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The Best Sand Bath For Gerbils

by Lucy

A sand bath?” I hear you say! Sounds a bit strange, doesn’t it?

However not all animal species take well to bathing in water to keep themselves clean. Gerbils (along with several other rodents) do not do too well with getting wet. It is best to keep them clean by letting them roll around in sand.

But what is the best sand bath for gerbils? The best sand bath should use bacteria-free, all-natural sand, so any extra dust is also natural, for them and for you. Bath houses or containers should be made of durable material that won’t allow too much sand to spill out and should have an opening for your gerbil’s comfort and safety.

In this guide we’ll walk you through some of the best sand baths (physical containers) as well as some of the best sands to use for your gerbil’s bathing needs.

Why a Sand Bath?

Gerbils do not like swimming or getting wet. Water can irritate gerbils and can cause certain skin conditions which is best avoided.

Aside from gerbils generally hating being in water, wet fur can create a whole host of other complications such as hypothermia which can essentially cause death if not dealt with quickly enough.

It is always best to provide your gerbil with a fresh sand bath once a week or so, so they can take care of cleaning themselves and removing any grease and debris from their delicate coats.

Gerbils also absolutely love rolling around in sand baths so doubles up as a fun activity for them too. 

Sand baths are pretty simple to use and there are many types available on the market to choose from. You will more often than not need to purchase the sand separately to the bath.

It is vitally important that you choose sand that has been specifically made for gerbils or other rodents that bathe in sand such as hamsters and chinchillas.

Best Sand Bath for Gerbils

With so many types of sand baths for gerbils on the market it can be difficult to determine which ones would be best for your furry friend.

Fortunately, we’ve found some of the best options out there for you to consider:

1.Kaytee Ceramic Small Critter BathCeramic bath
2.Lixit Chinchilla Dry BathDurable plastic bath
3.Kaytee Chinchilla Bath HouseDurable plastic house + sand sample
4.Petzilla Hamster Wooden HouseWooden house
5.Tiny Friends Farm Bathing Sand100% natural sand (2.2 lbs)
6.Kaytee Critter Bath Powder100% pumice powder (14 oz)
7.Hamiledyi Hamster Bathing Sand100% natural sand (2 lbs)

Let’s take a closer at some of the best sand bath for gerbils available to currently purchase to help make your search just that bit easier.

1. Kaytee Ceramic Small Critter Bath

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The Kaytee small animal ceramic critter bath is without a doubt one of the very best sand baths on the market right now. This cute design is just the right size for pet gerbils and is made with durable ceramic that is long-lasting. It comes in 4 fab colors to fit perfectly into any gerbil abode and neatly contains the dust to minimize mess.

Chew Proof

We all know that gerbils chew through absolutely anything they can get their hands on which often leaves you in a position of having to constantly replace chewed up items.

You’ll never have this issue with the Kaytee small animal critter bath since it has been designed with this in mind. This strong and highly durable bath has been made from ceramic to deter even the most avid chewer!

Ideal Size For Gerbils

It is often the case that sand baths are made to fit all sizes of rodent including the larger varieties such as Chinchillas. This can often mean that gerbils are overwhelmed in the sand bath since it is much too big for them.

Some gerbils prefer a much smaller option and the Kaytee small animal ceramic critter bath is ideal for this scenario. Gerbils can feel secure and cosy in this bath which will provide them with the ultimate bathing experience.


  • Chew Proof Ceramic
  • The perfect size for gerbils
  • 4 colours available

Value for Money

The Kaytee small animal ceramic critter bath is not necessarily the cheapest, but without a doubt is the most durable and long-lasting. This bath likely falls into a mid-range budget, and we think it is worth every penny!

2. Lixit Chinchilla Dry Bath

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The Lixit dry bath was originally designed for larger rodents such as chinchillas. This isn’t to say that this isn’t suitable for gerbils, however, especially since some gerbils prefer the extra space that this bath brings. Made with strong plastic and designed in such a way to eliminate unnecessary mess this is a great option for your little pet.

Larger Sized Bath

Some gerbils love more room to roll around and are not so keen on cramped spaces. The Lixit dry bath gives them adequate room to roll around to their hearts content without creating excess mess thanks to cave like design with high sides.

Easy Clean

Cleaning is never fun and the easier we can make it the better right? The Lixit dry bath has been designed with ease in mind. This versatile bath has been made with easy wipe down plastic and can be completely taken apart for easy cleaning and storing.


  • A larger cave like bath with high walls to reduce mess
  • Can be taken apart easily to clean
  • Made from sturdy plastic

Value for Money

The Lixit dry bath is a great value for money option, which falls into a low to medium budget range that should suit most buyers. With its sturdy plastic design for long wear and easy clean functionality this is without a doubt a great all-round buy!

3. Kaytee Chinchilla Bath House

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Kaytee is a very popular small, animal brand, and we couldn’t resist adding another great bath option. This bath house has been designed for chinchillas, however we can’t see any reason why this wouldn’t be a good option for your gerbil or other rodents too. This is a decently sized bath for your gerbil and made from good quality materials that are long-lasting.

Multiple Colors Available

If you are the type of owner that isn’t too fussy about color choices then you’ll enjoy the surprise color of this bath house. It comes in an array of assorted colors that are randomly picked and dispatched to you. This won’t necessarily suit everyone, but if you aren’t fussy and like surprises then this bath is a great choice.


This is another enclosed bath which is almost completely covered except a small hole for your gerbil to enter and exit. There’s no doubt about it, sand can be pretty messy at the best of times. For those looking for a mess free, tidy life this bath most certainly fits the bill.


  • Multiple colours to suit any taste
  • Enclose unit to reduce mess
  • Free sample of Kaytee dust sand with every order!

