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Can Parrots Eat Watermelon?

by Lucy

There’s nothing like having a beautiful bird call out ‘hi gorgeous’ to you every morning. Not only do parrots make fantastic pets because they sound adorable, but these creatures make it to the “best pet” list because they are also highly social, intelligent, and affectionate animals.

Furthermore, these birds are low-maintenance creatures, as you won’t have to worry much about their diet, exercise, or upkeep. Yet, pet parents love to feed their pets several different foods for the sake of variety. And, as the temperatures are at an all-time high, watermelon is a general favorite. So, you’ll find many pet guardians question if it’s safe to feed their parrot watermelon.

So, can parrots eat watermelon? Yes, it is perfectly safe to feed your parrot watermelon in moderation. Not only is it non-toxic for your parrot, but its water content will help keep them hydrated. It also contains fiber and a variety of beneficial vitamins and minerals.

The coolness of the fruit will refresh your winged friend on a hot summer’s day. And, as most parrot parents are well aware of how much their birdies love a good crunch, the crispiness of the watermelon will win over your parrot’s heart in no time. But, let’s talk a little about the best way to feed watermelon to your parrot safely.

Why Is Watermelon Good For Parrots?

No part of the watermelon is toxic for parrots, including the seeds of watermelons. Watermelons serve as a delightful treat for your parrot. You shouldn’t give anything out of the refrigerator to your feathered companion, so you don’t need to chill it first.

Watermelons are water-based fruit, meaning that more than 90% of the fruit is composed of water. Therefore, it makes sense to assume that a few bites of watermelon will suffice if your bird is dehydrated. The proper functioning of the liver, kidney, and heart depends on an animal’s hydration level. Not to mention, the sweetness and juiciness of watermelon make it irresistible for parrots, as a vast majority seem to have a sweet tooth. 

As you may know, processed sugar is relatively toxic for birds. You can appease your bird’s thirst for a sweet snack with just a couple of bites of watermelon instead. But, if you think that is all a watermelon is suitable for, you couldn’t be more wrong. You see, watermelons are full of fiber. Fiber helps with a healthy bowel movement and lowers the risk of constipation.

Additionally, food experts claim that watermelon contains quite an impressive inventory of vitamins and minerals. These include vitamin A, C, B1, B5, and B6. Also, it contains phosphorus, potassium, and magnesium. Moreover, watermelons consist of antioxidants such as L-citrulline and Lycopene that make watermelons particularly healthy for humans.

You see, antioxidants help prevent cardiac issues, promote cell generation, prevent stress oxidation, and slow aging. Now, your parrots are, no doubt, going to profit from this impressive list of health benefits. Yet, too much of a good thing can be bad too.

How Should You Feed Your Parrot Watermelons?

As impressive as watermelon is, there is still a limit to how much you can feed your parrot. Excessive consumption of watermelon means high sugar levels in your bird. It also means that there will be too much fiber in your pet’s system, which can lead to diarrhea.

Watermelon will help your bird with hydration. But, if your parrot suffers from severe stomach upset due to too much watermelon, it’ll lose more water than it should.

So, it would help if you offered watermelon to your pet as a snack. It’s always a wise move to stay away from GMO produce laden with chemicals and growth enhancers. The best buy for your parrot and your family would be organic produce. 

You need to make sure you give no more than two tablespoons of watermelon to your bird twice a week. It doesn’t matter if it’s chopped up or sliced watermelon, as your bird is going to love it either way. 

Final Thoughts

Having a pet in the house has many plus points. Parrots are spectacular creatures that are both fun and affectionate. But, like any other pet, your parrots will also need your devotion, just as it showers its love on you.

It becomes your responsibility to care for your parrot every step of the way, particularly when it comes to its diet. Yes, variety is the spice of life, and your parrot loves to eat as much as you do. 

But, it is equally essential that you feed your bird healthy meals and wholesome snacks. And watermelon certainly is a delicious and nutritious snack. Yet, you have to be cautious about how much fruit you feed your parrot. 

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