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6 Best Rabbit Diapers

by Lucy

Rabbit diapers might not seem like something everyone would be familiar with, but to a pet owner, they could be a real help!

Rabbits notoriously poop quite a bit, and because of this, it can be difficult keeping them on your lap or letting them roam around the house, as it amounts to quite a bit of cleaning!

You do, however, need to be careful with using diapers for your rabbits. They are delicate and frighten easily, and you would not want to put a diaper on them that could be uncomfortable or which could cause them stress.

So, which is the best rabbit diaper? A good rabbit diaper will fit your rabbit comfortably and will not irritate them in any way. The diaper should also help to contain any leaks or waste so that they are serving their purpose and keeping your lap and your carpets clean.

It really is important to put some thought into choosing the best diaper for your rabbit, as you always want a happy, healthy bunny on your hands!

Can Rabbits Wear Diapers?

Rabbits can wear diapers, but there is some debate on the topic. There are pros and cons to rabbits wearing diapers, and as a pet owner, you would need to weigh these to decide whether or not you think it is the right option for your rabbit.

Pros Of Rabbit Diapers

The biggest pro to using rabbit diapers is that rabbits poop a lot, so using a diaper prevents their poop from messing on your lap or around the house. This means you can play with your rabbit poop-free, and they can explore the house without causing too much mess.

These diapers also help for vet trips, when you have to transport your rabbit in the car. Rabbits also tend to spray urine when excited or to mark their territory, and it can be hard to remove this smell.

Many owners use diapers for rabbits who are old or even disabled. Their limited mobility means that they will poop or spray urine where they are, and sitting in this mess can have some serious health issues. Using a diaper helps to contain this and keep them clean if you’re replacing and washing them regularly.

Cons Of Rabbit Diapers

When using a rabbit diaper, you will need to change the diaper often, as their urine can burn them.

But the main con to rabbits wearing diapers is that it prevents them from eating their cecotropes, which are balls of partially digested food that passes through the rabbit’s digestive system, which they then eat again. These contain beneficial vitamins, bacteria, and fatty acids to keep your rabbit healthy.

By wearing a diaper, your rabbit will not be able to eat the cecotropes, which means they are missing out on some really important nutrition. This is especially true for rabbits who wear diapers all the time.

Those who are against rabbits wearing diapers suggest that you should instead train your rabbit to use a litter box to minimize mess.

Buyer’s Guide – Rabbit Diapers

When choosing the best diaper for your rabbit, you do have to be quite picky. There are some factors to consider that will help you pick out the best diaper for your rabbit, to keep them happy, and to keep your home clean.

Type of Diaper

The first big choice you need to make is what type of diaper you are going to use. There are two options – disposable diapers, or reusable cloth diapers.

  • Disposable – Disposable rabbit diapers look very similar to baby diapers and are made with a mixture of different waterproof and absorbent materials. These are great as you do not have to worry about washing them, and you can pop them in the trash when done. However, you need to make sure that your rabbit does not chew through the plastic, as this could make them quite sick. Disposable diapers are also cheap, but continuously buying them over time can add up.
  • Cloth – Cloth diapers are reusable, as you wash them after your rabbit has worn them. You can also have some fun with cloth diapers, as they come in different prints and colors. There are also different size cloth diapers you can choose from, so you are able to choose the one that fits your rabbit best. Cloth diapers can be more expensive to start, but as you will reuse them, you will save money over time by not having to buy new diapers.


You will have to try and measure your rabbit before purchasing diapers for them. Diapers do come in different sizes, and for the diaper to be comfortable and effective at preventing mess and leaks, it will need to fit properly.

Unfortunately, many of the ones available online today are made for small dogs rather than rabbits. The smallest sizes will still work, but they may be slightly too large or differently proportioned when it comes to rabbits. You may have to do some trial and error if you decide to go with small dog diapers to make sure they work for your rabbit.


Whether you choose to go with disposable or cloth diapers, the material has to be safe for your rabbit. Check to see that the material has been rated as safe for pets and that it will not cause irritation or harm to your rabbit.