Value for Money

The Kaytee small animal bath is not the cheapest on our list, and we would consider this to fall into a medium to high budget range which may not suit all buyers.

However, this is a fantastic, high-quality product that will last your gerbil a decent length of time. We think the quality vs the cost is worthwhile!

4. Petzilla Hamster Wooden House

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For those looking for something a bit quirky in their life, I bring to you the Petzilla Wooden House! This is a stylish and modern multi-purpose house that can also be used for sand baths – for your gerbil, hamster (as advertised) and other little critters. It has a beautiful design that comes in a choice of colors and will ensure your gerbil is the talk of the town!


One of the best things about this sand bath is its ability to be used for multiple purposes. As well as being a great sand bath, this can also be used as a cosy hideaway for your gerbil. Some gerbils like to eat in peace and quiet and this could also be a great dining room option.

Cute Colours and Design

This super cute design comes in four pastel colors that are sure to be suitable to most people’s tastes. If pink isn’t your thing then why not go for pastel blue or green to spice up your gerbils cage? Failing that, a plain white option is also available for those with more of a conservative outlook. You can always decorate it yourself.


  • Multiple uses
  • 4 cute colours to choose from
  • Partly enclosed to help reduce mess

Value for Money

This is a wonderful product at a great price. This one of the cheapest options we’ve found. We love the cute design, the color choices, and the ability to use this bath for other purposes. This is a quality sand bath, with a quirky unique design and it makes a great choice!

5. Supreme Tiny Friends Farm Bathing Sand

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There is no sand bath without dust and Supreme Tiny Friends Farm Bathing Sand will help you get the show on the road in no time. If you are looking for a high quality sand that is safe for gerbils to use, allergy-free and comes at a reasonable price then this product is a clear winner.

Natural Sand

Supreme Tiny Friends Farm Bathing Sand is a quality product that only uses 100% natural sand. It is completely safe for gerbils to use whether for cleaning themselves or playing. Regular sand can cause skin irritation and does very little in regard to cleaning however you can be sure this sand will ensure your gerbil stays happy and clean.


Dust that comes from sand can be troublesome. It can not only trigger allergies, but can create excess mess in the home that is very inconvenient. Supreme Tiny Friends Farm Bathing Sand has been made from 100% natural sand and you will never have to worry about unnecessary extra particles in the air when your gerbil bathes.


  • 100% natural sand that is safe for gerbils to bathe in
  • Dust free to help reduce mess and for those with allergies
  • Handy packaging that is easy to use and store

Value for Money

The Supreme Tiny Friends Farm Bathing Sand is a fantastic value for money product. It comes with 2.2 lbs of sand which will be enough to last you for a decent amount of time at a cost that is affordable for most.

6. Kaytee Critter Bath Powder

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Kaytee is a very popular brand of pet products that customers seem to come back to time and time again. Their critter bath powder is a customer favorite that is sold in a smaller quantity than most sand bath dust but is ideal for use with smaller rodents such as gerbils.

Smaller Quantities

This product is sold in smaller quantities which can help with upfront costs for those on a budget. It is also inevitably in a smaller sized package which can be ideal for those with limited storage spaces. This ultimately boils down to personal choice, but we think this could be more suitable for some gerbil owners.


Kaytee Critter Bath Powder is only made from 100% natural volcanic pumice. This is the best choice of bath dust for gerbils since it resembles the sand/dust found in their natural habitat. 100% natural materials are always recommended and can be much kinder to gerbil’s skin and fur.


  • Sold in smaller quantities for easy storage and those on a budget
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Fine dust that helps keep your gerbil cleaner

Value for Money

This is a great value for money product. It is sold in a much smaller quantity than most gerbil bath sand, but is still pretty cost-effective when compared to buying in bulk. Along with 100% natural content for complete peace of mind we think this is a great buy!

7. Hamiledyi Hamster Bathing Sand

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As the name suggests, this bathing sand was targeted at hamsters however this is a perfectly acceptable type of dust for your gerbil to use. It comes in a very handy large bag which means you won’t be running out of this too quickly for quite a while. This bath sand has received many great reviews and seems to be a natural choice for many gerbil owners.

Free From Bacteria

The Hamster Bathing Sand is 100% natural and free from any nasty, and unnecessary materials. Some types of sand such as those of the unnatural variety) are harsh on your gerbil’s skin and often contain bacteria which can cause irritations and illness. You will, however, not have to worry too much when using this product since the sand has been left in its most natural form possible.

Ideal for Showing

This is a popular brand that can be used for many types of rodents. Many Chinchilla owners use this brand for showing purposes to leave their Chins’ coat sparkling clean and show ready. I’m not sure that many gerbil owners take them to shows or competitions, but it gives you peace of mind that this sand can keep your gerbils coat in tip-top condition all the same.


  • Free from bacteria and any nasty, unnecessary bits – 100% natural
  • A decent size bag that will last you quite a while for ultimate convenience
  • Great for show animals such as chinchillas

Value for Money

The Hamster Bathing Sand is a fantastic choice, both in terms of quality and cost. You receive a decent size bag (2 lbs) that will be enough to keep your gerbil rolling around for quite a while. This is highly recommended brand of bath sand that is great value for money. We are sure you won’t be disappointed.

Can You Use Sand Baths for Hamsters and Chinchillas?

Yes, you can absolutely use sand baths for both hamsters and chinchillas. Both of these rodents require dust baths to clean themselves sufficiently just like gerbils.

Rats do not require dust baths since it is not part of their natural habitat. Nor do mice, since their fur isn’t fine enough to get greasy.

Most rodents that do require dust baths can use the same type of sand as gerbils do which is often referred to as ‘dust’ since it is much finer than regular sand. This type of fine dust works very well for fur cleaning and can remove not only dirt and debris, but grease and grime too.

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