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Can Rabbits Eat Guava?

by Lucy

Trying to get some variety into your rabbit’s diet can be difficult. There are so many types of foods that rabbits should not consume and therefore finding alternatives can be tricky.

It may seem pretty boring to you living a life of feeding on hay and pellets day in and day out, but this is the ideal foodstuff for our furry friends. Vegetables such as leafy greens can be a great additional supplement to your rabbit’s diet however caution must be taken when considering feeding fruit.

We were asked this week whether it was an acceptable option to feed guava to a rabbit and therefore we decided to delve into this topic a little deeper to find out the score.

So, can rabbits eat guava? Rabbits can only eat guava in very small amounts since it has very high sugar and acidity levels which is likely to cause an upset stomach. It is always best to avoid feeding your rabbit fruits such as guava in general since it does not agree well with their complex digestive system.

Feeding guava to your rabbit can cause them some serious stomach issues especially feeding in large quantities. It may seem like the odd guava a few times a week would be perfectly fine to feed your rabbit, but in reality, this is an unhealthy option that can cause much more harm than good.

Problems With Feeding Rabbits Guava

Firstly, the sugar content is extremely high which means your rabbit is likely to pack on the pounds in no time at all. Obesity is a common problem for rabbits since they do not generally get enough exercise to burn off the calorie intake they consume.

Guava is a very sweet fruit that rabbits find particularly enticing. Feeding too much guava will likely put them off eating their regular food such as hay and pellets which are vital components for proper digestive function and overall health.

Acidity is high in guava fruit which can mess with your rabbit’s digestive tract and gut. It isn’t uncommon for rabbits that have eaten too much guava to experience severe stomach ache, diarrhea, and loose stools.

As a general rule of thumb it is advisable to avoid feeding guava to your rabbit and stick to their regular feeding regime which should consist of:

  • Hay – which should be readily available to them throughout the day
  • Pellets – a small handful per day (this brand is our favorite)
  • Vegetables – leafy greens are usually best on an ad-hoc basis (should not take over their diet as a whole)

If there is a real need to feed guava to your rabbit then caution must be taken. Whole guava fruit is way too much in one sitting. A small slice is a sufficient amount to feed however you must be aware that this will still be too much for most rabbits and could still cause complications.

Can rabbits eat guava leaves?

If you are planning on feeding your rabbit guava then the best part of the fruit to feed your furry friend is without a doubt the leaves!

Guava in general is not a great food source for rabbits, however, the leaves are full of nutritional content. They are packed with antioxidants such as Vitamin C and flavonoids and will unlikely cause gastrointestinal issues like the fruit itself does.

The leaves of guava fruits are much easier for your rabbit to consume and by far will provide them with much more vitamins and minerals than the fleshy part of the fruit.

Guava leaves have been used in human herbal medicines for years and are considered to be very safe for your rabbit to consume.

Can rabbits eat guava seeds?

Guava seeds are unfortunately bad news for rabbits and if you are feeding them any part of this fruit you will want to ensure that the seeds have been successfully removed.

Seeds are a choking hazard for rabbits and you must not under any circumstances consider feeding them to your rabbit.

The seeds can be found encased in the juicy, soft pulp and can be easily removed with some careful attention to details. Not only are guava seeds a choking hazard for rabbits, but they are also high in fatty oils and are likely to contribute to obesity.


In conclusion, it is always best to avoid feeding most parts of the guava fruit to your rabbit. The guava flesh, skin, and seeds do not contribute in any way to a healthy diet for our furry companions.

The good news is that the leaves can be a great way to spruce up your rabbit’s diet and add a bit of variety into the mix. Guava leaves are packed full of nutrition and are perfectly safe for your rabbit to consume.

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