enthusiasts looking to learn about the hatching process. 

The VivoHome incubator is made of high-grade PC and ABS that makes it durable for long-term use.

It may appear compact, but the adjustable dividers make it possible to house a large capacity. Hence, you can easily fit 16 parrot eggs into this portable incubator. 

The thermostat settings allow high and low temperatures and help maintain embryo health. The built-in water channels allow control over humidity, and the air circulation capacity ensures a higher success rate for egg hatching. 

Not to mention, the VivoHome incubator comes with an easy-to-read as well as an illustrated instruction manual that even the novice home breeder can use.

And, if that isn’t enough for you, VivoHome makes it possible for you to easily install and disassemble the incubator for thorough cleaning to reduce the risk of bacteria. 

6. Safego Egg Incubator 

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With Safego incubators, you get all the premium options of expensive incubator brands at a fraction of the price. Safego incubators have temperature settings that allow for better embryo health.

The built-in fan allows for proper air circulation within the chamber. You even get a high-intensity egg candling lamp for monitoring egg development.

And, you have an auto egg turner that rotates the eggs every two hours. It has a digital display control with temperature options as well as an incubator vent. 

The incubation box comes with a warm jacket that helps save energy and allows for optimal temperature balance.

So, Safego has an LED display, an auto thermometer, and a humidity alarm. And, it has an easy return policy in case you aren’t satisfied with the Safego product. 

7. Barcley Egg Incubator by Backyard Farm 

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This incubator is a small and portable version, allowing you to learn and enjoy the incubation process without having to risk many fertilized eggs in one go. Furthermore, Backyard Farm incubators come with an auto egg turner. 

Many new pet parents find the process of turning eggs over to be a tricky proposition.

You see, these eggs are exceptionally delicate, and even the slightest negligence can cause damage. However, with the Backyard Farm incubator, you’ll be saved from the worry of turning the eggs over 4-8 times in a day. 

Moreover, you get a year’s warranty with Backyard Farm incubators, and it comes with an easy-to-understand instruction manual that even new parrot parents will have no problems using. Also, the price tag is something that is suitable for most budgets.

You can incubate up to seven eggs in one go. Yet, it does take some time to get used to controlling the temperature settings, so you’ll have to be careful about the right temperature before you put the parrot eggs in for incubation.


So, when it comes to hatching parrot eggs at home with an incubator, you have the incubator doing most of the work for you. But, you have to understand that incubating eggs at home requires quite a bit of patience and some learning in advance. You won’t just have to consider the best choice of an incubator. You’ll also have to be prepared for the incoming hatchlings.

Now, it is a fun learning experience, but caring for hatchlings is no small feat. It would be a smart move to do your homework and get some insights from other bird breeders before you venture into this new world of pet care.

And, keep in mind that as soon as the baby parrots come out of their shells, you’ll be their primary caregiver. Therefore, the first step would be to head straight to an avian vet to get the hatchlings some medical attention. Also, vets are best equipped to give you advice regarding providing better care for your feathery friends.

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