Ease Of Use

Rabbits are known to kick and fuss a little when they are not happy, and trying to put a complicated diaper on a rabbit who is not happy can be difficult.

For this reason, you need to choose a diaper that is fairly easy to put on. You don’t want to be left wrestling with your rabbit each time they need their diaper on, as it is not only frustrating for you, but it will be really stressful for them as well.

Simple Velcro straps or tabs are best, whichever allows you to put their diaper on easily and with little stress.

Tail Opening

The diaper should have an opening for their tail, so make sure to check for this. If there is no opening for their tail, it could cause their tail to become wet, which could lead to some serious skin conditions for them. 

The tail opening should allow their tail to fit through, but should not be so big that it allows for liquids and solids to pass through – or this would defeat the purpose of the diaper. It should be snug but not too tight, and comfortable for them to wear.

The Best Rabbit Diapers

If you decide to use diapers for your rabbit, you need to pick the best option out there. The diaper needs to be comfortable and safe for your rabbit, and it needs to prevent leaks as well.

Here are the best diapers for rabbits at the moment:

RankProductKey Features
1.BunnyDiapers Washable Bunny DiaperDesigned for rabbits, washable, reusable
2.Vecomfy Washable Dog DiapersWaterproof, adjustable waist, reusable
3.Pet Soft Doggie DiapersDisposable, denim print, absorbent, comfortable
4.Pet Parents Washable Dog DiapersReusable, 3 pack, absorbent + waterproof
5.Simple Solution Disposable Dog DiapersLeak-proof, disposable, fur-freindly, tail hole
6.Dr. Judy Morgan’s Naturally Healthy Pets Reusable DiapersReusable, waterproof, patterned

1. BunnyDiapers Washable Bunny Diaper

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One of the only companies that sell diapers specifically made to fit a rabbit’s proportions, complete with tail holes, is BunnyDiapers.

Their products come in a wide range of colors and patterns for you to choose from so your bunny can look stylish every day of the week!

They have both cloth diapers and waterproof diapers so you can be sure they will catch everything you don’t want all over your floors. Both types are easily washable and reusable.

Not only do they provide different types of diapers in different styles, but they also provide a range of sizes from XX-Small to XX-Large!

No matter what breed or size your rabbit is, you can find something that perfectly suits them in their long list of quality products.

2. Vecomfy Washable Dog Diapers

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These extra small dog diapers are ideal to use for your rabbit when you need some added protection. The diapers have two layers of microfiber pads sewn together, layered within the cover of the diaper.

The outer layer of the diaper is 100% waterproof and leak-proof and will prevent any mess from staining your carpet or your clothes when you are holding your rabbit.

With an adjustable waist, the diaper can be adjusted to fit your rabbit comfortably, so they are happy when using the diaper and it isn’t irritating to them.

The diaper is easy to put on and easy to take off. Elastic in the belly, and along the edges of the waist and the tail hole, will fit your rabbit snuggly.

The soft mesh-lined fabric is smooth and comfortable on your rabbit’s skin, with the advanced nylon fabric being made to be safe for pets to use.

The diaper is also reusable. The three diapers in the set can be washed time and time again and still be reliable for your rabbit to use.

There are three fun colors and some patterns to choose from, so your rabbit can wear their diaper in style!

3. Pet Soft Doggie Diapers

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These Pet Soft dog diapers are made for extra small dogs, but they can be used for rabbits as well.

The waist of the diaper measures 8-14″ and they are for pets who weigh between 4.4-8.8lbs, so it does help to measure and weigh your rabbit before you buy.

Not only are these diapers wonderfully effective, but they are quite stylish too! They have a denim print so it will look as if your bunny is wearing little denim shorts!

There are 8 diapers in one pack, but they are disposable, so you will only be able to use them once each. This is a good option if you do not use rabbit diapers often, and just need to keep some spare for use now and then.

