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Do Bearded Dragons Like Blankets?

by Lucy

Bearded dragons make amazing pets. Not only are these creatures fun to watch and observe, but they are also docile and low-maintenance. Some folks believe reptiles, unlike mammals, don’t make affectionate or friendly pets. But if they were to adopt one for themselves, they’d change their minds.

You see, just as your fluffy kitty loves to cuddle and snuggle, there are plenty of bearded dragons that love nothing better than to snuggle up close to their humans. In fact, many beardie owners claim that they even love cuddling up under a soft, warm blanket.

So, do bearded dragons like blankets? Bearded dragons, like any other animal, have preferences. So, while it is true that most beardies love blankets, there are a few oddballs that may not like them at all. Therefore, it would be making a rather sweeping statement to claim that all bearded dragons like blankets.

Let’s talk a bit about why bearded dragons may like cuddling up under blankets and whether or not it’s safe to let them do so.

Are Blankets Safe For Bearded Dragons?

It is common knowledge that reptiles are cold-blooded. Now, being cold-blooded simply means that the animal doesn’t naturally produce body heat for themselves and they need to find sources elsewhere.

These creatures are unable to regulate their own body temperature to match the changes in the environment. If your beardie is cold, they will have to bask in the sun to feel warm. Therefore, many beardie enthusiasts think that supplying their pets with a blanket will provide them with warmth. 

However, that is far from true; blankets only act as insulation. Sure, they may keep the cold air out and prevent your pet from losing any more body heat than they already have. However, a blanket does not work to increase your reptile’s initial temperature. So, if your pet is cold, it will continue to be cold even in a fleece blanket or quilt.

However, there is little to fear when you present your bearded dragon with any blanket, fleece or otherwise. Beardies aren’t allergic to organic or synthetic materials. And if the blanket that you offer to your reptilian friend isn’t too large, then it’s unlikely that your pet will get crushed under the weight of it or get lost. Just make sure to keep an eye on them!

Why Do Bearded Dragons Need Warmth?

As mentioned earlier, bearded dragons are cold-blooded, and they can’t regulate their own body temperatures. They need to rely on external factors to heat up or cool down.

Heat is as essential for reptiles as it is for humans. Fortunately, the human body is designed to generate its own heat, but it comes to reptiles, these creatures need external heat to create energy in their bodies. The energy that their body creates is then utilized to digest the food they have consumed.

On the other hand, when their body is overheated, they must rely on the environment to bring down their temperature. This is why your beardie will often take refuge in their cool hide or burrow holes in the substrate to use as a cool and dark place to chill out.

What Soft Things Should You Offer Your Beardie?

The most important thing you must understand about your pet is that beardies don’t need blankets for warmth, but they still seem to have a natural affinity for all things cuddly and soft. You may even find the odd pet parent tucking their bearded dragon in at night with a soft toy.

Many beardie owners vouch that their pets are addicted to some plush toy or blankets and that they want around them all the time. But, these toys do not provide your pet with heat, just comfort.

Now, it’s impossible to give a precise answer and claim whether your reptile will prefer a plush toy or fleece blanket. Beardies have individual likes and dislikes. So, while some snuggle into blankets, others prefer to cuddle into soft toys. There are even some bearded dragons that do not enjoy the comfort of a blanket or plush toy at all.

If you look at most domestic bearded dragons, most seem to enjoy double-sided blankets where one side is made of fleece to prevent cold air from reducing them, and the other side is soft to give ultimate comfort.

Choosing A Blanket For Your Bearded Blanket

When you go out looking for a blanket for your beardie, you should not just keep in mind the kind of fabric that the blankets are made of, but the durability, the softness, and the washability of the blanket as well. So, without further ado, let’s look at some of the factors that you must keep in mind before you buy blankets for your bearded dragon.

  • Price

You need to have multiple blankets for your bearded dragon. The reason for this is due to hygiene. If your beardie loves their blanket, they’ll want to keep it close.

And that means that there is a strong probability that your beardie will soil the blanket too. To prevent them from contracting infections and diseases, you must repeatedly wash or replace the coverings. Therefore, it helps if you purchase a gentle blanket for your pet, but it should also be gentle on your pocket.

You could even buy one big fleece blanket or a roll of material and cut it into several smaller blankets.

  • Durability

Frequent washing of blankets often tends to make the edges fray or cause the material to become rough. Your beardie will refuse to snuggle into any fabric that doesn’t feel soft or provide comfort. So, it’ll be best if you buy a blanket that offers some form of guarantee about the quality of the blanket.

  • Quality

Many pet parents feel that it is best to go with a product that is 100% organic. Beardies don’t necessarily feel that way. You see, your reptile is simply going to prefer the fabric that is most plush or soft. Most double-sided blankets are made with 100% polyester, which ensures that the blanket has a long life and stays softer for longer, even after repeated washes.

  • Machine-Washable

Yes, pet guardians love their pets. But, many simply do not have the time to spare to wash each blanket their pet uses by hand. Therefore, you’d best buy a blanket for your pet that can easily be washed and dried in a washing machine. 

How To Keep Your Bearded Dragon Warm At Night

You already know that your reptilian friend is likely going to feel comfy and cozy with their blanket wrapped around. But, that is not the only thing that you need to consider when it comes to providing heat for your pet at night.

The best way to provide heat to your bearded dragon at night is by getting a heat pad that sticks to the outside of the bottom of the tank. This way, you can turn their heat lamp off and they’ll still have plenty of warmth. They also won’t have access to scratch or otherwise damage the electric heat pad when placed on the outside.

You can also use a slightly warm water bottle in addition to a blanket. However, some parents worry that their reptile might claw the hot water bottle and cause damage not just to the bottle but also to themselves. 

Final Thoughts

Bearded dragons take a while to develop trust, but once there is a connection between beardie and owner, your pet will come to enjoy spending time in your company. Many pet parents even claim that their beardies like being handled and staying close to them. 

These reptiles require little of your time and attention. However, the more love and care you offer your pet, the closer your pet will bond with you. If you want them to feel some added comfort and warmth, try giving them a blanket.

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