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Do Ducks Eat Carrots? – Everything You Need To Know

by Lucy

Ducks enjoy quite a variety of different vegetables, which makes keeping them on a healthy diet quite easy. Vegetables are full of different nutrients, and can add some color to their food, which they often love!

When giving your ducks vegetables, you should keep in mind that some vegetables are better for ducks than others, and some vegetables should not be given to them. Understanding which vegetables you can feed you duck will help you give them the best diet. One such vegetable to consider is carrots.

Can ducks eat carrots? Ducks can eat carrots, and they are very nutritious root vegetables that your duck can enjoy as treats. However, it is important to remember that ducks might have a hard time eating whole carrots raw. You will have to cut, grate, or cook up carrots for them to enjoy.

So, here is all you need to know about feeding your ducks some carrots in a way that is easy for them to eat and enjoy! 

The Benefits Of Feeding Carrots To Your Ducks

There are a good few benefits of feeding carrots to your ducks. Just remember that everything should be done in moderation, and the carrots should be more of a treat than a regular meal.

Here are some reasons why you should feed carrots to your ducks!

  • Water – Carrots are composed of around 88% water. You should never use this to replace clean drinking water for your ducks – but carrot, as a water-rich food, is great to treat your ducks as they are digestible and help to boost hydration.
  • Carbs – There is a good amount of carbs in carrots, with around 100 grams of carrots containing 41 calories. Carrots are comprised mainly of water and carbs, so they are a good source of energy!
  • Beta-carotene – If you have egg-laying ducks and want good quality eggs, then beta-carotene is good for your ducks. It enables the duck eggs to have a beautiful orange yolk.
  • Easy preparation – Carrots are super easy to prepare for your ducks! You probably use carrots in your cooking during the week, and you can easily chop up some extra, or grate small pieces to feed to your ducks.
  • Important vitamins and minerals – Carrots contain some great vitamins and minerals which are not only beneficial to your ducks, but to their eggs as well.
    • Vitamin A in carrots helps to enhance the duck’s growth rate, and improve egg production, antibody production, and hatchability.
    • Biotin enhances egg production and reduces footpad burn which happens when ducks walk over a hard surface for long periods.
    • Vitamin B6 encourages the proper growth of organs, it improves egg production, egg weight, and weakened feather growth.

Do Ducks Eat Carrot Peelings?

Yes, ducks do eat carrot peelings, and it is recommended that you keep your carrot peelings aside to feed to your ducks!

The carrot peelings are so much easier for the ducks to eat compared to larger, chopped up pieces of carrot. You can keep your carrot peelings saved up in a container in the fridge, and give a little to your ducks at a time as a tasty snack.

Not only is this really economical, but it reduces your kitchen waste as well, while still providing your ducks with the great nutrients that carrots have to offer.

Can Ducks Eat Carrot Tops?

Ducks can eat carrot tops, and it is a great treat for them as they have great nutritious content. Carrot tops contain a good amount of vitamin C, vitamin A, dietary fiber, and calcium.

The vitamin A in the carrot tops is super helpful, as a vitamin A deficiency in ducks can be shown through weeping eyes. Increased vitamin A needs to be given to prevent this, and this can be done through carrot tops!

Vitamin C in the carrot tops helps your ducks grow to their full-body weight, and will also help with better egg production.

The dietary fiber found in carrot tops help with gizzard development and enhances their health and growth. Calcium helps to form a significant portion of the eggshell and helps to prevent calcium deficiency in ducks.

There is a difference between using carrot greens and carrot tubes, as the greens in the tops contain additional vitamins, such as vitamin K, which the tube does not. Vitamin K is a fat-soluble mineral that helps to synthesize certain proteins for the proper clotting of blood.

Using carrot tops for your ducks is also super easy if you use carrots in your cooking as well. You do not usually cook the carrot tops, so you can chop them off and keep them in the fridge for when it is time to treat the ducks!

Along with chopped and grated carrots, you should definitely add carrot tops to your ducks’ diet!

Can Ducklings Eat Carrots?

Depending on their age, ducklings can have carrots. You can introduce carrots to your ducklings along with cucumbers, broccoli, corn, and sweet potato, but these should only take up around 10% of their diet and should be considered as treats.

Ducklings can enjoy an unlimited supply of greens as well, such as romaine, lettuce, celery, chard, kale, and carrot greens. You can also try to give them some herbs, grass, and safe, edible weeds.

Make sure though to grate the carrots, cook them or chop them up really small for the ducklings, as they definitely won’t be able to manage large pieces of hard carrot.

Should I Feed My Duck Organic Carrots?

You might not know whether or not you should give your duck organic carrots or just regular store-bought carrots. Is there a difference?

There is no real difference nutrition-wise with organic and normal carrots, but there is a difference with the amount of pesticide residue found on normal carrots compared to organic carrots.

Due to this, you should choose organic carrots, just to protect your ducks from being exposed to high amounts of pesticides, which could prove harmful if consumed in larger amounts, even if the nutritional content is the same.

What To Keep In Mind When Feeding Carrots To your Ducks

There are a couple of things you need to keep in mind when feeding carrots to your ducks!

  • Avoid giving your ducks canned carrots. These have a high salt content and this could be harmful to your ducks.
  • Ducks will more than likely avoid eating whole raw carrots, even baby-sized carrots. You should chop raw carrots into small bite-sized pieces for them, or grate them. This will make it easier to eat, and they will be more likely to eat them.
  • Carrots contain certain dyes that might change the color and the consistency of their poop. You do not need to worry about this. Other foods such as tomatoes, greens, cherries, and beets do this as well.

How Often Should I Feed My Ducks Carrots?

If your duck loves carrots, they will probably want to eat their fill, however you need to prevent them from doing this, as it could cause them to lose out on other nutritional foods.

Being water-rich, the carrots can also cause the ducks to release waste which contains more water than it usually does, which is why too many carrots are not recommended. 

Carrots should only be fed to ducks as a treat, and this should only comprise of 10% of a ducks daily diet. The rest should be high-quality duck feed.

Alternate the days you feed your duck carrots, as there are other treats you can switch between, and you can keep the carrots as a special treat by only offering them in small quantities from time to time.

Related Questions

Can I feed my duck frozen carrots?

You can feed your duck frozen carrots, and you can easily keep these carrots stored in the freezer for when it is time to treat your ducks. However, the carrots do need to be defrosted before you feed them to your duck.

Leave the carrots in the fridge to thaw overnight, and then make sure they are grated or chopped up before offering them up as a treat.

Can I feed my duck’s cooked carrots?

Yes, you can feed your duck’s cooked carrots. It is actually great to feed your duck’s cooked carrots, as they can eat them whole, no matter if they are large or baby carrots. It is also easy to chop up cooked carrots into small pieces, especially if they don’t want to eat them whole.

What fruits can a duck eat?

Ducks can be given fruit as a treat. You can feed them grapes, plums, bananas, pears, and peaches. They are particularly fond of watermelon and will eat the rind as well!

Feeding Carrots To Ducks

Ducks can enjoy carrots, but you need to feed them carrots in moderation, as a treat every now and then. Make sure to chop the carrots up into small pieces, grate the carrots, or save up some carrot peels to make it easier for them to eat.

Carrots have some wonderful nutrients for your ducks, but make sure to only feed them a small amount now and then!

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