The super absorbing diapers can quickly absorb liquid and hold in any solids as well, so this effectively prevents unwanted spills and accidents.

The diapers are also very comfortable to wear, and should not cause any irritation to your rabbit’s fur and skin. There is also a little tail hole for their tail to fit through, keeping them as happy and comfortable as can be!

4. Pet Parents Washable Dog Diapers

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Pet Parents is a trusted brand when it comes to pet diapers, and their washable dog diapers are a great choice if you are looking for cloth diapers for your rabbit.

The waist size of the diapers suits rabbits with a waist measuring 9-15″, but there is an option to choose a smaller size if needed.

There are 3 different color diapers included in each pack, and these three diapers are all very economical, as you can wash and reuse them time and time again without having to replace them.

Soft and comfortable, the diapers will not cause discomfort to your rabbit, and the Velcro closures are quick and easy to secure, so you do not have to worry about complicated straps and buttons, and you don’t have to fight with your rabbit each time you try to put their diaper on.

An absorbent layer is sewn into the diaper, and this is then enclosed in a waterproof outer layer to keep in leaks and solids.

Reliable and easy to use, you and your rabbit won’t mind using these reusable diapers, but just remember to measure your rabbit before choosing a size!

5. Simple Solution Disposable Dog Diapers

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These disposable diapers can be used for rabbits, and feature a unique fit and stretch fabric that helps them fit comfortably on your rabbit, so they won’t mind wearing them now and then around the house.

The disposable diapers were designed with fur in mind, with fur-friendly fasteners that prevent their fur from sticking to the folds and tabs. This means no irritation or fuss when putting the diaper on or taking it off.

With leak-proof materials, the diapers will not allow liquids or solids to leak out, keeping your surroundings (and yourself) clean!

To make the diapers even better for your rabbit, there is a secure tail hole that will allow their little fluffy tails to stick out of, keeping them cool and comfortable!

6. Dr. Judy Morgan’s Naturally Healthy Pets Reusable Diapers

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Machine washable, these disposable diapers can be used time and time again to save you money in the long run, and they are comfortable for your rabbit to use too!

A waterproof outer layer with a mesh inner layer provides the best level of protection against leaks and messes, and an absorbent mesh in the ‘catch zone’ further helps to prevent leaks.

The three different patterns and colors in the pack are really quite fun, and they are available in four different sizes, so you can pick the size that suits your rabbit the best.

They are easy to put on and take off, and feature a comfy tail hole that doesn’t allow for any leaks either!

Final Thoughts

There are some good options on the market when it comes to choosing diapers to use for your rabbit. Just remember not to have your rabbit in a diaper too often, and to only use a diaper when necessary. Never leave your rabbit in their cage with a diaper on.

Choose a diaper that fits them properly and which is comfortable to wear. Decide whether disposable or cloth diapers are best suited to your needs, and then choose the best diaper from the list above!

Related Questions

Should My Rabbit Wear A Diaper?

There are pros and cons to a rabbit wearing a diaper, and at the end of the day, you need to make a decision that suits both of you best.

A rabbit diaper can help to prevent mess and urine sprays, but it can also prevent your rabbit from eating their cecotropes, which are vital to their health.

To get the best of both worlds, you should only put a diaper on your rabbit when absolutely necessary and only for small amounts of time. Try to encourage them to use a litter box. This way, you can still enjoy the protection a rabbit diaper brings when needed, but your rabbit will not be missing out on vital nutrients.

Can You Litter Train A Rabbit?

Rabbits can be litter trained just like cats. Litter training your rabbit can take some time, but once done, you can allow your rabbit to run around the house freely without worrying about them causing too much mess along the way.

Rabbits do prefer to pass urine or stool in the same place, so training them to use a litter box shouldn’t be too difficult, and they may even prefer it!

Why Do Rabbits Pee Everywhere?

Rabbits are territorial, and they mark their territory by spraying their urine. They spray their urine to establish their territory. Many owners find that their rabbits pee on the bed or couch, and this is just their way of showing that they are trying to establish their place in your home.

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